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Damn girl... I'm thinking the 616 spider bit the wrong person.

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It's probably inspired by Batman Beyond in some way, with a bold red sleek bat symbol, maybe even capeless. Unlikely, but possibly even having no visible chin or eyes (just white). That would fit all of Smith's descriptions, especially his "all-black" comment, while also falling into line with the not-really-concept art that at least suggests the direction they may go, and would also ultimately be disappointing and slightly cringe-inducing (because it's a Snyder film, after all). That's my bet.

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I didn't care for IM3's trailer, actually, but I loved the movie itself.

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So...why was this posted a second time?

Maybe it's just that good...

But seriously, it's pretty damn good. I wish I could get half as excited about Thor. Whereas this and Iron Man (and to a disappointingly lesser extent Agents of Shield) build off of the wider cinematic universe, and offer the promise of some spectacular synergistic nerdgasm, Thor seems very self-contained and small somehow. I mean, is everyone in the movie universe going to be constantly talking about the Dark Elf attack on wherever it is in Thor 2 the way they obsess about the Battle of New York? For some reason, I don't think so. Just like how no one ever mentions Abomination's rampage or Hammer's battle drones (wiped from the collective consciousness because the movies were weak, I suppose). Winter Soldier seems to be building SHIELD's mythology very organically (as opposed to the forced exposition of Iron Man 2) so that another franchise like Ant-Man or Agents of Shield, or something we don't even know is coming yet, could keep going. Thor, ultimately, is a dead end for the shared universe, which is still a really novel and exciting thing to me.

EDIT: Also, is it just me or does ScarJo seem very low energy here? She sounds like she's already tired of this gig.

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I've always wanted more for Captain America in the movies. It seemed like other characters (Iron Man especially) have really stolen his thunder. His role in the Avengers climax was so incredibly disappointing that I've been hoping CA2 would perhaps address his combat deficiency (it'd be a nice arc for him to have to prove himself worthy of being an Avenger the same way he had to prove himself worthy of being the super soldier test subject). That's my biases / expectations / hopes going in...

But this trailer is really really promising. It seems like they're going to be using the unique qualities of Cap (traditional values literally thawed from the Greatest Generation) in a setting where they will really shine (the modern international world of moral greys), while allowing him to be all the badass that he's supposed to be (no parachute). It also seems like Marvel has enough movie franchises going that they aren't straining to connect them anymore. All of the SHIELD stuff in Iron Man 2 felt like forced worldbuilding because it was needed to explain why the Avengers movie was coming, but now, they're a bit more free to choose the organic relationships (Black Widow/SHIELD/Falcon/geopolitics) and let other movies pick different stuff from the same bin. I'm actually stunned at how much I am now looking forward to this.

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As crazy-over-the-top-massive-budget as it sounds, I wish Marvel would do a sort of TV version of the fantasy anthologies that gave rise to so many of these characters in the first place. A 4-6 episode arc about a certain character, then move on to another character, then come back to the popular characters with further adventures. It would allow them to test the waters with, say, a Daredevil legal procedural, a Silver Surfer philosophical self-examination (don't know if Marvel has TV rights), a Captain Marvel alien adventure (Carol Danvers meets X-Files with more punching), or a Heroes for Hire without committing to 26 episodes of it. Sort of a superhero version of the Outer Limits or Twilight Zone.

Of course, I thought the Agents of Shield show would offer some possibility for this, but it's been very reluctant to adapt anything from the comics to the screen. Maybe its a sign of how nervous Marvel is of giving a bad first impression for a comic character that could be the "next Iron Man".

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For a charismatic, likable, and humorous Scott Lang version of Ant-Man, it would be hard to do better than Rudd.

I love Gordon-Levitt in superheroy kind of movies, but he's not really in the Ant-Man wheelhouse. In fact, the two choices are so different, that I think these two aren't really the "final two". Either one of them is already picked and this is manipulative leaking or neither is really all that close to the role and they'll get someone else.

As for Wasp: if Pym isn't Ant-Man, then Janet should probably not be the Wasp (at least not yet). Hank and Jan go together, imo. For all the rockiness (and let's hope that dirty laundry doesn't get aired in the cinematic universe), they belong together. I'd cast Patrick Wilson as Hank Pym (even if he's not the first Ant-Man) and probably Olivia Wilde as Janet.

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Okay, so I haven't watched any of this show (mostly just assumed it was in the same vein as the Green Lantern series which I couldn't really get into). Sure, I don't like the art style, but I really enjoyed the first season of Transformers Prime, so I can look past it. I guess I've just gotten accustomed to the idea that animated Batman peaked in the DCAU and everything after has been searching for some gimmick to make the perfected formula feel fresh again (Japanimation for "The Batman", Cameos and Camp for Brave & Bold, Fidelity to Comics for the animated features). In short, this show was just never on my radar.

But that first clip there... wow. It actually looks like it may be really good.

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@roninloganx said:

I'll be severely disappointed if Coulson turns out to be an LMD. It'll feel like such a cop out, rather than trying to be a little more creative with his return. I mean, this is the Marvel Universe, where numerous Magical and Cosmic beings exist, there's so many ways they could resurrect him instead of just going the "He's a Robot" route.

Actually, off-hand I can't think of any other "He's a Robot" resurrections from any TV show, and the only cases of robot replacements I can think of were malicious doppleganger types, rather than what this probably is: an attempt to preserve the memory and skills a fallen hero in some fashion. In recent sci-fi TV, we've had a fair amount of clone anxiety (Farscape/Lois & Clark/probably plenty of shows I don't really watch) and a fair amount of Pinocchio syndrome (Data/pretty much every humanoid robot ever introduced), but this is a fairly unique situation where people won't expect Coultron to be completely normal because they know he's not, but people want the best for him, even if that means pretending he's actually human.

Done right, it could be very interesting, but I'm afraid the writers will rush this catharsis like they're rushing everything else.

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Episode 2 had all of the problems that Episode 1 had, plus a few more. I think the main problem is that they know where they want the show to go: a ragtag group of semi-off-the-grid agents that are bound together by their shared experiences and frequent brushes with death rather than a common ideology or purpose, but they are rushing toward that place too quickly.

Skye is introduced as a radical anti-establishment hacker, sort of reluctantly joins SHIELD as a consultant, is hated by Ward, then Ward decides he wants to mentor her because he doesn't hate her anymore, and then is revealed to be a mole the whole time. In two 1-hour episodes. That's the sort of arc that should have been drawn out in the background of the stories over a half season. Imagine if Bruce Willis just said "By the way, Haley, I'm a ghost" twenty minutes into the movie. A twist subverts the audience's perception of a character or story, but we haven't had time to settle into our understanding, yet, so this is just a thing that happened.

It's sort of like how they handle FitzSimmons (who I have no fundamental problems with, btw). The writers want people to cheer for the underdog adorkable science duo, but they don't have the patience to let the us get to know the characters before we are supposed to like them.

I think they desperately need to shake up the tone, which is too perky and snarky, and get some better fight coordinators, get the actors some proper gun training, and stop just chasing weekly "movie reference" McGuffins. Oh, and even though I'm not a big fan of Whedon-style dialogue, this script was particularly bad. The "cleverness" was mostly bickering with movie cliches.

I really want to like this show, and this is probably the normal growing pains of a cult genre hit (with massive external franchise hype and expectations). Right now, I don't.