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Superman's Evil Dream. 0

First off, I'm not a Superman fan. Secondly, I don't think anyone else would have passed this cover in a 50 cent bin either. I'm not familiar with the writer, Busiek, outside of the Red Tornado mini-series. He does an O.K. job here even though the dialogue is forgettable, it's not glaringly awful. The best part of the writing for me was Phantom Stranger's narration towards the beginning. I liked Simonson's art, not the best in the world but he's got a style that seemed to suit this story. On a s...

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The Whole is Less than the Sum of its Parts 2

This book has everything, unique characters, good art, and an interesting story. Yet somehow it failed to make me care about any of it. The art by Chadwick and the characters in this book were what made this a two stars review rather than one.Starting off, each of the "7" get a couple pages of basic exposition (where they're from, what makes them unique, why they're outcast) and while this was my favorite part of the book it is handled in quite a formulaic manner. I found the majority of charact...

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Clan of One 0

First off, I'm not familiar with artist Alex Sanchez or any of the work he's done. I also didn't flip through this book in the store like I do most things I'm on the fence about picking up. I get home, drop this issue on the table and open it up only to be confronted with the the single best piece of art I've seen from the whole of the New 52.The whole issue just drips with beauty and in a couple places looks like If Rossmo tried his hand at Allred's style of art. Needless to say this is my favo...

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A Rot in the Red 0

First Five Pages: We follow Buddy(Animal Man) and Maxine(his daughter) through the Red and meet the Totems, who are the former avatars of the Red. Also, the Hunters Three are lingering outside the Baker household.The Goods: There are some pretty big reveals regarding Buddy and Maxine's true relation to the Red. The Totems also mention a war brewing, "A rot", Which looks to set things up for a Swamp Thing/Animal Man crossover. Also, there are some truly touching family moments here especially the...

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...I'm a Rocket Man 0

First Five Pages: Astronaut rock, paper, scissors, middle finger. Bad dreams and cyber sex. Apocalyptic life on Pier 31. A missing child who became famous by vying for adoption on a reality show...welcome to Azzarello and Risso's Spaceman.Among the riff-raft that inhabits Pier 13, drug dealers, runaways, and Orson(show on the cover). Orson is an ape-like man who's is a little lacking in the intelligence department after being genetically engineered to to travel to Mars. Orson works on a junker, ...

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Hulk's Dream, Interrupted 0

I've never been a fan of the Hulk but none the less I wanted to give this new Incredible Hulk #1 a shot. I'm glad I did.We start off with Hulk going "Hulk" on a multitude of underworld monsters while an interior monologue sets the mood and attempts to define this "new" version of the hulk. It was interesting to see even though Hulk's thoughts are presented clearly he still prefers to use mono-syllabic words when talking. Hulk is living with a underground community and working as a hunter and enj...

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Hermaphrodites, Monkeys, and Virgins, Oh My. 0

How do I summarize this issue...Well, for starters we have a hermaphroditic killer, A monkey-god returning to Earth, An asexual mutated organism, and poor Anna Scwarz getting felt up and hearing voices within the first ten pages or so. Milligan's focus here seems to be sex, but he isn't showing it to us and that's a good thing. There is a reoccurring theme of sex and death as intertwined concepts which is hinted at in the name of the antagonist "Sexdeath the Messiah". What I took from the issue ...

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This Isn't Nietzsche's Uberman 0

The Schizophrenic starts off by introducing us to the main character, Sam C. Howe. A schizophrenic who during certain episodes turns into the hero known as Uberman. The writing starts off a little stiff but loosens up and improves tremendously by page five. We follow Howe through his morning routine and to his job where they serve fried soda. While at work Howe has an episode and becomes Uberman. I don't want to give much more away but this is a very interesting read that comments subtlety on th...

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Into the Red wide open. 0

First off, we pick up right where issue #1 left off, in the Baker family's back yard. The main focus of this issue is the interactions between the Baker family and Cliff's journey towards, and into, the Red. The Red isn't yet fully explained in this issue so we are still left guessing some to what it actually is. Also, another of Maxine's powers is displayed, and it's quite interesting and different from her fathers. There's a particular two-page spread in this issue that blew my mind and Forema...

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