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Gas or Diesel?

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Crazy Jane has multiple personality disorder.

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@dernman: When I was taking philosophy courses there was always some head in the back who would bring up the paradox of the stone and sit back all smug like he just won life. Irritating.

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@force_echo: relieved to hear that 4 won't be set in the Mojave.

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@m3th said:

@doomdoomdoom: I already said tHe difference is one is tHe cup Half FULL wHile tHe otHer is tHe cup Half EMPTY. BotH are impossible to put a value on tHem number wise.

One is impossible to put a value to it because it is too special. THe otHer is impossible to put a value to it because it is meaningless.

But I do not want to go back and fortH witH tHis so yeaH.



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Midnight revivalists twisted into shape. Strung out on air and the dead mix of burnt things it carries. Spent and spent they dream of dilapidated cities turned jungles in pale heat. They toss back their hair and touch memories of slow days forgotten. One among them rises. Scrambling. Maddening. Defeated. One among them settles down.

The jungles unfold into black ink gardens of weight. Sticky with hesitation they forge old paths through the soft middle. Hacked and folded it gives and widened eyes fall on the gods of nothing.Chirps cut from the beaks of birds yet born fall out of twig caves shattering the landscape.

Their minds collectively perform flop-house pounces at unlit windows in hopes of freedom. Bonded, they land in the gutters of crooked pyramid schemes and the laps of broken whores. Faultless, they will say. Circumstantial, they soon cry. Boredom, they call out. Reasoning avalanches from the pink caves out past filthy stalactites and into the void. Their minds turn on them, and they, turn on their selves.

Endless loops blown out and deflated. No forests but the trash heaps. No oceans but the cesspools. Dilated and dismembered they tremble like a few before. They grasp at childhood stories, scrape the bottom, scrounge for more. It is empty. Uprooted, all images slip and wash off the eye. Light ceases to refract. It all goes dark.

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@m3th said:

Priceless and wortHless are tHe same damn tHing. However, one is tHe glass Half full tHe otHer is Half empty.

It is still tHe same tHing but people want to looks at it differently.


Priceless and worthless are not the same. They both imply something different. Priceless means having worth other than market value or being expensive due to rarity. Worthless means having no value.

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In 2nd grade this other kid and I would walk home and a 5th grader who walked home too would pick on us the whole way. One day I scooped up a fire ant mound with a Frisbee and tossed it in the fifth graders face as he rode up to us on his bike. Crashed his bike and just squirmed in the grass getting bitten, never said much to us after that.

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Two weeks ago I would have said 3. I've been. Playing New Vegas about three hours a day since then and I think it's better after having so much hands on time. More Immersive, more side quests, more factions, more weapons. I think the Mojave Desert is visually a better setting that Washington DC. My only complaint is I the perks you can get don't seem all that great and that having an extremely high speech skill can almost break the game. Trivial complaints in the grand scheme of things. Cannot wait for Fallout 4, I had heard it was hinted that it will be set in the Mojave again.

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Great article. I would have included Moon Knight Vs. (Can't recall his name) Evil Moon Knight from Marc Spector: Moon Knight #42. If only because we get a glimpse at a ton of alternate dimension Moon Knights.