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I am not "turning" anything back on the critics.

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People love to criticize despite the best efforts of others when they themselves can't do squat.

We're done here. I'm not doing the internet argument thing today.

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How much "story" or character development can one expect with this?

Some. They could at least try. How many weeks / months did they spend on this and no one thought to make it anything more than an AV presentation? Like I said, why not spend an hour writing a VO to give some sort of emotional context. It's an easy way to connect to the audience (that's why nearly every movie trailer does it).

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@decept_o: I wasn't saying that you were an artistic failure, at all. I was saying that when anyone creates something that isn't well-received, the defenders of the work will try to turn the argument back on critics rather than actually defend the merits of the work (especially when the merits are few).

By the way, I also wish we could all enjoy something, but this isn't it. The hype for this was "we're going to do Wonder Woman right!", but it looks like a trailer for an Asylum film without the story. Hope springs eternal for a good serious take on Wonder Woman in the vein of the animated feature film from a few years back.

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Slingers: the least popular idea that for some reason everyone still remembers.

I liked the characters, but they never really gave a satisfying explanation for why they are a team and why they are all using discarded Spider-Man identities. (Ultimately, it was just Marvel not wanting to discard fairly decent character designs because an arc is over.) Maybe if they were introduced separately into different books rather than trying to be a team together with a completely incomprehensible title.

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@decept_o said:

People love to criticize despite the best efforts of others when they themselves can't do squat.

"You can't do better" is the last refuge of an artistic failure. Most people are criticizing this for the lack of tone. Would it have killed them to hire a mature voice actor to deliver a few platitudes as Hippolyta? Even something generic like:

"When you came into the world, I watched the rain washed away the clay from your skin. You were so small then, I was afraid the rain may wash you away, too. Before my eyes I watched you grow into the fiercest warrior of all the Amazons. Now the storms of war have reached our shores and that same fear finds me. Fear that Man's world will take you from me. And before my eyes, you prove me wrong again. I am so proud of you, Diana."

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you do know she can fly?

yeah, but I meant it was just a little to cheesy looking

It was. Personally, I've never liked the WW flying like Superman thing.

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Not bad--for a fan film with a small budget.

Agreed. Although...for all the hype this short has been getting, I am really disappointed. First, I don't want to disparage the work put into it, which is considerable, and the people involved did this more as a labor of love than anything else, and I respect that.

But the tone is all wrong for Wonder Woman. What emotions am I supposed to feel? Is she supposed to be happy-go-lucky when she throws the spear at the Minotaur or completely emotionless when getting shot at? The music is obviously trying to sell this triumph, but I'm not feeling it. I would have appreciated some context.

I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but this felt just as soulless and muddled as the recent Clash of the Titans movies or the abominable 2011 Wonder Woman pilot (though the visuals and constuming obviously put the latter to shame).

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@loki9876 said:

Am i the only one who liked Fitz and Simmons?

No, I liked them, too. They were both fine, though never given much time to show any depth, but their quick idiosyncrasies hinted at some fun down the road. I especially liked his affectation of slapping Ward on the back and she was downright adorable when dissecting the alien tech.

I think people are just recognizing that these characters are intended as "fan favorites" by the writers, and are resisting the yoke. Fanboys are stubborn things, after all and pilots are the sort of complicated ugly sausages that no one really enjoys, but you know they are necessary to get something better through the system...

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Who were the two characters people didn't like? I didn't have strong feelings about any of them, except my ongoing man-crush on Clark Gregg.

is it me or has marvel become a little to campy.

Well, Iron Man started the Cinematic Universe off clever and funny, and Joss Whedon (if nothing else) is perpetually self-aware. Where those two circles coincide in the Venn Diagram is camp. Especially if you have a somewhat constricted budget.

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Gambit's optimal range is ~30-50 feet, but teleporting instantly closes the distance. Once in close, Nightcrawler's agility and speed would overwhelm any human martial artist (which is what Gambit would be at this point).

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DC doesn't have a problem with marriage, in my opinion. They have a problem with writers not knowing how to write adult characters in stable relationships. Marvel's not much better nowadays, seeing as just about every prominent couple has been broken up (Cyclops and Jean, Spidey and MJ, etc.)

Both companies seem to be run by man-children who can't wrap their heads around these characters having actual responsibilities beyond punch X in the Y because they are threatening to blow up Z.