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Posted by doomsilver

comment please, just be warned im not done 
Posted by RoninTheFury

Awesome list Doomsilver. I noticed your comment beside the Sentry, and i feel the same way.(although apparently there are few of us who wish he would be brought back) i am a HUGE Thor fan, always have been always will be, but he should never have been able to kill the Sentry/Void like that. Morgan le Fey couldn't do it, Molecule man blew him up twice, and he came back, his own wife blew 2/3 of his face off, and was back on his feet within 5 minutes, and finally, he himself couldn't do it, when he flew himself into the sun. and yet Thor is able to do it, with a lightning bolt? I could see if he still had the Odin Force, even that would have been a stretch, but at least it would have been believable. sorry for the rant, but i can only assume that your wishing the Sentry would come back, would also imply you had a problem with how he was killed. regardless, your list was excellent. take it easy.

Posted by doomsilver

thanks for the rant, i didn't think of it that way, it just i felt like the writer were trying to make us chose between Sentry and Thor, i mean if he can kill two gods in one day, why not just call it a day?
Posted by ZaberCat

love it! i know that you are not done.. i will look it up when you are done yet. =)
Posted by PowerHerc

Great choices.  I agree with a lot of 'em.
Posted by tsl3161991

Technically, vegeta isn't the king of the saiyans just because he has a son. In order to become king of the saiyans, he would have to be crowned as the king, but planet Vegeta and everyone on it were destroyed before he could be crowned, meaning he can never be crowned the king.

Posted by Icon

Cool and diverse choices. :]