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Justice leage doom? 0

The movie did a good job. Batmans was the most realistic of them all which was awesome. They made it to were Cyborg saved almost everyone and that was weird. His voice actor also sounded young, which is fine, but they made him look older. But all in all really cool movie!...

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well that suprised me. 0

I've never even heard about scott pilgrim before i seen this movie, so i didn't know what to expect. I was pretty suprised at how well the movie turned out to be. It was not bad, it was really good.  The fights were pretty cool. And the acting was not bad. All in all really good movie....

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Well that was EPIC!!! 0

The movie was litterly was of the best if not the best comic book movies of all time. The iron man movies had Mr. Robert doing them, and that was fine, but he was already an established actor and he brought his own personality into the movie. Mr. Chris is not a well know actor. I've never even heard of him before Thor. That's why it is so good. He completely loses himself in the role. The guy who does Loki does this too. He was a pretty good actor. Ms. Portmand did a exellent job, Idra was aweso...

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tron the legacy 0

   This movie was amazing. I love it. The world, the acting and the music were amazing. The only problem I had was Jeff Bridges young character, he looked computer animated. He was, but he not ment to look like that. The fights were awesome and Tron's character was the best part of the movie. Sam and Tron were the only people that didn't have doubles. That would be a cool thing for the next movie(hopefull)!!!!!!!...

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