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I've always liked superboy and was disappointed that people dismiss him as 'superman's little buddy' so i'm glad he's getting a little love. i also always liked his... status.... with wondergirl so i'm glad they're hinting at that. i'll admit the comic nerd in me want's to just retcon him back to before with his old powers and GF but the grown up in me respects the new direction and appreciates the character growth. (though i still want him back with cassie lol)

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@hectorsquall: .......................... wow....................................... goddamn it internet
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@G-Man: I've ALWAYS wondered where that picture came from. Seen it on superdickery
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@jointron33: The change to her appearance isn't just the boobs; she's also much leaner than before. she was once more muscular. why has no-one mentioned that. i mean i'm not a particular fan of the char or muscular ladies specifically but i do find DC's caving to pressure and making her less... provocative kinda pitiful. And as far as it being disrespectful to women, that's a load of horse sh*te. I have enough girl cousins, girlfriends and girl friends to know that girls/women (i'm 23 so its weird to say women) are just as superficial as the rest of us, im not saying that that's a good thing but it is a thing. I also find it funny that people are complaining about this and not the fact that hher only appearance is as some C-lister's booty call
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why did it come out in Europe first? I'm Irish and seen it on Saturday (amazing, does not disappoint) and was surprised because when i looked it up it said may something US so i assumed the irish one'd be after. wasn't until my girlfriend pointed it out..?

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@Z3RO180: will probably be a while until we see them interact. Gotta establish super boy on his own/with the titans before saddling him as 'superman's little buddy'. Don't get me wrong I'm with you but i think if it's rushed it'll ruin it. same goes for his powers and relationship with Cassie, as much as i'd like him to have his Kryptonian powers and girlfriend back i think they should establish him as a new guy first (at least for a while)
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@GundamHeavyarms: i think those are fair points and as for black panther you're right he's basically got all of the depth of a '20's pulp action hero i.e. just really preternatural badass with no real weaknesses or a notable personality (like the novel version of John Carter,which i started reading and are quite good as is the film surprisingly) as well as kinda seeming like a batman clone.

As for Morales I think, for me at least, is thats he's just not peter parker. and the Legion ive only started reading post relaunch and, while i like it so far, i do find it kinda weird that the future of humanity looks so... 'Aryan' especially since even today statistically speaking the number of fully Caucasian people proportionally is lower than its ever been (as a % of the human population, in terms of numbers then yes it's still quite high)

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what about milestone comics? Ill admit i know nothing about it but wasnt it founded specifically for minority characters? Did it accomplish that? @WaveMotionCannon: while i guess that does make sense from a cold, hard, business sense id like to think that there are at least some writers in the industry interested/willing to be a little more adventurous with their characters, no?

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@Vance Astro: You mean like; lets make sure that there's nothing that can been seen as racist or stereotypical to the extent that it becomes a form of racist?