Raiding the Toy Box 2.

I had a lot of fun doing this the first time so I wanted to do it again. I was digging around and came across a collection of Star Wars toys I had completely forgotten about. I like the three original Star Wars movies but I don't go ape$#!t over them like some people. That being said, bare with me because I'm not really knowledgeable about the Star Wars universe so If I've miss named anyone or just flat didn't know their name let me know. Also, which guns went with which figure I was a little hazy on. So without further delay...

Storm Trooper(s) - Imperial cannon fodder.
Obi Wan Kenobi(?) - This one is from the newer movies and was given to me as a present.
Luke Skywalker - Looking like a bad@$$ in some Imperial Garb. Does anyone know if this is taken from a scene in the movie? My brother-in-law and I both racked our brains trying to figure out where this comes into play within the movies.
Keep the mask on Luke, keep the mask on.
Darth Vader - Vader was the personification of everything evil to me as a kid. So much so that when I would play with Marvel action figures most likely Vader was the villain.
(?) - I don't know who this is, If memory serves me correctly though he is a bounty hunter and tied to Boba Fett some how.
(?) - I don't know this guys name either. One of my least favorites simply because he can hold next to nothing in his hands.
Chewbacca - I think he is supposedly disguised as a bounty hunter here. This was one of my favorites, he just looks awesome.
Tusken Raider(Sand People) - As a kid these guys scared me in the movies. Figure looks cool but eh.
(?) - I don't know this guys name either, but when I don't know there name I just assume they are a bounty he's probably a bounty hunter.
(?) - A droid from the newer movie. I like the figure but his limbs are so thin that they have warped over time.
Boba Fett - One of my favorites, I dig the battle harden look with all the scrapes and dings in his armor. Rocket pack on his back is cool too.
r2d2 & c3po - My two favorite figures. Now that I've found these two again I'm actually going to sit them out on my mantel...girlfriend willing I mean.
Jawa(s) - I think I have the name correct for these two. Little pieces on there hoods let light shin in and light up their eyes, always thought that was cool.
Chewbacca - This was actually given to me when I was little by my sister who had it when she was a kid. My brother-in-law flipped when he saw it and said he thinks it's the original Chewie action figure. I don't have any accessories with it and to be honest I have no idea if it came with any originally.

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The shorter Jawa's name is Steve and the taller one's name is Amber; they're a couple, and they resent you not getting their names right. Doom for DoomDoomDoom.

Posted by lykopis

Your commentary had me laughing -- sure, I do the same with my random dolls...all bounty hunters (that is, if I still had them ;P)

Awesome collection and hey, I am sure your girlfriend would be happy to have C3PO and R2D2 on the mantle -- look at how shiny and glossy they are?

I love the pics, and not for anything, it might be worth seeing how much that Chewbacca costs, even in the condition it's in although clearly it's priceless considering its history in your family.

Great and fun blog! :)

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

@lykopis: I didn't a little bit of looking around online and I found out it is the original 1977 Chewbacca figure and it did have some accessories but even with out them they I found a pretty large price range of $6-$180, at least that's what people were asking. I've no intentions of getting rid of though. Glad you enjoyed it!

@riot_sqrrl: See, I thought Steve was the taller one and Amber was the shorter one, I'M SO STUPID!!!

Posted by i_like_swords

@doomdoomdoom: This guy is called Greedo. He's a bounty hunter. You know the controversy with Han Solo "shooting first", or "not shooting first"? Well that's to do with Greedo. He intended to shoot Han Solo at the Cantina. In the original movie, Han Solo shot him under the table before Greedo could. Then George Lucas changed it so that Greedo shot first and missed, then Han shot him.

People were angry because Greedo wouldn't miss from that distance, and it makes no sense. It made more sense that Han shot Greedo under the table first. The reason Lucas changed it was because he thought he couldn't redeem a character who didn't shoot out of self defence.

Personally I like to think Han Solo shot first.

But yeah, that's Greedo in a nutshell.

(?) - I don't know this guys name either. One of my least favorites simply because he can hold next to nothing in his hands.

Then again, if his action figure can't hold anything in it's hands it makes sense that he missed Han :p