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  • This battle takes place on the outskirts of the Universe
  • Both are aware of one another
  • Neither expected this battle to take place; freak accident
  • Both are willing to do whatever it takes to defeat one another
  • They do not want to kill, but will do it if necessary

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  • Bane has had his "Venom" remolded with some Kryptonian DNA from Superman
  • The "Venom" is about 80% Kryptonian DNA
  • This is the most common Hulk; no other form, World-War, etc.
  • Battle takes place in a deserted desert in Mexico
  • This battle can only be won by either K.O. or Submission
  • Bane knows everything about Hulk; kind of like how Bane knows everything of Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Bruce Banner has some knowledge of Bane; but since Bruce cannot completely control himself when transformed in the Hulk, that's pretty useless

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I don't really know, I mean, Thor does have Mjolnir, which, if it hit Adam, would probably leave him unconscious. But Adam's speed trumps Thor; so it would be pretty hard to aim at Adam and get an accurate hit. Also, if Adam were to get a hold of Thor and shout "SHAZAM!" and strike him with the wizard's lightening bolt, that could kill Thor. Magic of the highest order can kill Thor, and the wizard's magic is of the highest order. But Thor is an incredible warrior who has gone toe-to-toe with the quickest of foes and beaten them. Also, Mjolnir has been thrown once to the farthest parts of the Universe and returned to Thor in less than a minute. So the speed of Mjolnir is pretty damn quick. I think the battle of the two would probably come down to wits, and Adam trumps Thor in that department. Adam has been given the knowledge of the most intellectual being in the Egyptian culture. Thor has proven to be stubborn sometimes and fail because of that. So, in the end, I think Adam defeats Thor. Now Namor and Aquaman; Namor has gone hand-to-hand with Thor and bested him and has fought The Hulk and withstood his overwhelming power. Also, it has been said that in the Marvel-Verse, Namor is unmatched under water. But the same has been said about Aquaman in the DC-Universe. It has been said that Aquaman swims faster than Superman, when in-flight. Both are Kings of Atlantis; but they do have a difference, how they cam to the throne. Aquaman's mother was a Princess of Atlantis, so he was in-line for the throne. Namor was given the throne by the God of the sea, Neptune. So I would think that Namor's trident, which comes from Neptune, would be far more powerful than Aquaman's. But, Aquaman has one thing Namor doesn't, Telekinesis. Namor only has Telekinesis when having the "Phoenix Force." Aquaman could mind-rape Namor into defeat. So that means that this battle comes down to Black Adam and Aquaman. Now before everyone automatically thinks Black Adam, Aquaman may stand a chance here. Aquaman can summon entire oceans. He could basically drown the entire world, if he wanted. That means that when Adam begins the onslaught on Aquaman, he can summon the entire Pacific Ocean and keep himself guarded at the bottom. If Adam were to travel to the bottom of the ocean, it would be too much to bear. The pressure of the ocean would begin to weigh down on him, the freezing temperatures would begin to get to him, and the total darkness would leave him blind. Also, like I said previously, Aquaman is unmatched under water. So Aquaman could stand a chance. Also, Adam could never shout "SHAZAM!" to save himself, because he can't speak under water. So, I'm not necessarily sure who would win between those two; but I want to say Black Adam, mainly because of his intelligence.

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"Odin-Force" Thor, Silver Surfer, Martian Man-Hunter, Hercules, and Superman all on the same team though? Two of them are reality warpers, the other three of multi-planet busting, easily.

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  • This is the mythological Ares
  • This is a hand-to-hand combat
  • No tech is involved, simply skills
  • Win by K.O.

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I want to say The Joker, mainly because Joker is unpredictable. How can you fight a person that you know nothing of. Joker is forever changing when it comes to battling. His gear changes all the time, his tactics change, he changes. A lot of villains/heroes are predictable when they battle, Joker is not. Red Skull is more tactical, smarter, etc; but so is Batman, and he has had his ass specially delivered to him by Joker. Even the likes of Superman was corrupted by Joker. The un-corruptible was corrupted.

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Loki is a God, The Joker is some vigilante. Did you really think somebody like The Joker would compare at all to Loki? Loki's durability is on God-level, so none of Joker's gadgets would have any affect on Loki, in anyway, shape, or form.

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Oh, Captain Marvel does not have the power of six Gods. The only Gods he has power from are Solomon, Zeus, and Mercury. Hercules is a 50/50, it depends what version they are using. Is it the Demi-God Hercules, or the God Hercules? Achilles was never a God, he was just a fearsome warrior. Atlas is a Titan, not a God. Also, he has partial power from each person; for example, he only has Achilles' courage, not his ability of a combatant. The power that comes from Zeus is simply to transform him into the hero; he can also heal himself with the power of the lightening, but he does not have the all powerful abilities of Zeus. Also, he only has Atlas' durability, not his power. The wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the courage of Achilles, the lightening of Zeus, the durability of Atlas, and the speed of Mercury.

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Captain Marvel, the reason why is because of the wisdom of Solomon; with that ability alone, he could wipe the floor with Thor. He would know every move before the battle even begins. He would instantly learn of the entire Norse mythology behind Thor. He will learn of how Thor is hot-headed and arrogant. That's when the speed of Mercury buries Thor and the strength of Hercules over-powers Thor. Also, with the power of Zeus, Captain Marvel is invulnerable to any magic wielded by Thor. Only magic of the Highest Order can affect Captain Marvel. Thor wouldn't stand a chance.