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@Ego: Lol, nice and exactly what I was thinking of.

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It's cool to see both Milligan's titles in the top twenty for September!

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@ThreepennyAlex said:

Midnight Avengers-Featuring: Shroud, Sleepwalker, Spider Woman as an informal group of weird heroes drawn to the west coast fighting bizarre villains that shun the light of day for the cover of night. Personal Note: I would want this to be a fast paced,fun, bizarre and dark book. Surreal heroes and villains with an emphasis on that weird part up there. Unique use of powers, strange villains like The Nightshift, Midnight, Vanisher, Mr.Fear, Karl Malus, The Perilous Painter ! Influenced by early Moonknight and Spider-Woman.

Written By:Peter Milligin maybe not sure though, any suggestions? I'd like a darker Nextwave sort of feel.

Illustrated By: Laura Allred & Paul Pope- Dark,Gritty,Bright,Dynamic,Funky,Bizarre all at the same time. Exactly what I want!

This all the way! Maybe Moon Knight on the team too. I've never picked up an Avengers title but I would read this in a heartbeat.

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To Eerie and Creepy and any other Warren Publishing titles? Is it Darkhorse now?

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@turoksonofstone said:

SYFY Channel's "Fact or Faked"
Takes on this Video this Season...Can't Wait!
Will post it when it airs, I suspect they will ignore the "Family Vacation" followup video, I'm very disgusted with Jaime Mausaan for basically assuming it was for "Super 8"..(we now know it wasn't..)

When I was originally checking out this video I heard a couple people suggest it was Super 8 Viral marketing, I never bought it though(still haven't seen the film) the trailer and the Zeta video don't seem to have any connection at all.

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@turoksonofstone said:

@DoomDoomDoom: My favorite universe, writing is above and beyond Marvel/DC try one, you'll agree.. Body Bags was $5.99 cover price so for $6.20 I win. lol.

Nice! Yeah getting multiple comics for less than the price of one is a steal always. I have random lot of the Turok Valiant title which I enjoy but I'll have to give some of their other titles a shot next time I see one.

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@turoksonofstone: Nice lot! The Hellraiser and Eternal Warrior comics look pretty interesting. Valiant is a publisher I'm not to familiar with but I see a fair amount of their comics.

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@NyxEquitis said:

@DoomDoomDoom: Sorry, I clearly didn't include enough options here, next time I make a poll it will be more comprehensive. I promise.

No worries I was joshing, I just voted Other. Zantanna would be my second choice.

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More than anything Lobo and Wolverine resemble each other in attitude rather than ability.

Maybe someone from Marvel who has wiped out there own race? Don't know who that would be.