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Mark Millar is a real turn-off for me, but i cannot not read a book that Sean Murphy is drawing.

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tempted to give this to May, since she was Chun-Li once, but i think Natasha takes it.

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1. toss up between Jay and Big. both of these guys have some of the best flow in rap hands down. no one has picked hov for this one, but jay is known for not writing his lyrics down so i think he would excel in getting something together in 2 minutes. i think Em's raps are generally pretty wack so even though he can freestyle, i wouldnt say he could compete here.

2. Hov easily. no one on this list has the catalog of hits he does. not debatable.

3. toss up between Nas and Em. Ether fried Jay pretty damn good so there's precedent, and Em's rhymes are childish enough that i think he could really go in on someone if he wanted to.

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i think Rama takes this, especially Rama in The Raid 2. his only real competition is probably Tony Jaa's characters and Bourne. the depowered heroes never show an exceptional knowledge of martial arts, and rely heavily on their powers to win most fights. in the movies, Jackie's best fighting is from older movies like Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Drunken master, and those both feature largely fictional or exaggerated fighting styles, which i think in a real fight, would be unable to measure up to Rama's Silat. Ollie started training pretty late in life, and relies very heavily on his bow and other tools to fight. i think in a pure fistfight he is not super formidable, especially against someone trained. Bourne is a super spy and everything, and has shown to be extremely versatile in a fight, but again, i think his more military-style training would be overwhelmed by people like Jaa's characters and Rama, who have more expansive arsenals, and presumably more training. I think Jaa's characters and Rama would have very good fights, but Rama's feats are just way more impressive to me. The kitchen fight from the end of The Raid 2 has me convinced. Black Widow has no super impressive on-screen feats, at least not compared to some of the other people on here, same with May. Nolanverse batman fights like a chump, he would get destroyed. i havent seen Undisputed so i cant comment on that, but i do like Scott Adkins.

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@z___ said:

@dougcl said:

Katara can bloodbend

Only on a full-moon day bro.

Damn, you're right. It's been a while since i watched that older stuff.

I still think she takes all 3, even without bloodbending. I'd be willing to bet she could neutralize Bolin's lava with water pretty easily.

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I haven't seen anyone mention that Katara can bloodbend and I think with that factored in she can win all three rounds easy with the possible exception of round one, and thats only because of morals.

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it was smart taking the batteries out of that galactus before storing him. i know i have plenty of old toys that've been ruined by the batteries i left in them

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my store didnt get any of this book this week, but they say theyll have it next wednesday. i cant wait.

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good call. Eisenberg will be a good younger Lex. hes got the face for it, i think. Also seeing him in The Social Network and Now You See Me gives me confidence that he has more in him than "awkward sarcastic weirdo"