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I loved Rucka's Batwoman. Up until the relaunch, I was following Batwoman in every one of her appearances. Her and Montoya were my favorite characters. It was the first time I'd opened a comic book and thought it was "cool" to be gay. I'm not gay, but being "gay" in the media just never feels like anything real. At least until that relationship. They both seemed like real people that were really in love. Sure, they messed up from time to time, but that is what relationships are all about. No one is ever completely lovey dovey. Stories in the media have a habit of progressing things to fast because they see relationships as some sort of lovey dove fantasy. In reality, there are tons of bumps and hills along the road and there are secrets in every relationship. Writers need to remember these are two completely different people with completely different lives. For some reason, people believe relationships make two characters one. That isn't true. Sure, they care about each other and each other's lives, but only when it concerns them. My girlfriend isn't going to come to work with me every day, but if she finds out I have a fling with my co-worker, you can probably guess she'll confront both the fling girl and me. Otherwise, our business is our business. That's why moving in is such a big deal. It's because the business is shared more and more. Even when married, married couples aren't connected at the hip. They help each other out from time to time (because they're more like roommates). In the end, a married man or woman is no different than a best friend in comics. Even when Lois was going out with Clark, they were essentially just best friends. If there aren't "best friends" or "supporting characters" in a book, it's probably a bad book.

New 52 on, it didn't feel like the same book. It was trying too hard to be the book it was in Detective. The art was still amazing, but the story-arcs got too complicated, the dialogue was too long (for a comic book) and it just seemed kind of boring.

Overall, I'm happy this is moving in a new direction. I hope it keeps the dark tone and I hope it doesn't go downhill. We see books like this go downhill all the time. Then again, I stopped reading it anyways. No skin off my bones if it does terrible. I still love the character though. Would love to see more development.

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So now we dont have to read the rest of Trinity War, great.

This isn't just villains vs villains. There is obviously a purpose and a meaning behind this madness. A picture showing characters doesn't mean you know everything that's going to happen. Unless were talking Marvel that is.

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I thought the first movie was just okay. Between Iron Man 2, Captain America and Thor, Thor was technically the worst. This looks like it might be better. The climax for the first Thor was terrible and I hated that it was in a small town on Earth. I also thought it was TOO grounded. Wouldn't be surprised if there were some Guardians of the Galaxy tie-in. Like how Loki was working for Thanos in Avengers.

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I hate video bombers. Photo bombers are different because it's just one photo and it's easy to replicate. It also takes skill to bomb a photo, but not video. It's lazy and it ruins the actual people on camera. "Hey, I'm going to get in this shot and waive my arms." No one cares so it's essentially just annoying.

Good interview BTW. Love hearing what Scott has to say.

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Is this good?

Only if you like needless, graphic depictions child murder, bullets leaving holes in peoples heads that you can see through, severed limbs, decapitations, exposed organs, brutal hangings, and ridiculously depressing visions of the future.

It tries to be adult in all the wrong ways and comes across as childish rather than mature. It's downright disgusting at times. The first half of the film is better than the book (by a lot) and has some cool cameos, but it really tries to cram too much in. The last half is terrible in its immature bask in levels of violence that belong more in a Tarantino film than a DC superhero film. You definitely can't show this one to children or significant others. And I'm not a prude about violence either. I was fine with all the stuff in the DKR films, Under the Red Hood, and the Batman Beyond film, but this is just--wrong. It's like a fourteen year-old's wet dream, but in the worst way possible. The violence isn't fun and doesn't amount to anything. It left a really bad taste in my mouth--and this is the first time I've said that about a film.

The animation looks rushed. The character design is ugly--hard to believe the same guy who did design for Young Justice, Crisis on Two Earths, and JL: Doom did this, but it's true.

Batman's dialogue is WORSE than the original story, and there is no heart to the actor's performance. In fact, there's less heart here than in a Zack Snyder film. (*Oh, snap!) I mean, some of the only emotional scenes in the original book are completely removed, which make the emotional stuff they do fall flat.

And while I like Flash's New 52 design, when it shows up here--it looks really, really bad.

2/5 at best.

Bleeding Cool is really bias. They have a relationship with Marvel so they try to dig on DC.

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@doordoor123 said:

Love Layman. I'm surprised you didn't ask him about Chew.

Him doing Plastic Man would be awesome.

I'm still pretty new to interviewing, and while we talked about Chew off camera because I love the series, I just kept the focus on DC because of time and whatnot.

It's okay. :)

It was still a good interview. I think Layman made it awkward though. He's just an awkward person sometimes.

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Love Layman. I'm surprised you didn't ask him about Chew.

Him doing Plastic Man would be awesome.

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I like Lemire's work, but I really disliked Underwater Welder. I mean maybe it has its own audience, but I just felt like I wasted my money on something I would probably never read again. It was unusual because everything else Lemire has written, I love. I'm a little nervous to get anything else he makes on his own after that. Sweet Tooth is really good though. Stuff like that makes me rethink not picking up one of his books.

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Glad the camera work is better this year. I mean, I'm not fond of the the choice to do close-ups on everyone (and I hope that doesn't continue), but I'm glad the focus wasn't out of control.

Cameraman, please limit the close-ups and don't go too out of focus. Make it soft outside. Hard focus in that kind of environment is hard on the eyes. It's also hard when were all up in people's faces. Unless a person is crying or doing something really dramatic in their faces, I don't want to be all up in it. Y'know?

I mean, it's your choice, but I won't watch these videos if the focus is hurting my head (like last year).