What's Your Go to Fighter in...?

I'm a huge fighting game fan and I was just wondering what some of CV's favorite characters were. These are my favorites

Mortal Kombat: Kabal

Soul Calibur: Yoshimitsu

Street Fighter: Sagat

Darkstalkers: Hsien-Ko

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Blackheart

Battle Arena Toshinden: David

Any games I left out feel free to add.


Did You Know? Or Random Facts

Just a thread to post random facts that pique your interest and deserve to be shared. I'll start.

"It's estimated 18,000 to 40,000 species go extinct each year."

A look at the Present Extinction Spasm and What It Means for the Evolution of Species - Myers, 1985.

Edit: Bonus points if you provide a source, format out the window.


Is Being a Consumer Good for You?

Well, is it? I've been thinking about Consumerism a lot lately, and how it drives the economy(which I know nothing about so bare with me).

Even as I type this blog I'm drinking a coke, so shame on me? I've been fantasizing about how one could live making money without spending it and is it even possible to breakaway from the consumerist lifestyle that the majority of us partake in. I'm not saying I want to quit buying comics and go live in the sticks(well, further into the sticks) but any suggestions on small steps towards saving money in general? I understand the irony of posting this on a site dedicated to following monthly publications but I've come to like you guys and gals and would love to hear your opinion on this topic.


House of Night #1 Price, Digital VS. Hardcopy

So I picked up House of Night #1 today because I have a friend who has raved about the books ever since starting them. The cover-price was $1.00 which is awesome. I read it, I enjoy it, I go to check it out on Dark Horses' site and an ad pops up for the digital version of the book I just read! Except the digital copy cost $1.99? I don't understand.


Lightning Bolt

Prepare for a sermon of decibels unknown.

Blind your third eye and open your third ear.

In this place is everything's nothings.


Is Cliff Steele Still Cliff Steele

Cliff Steele was risk taker who was eager to face any challenge that presented itself. After climbing Mt. Everest one day Cliff says to himself "I should try my hand at NASCAR". Which is obviously the next logical step after climbing Mt. Everest. Cut to Cliff racing around a track at 140mph. He is having the time of his life until a villainous oil slick jumps out in front of his car sending it crashing. No radioactive spider or gamma radiation here, just your regular old oil slick. The crash utterly destroys Cliff Steele's body but amazingly his brain is recovered unscathed and placed in a robot body. After a while Cliff Steele "crawling from the wreckage" of his once dare devilish lifestyle emerges on the superhero scene calling himself Robotman.

Now my question, is Robotman still Cliff Steele after the accident? This is a common theme in many of the issues of Doom Patrol, the superhero team which Robotman leads. This question is reminiscent of Theseus' Paradoxor as most people know it "the problem of my great grandfather's axe". Imagine your great grand father had this axe that was passed down through the generations. Your grandfather wears out the blade and has to replace it and your father breaks the handle which he replaces. When they give you the axe for your 18th birthday is it even still your great grandfathers axe? Most people will agree no, but find it hard to pinpoint exactly when it stopped being your great grandfathers axe. If you go with the first repair you could just as easily take it further up the line until you get to the first nick in the blade. Maybe I'm getting off-topic.

So is Cliff Steele still Cliff Steele, and if not at what point did he stop being himself?


Organizing Comic Book Short Lists.

Over the last couple of days I've been throwing together a short list of comics I want to buy. A lot of them which are older issues I'll more than likely have to hunt for. For shorter series, with twelve issues or less, I just jotted down the name of the title and number of issues and called it a day. However, when it came to titles with larger numbers of issues I found it hard to keep track of what issues I have and don't have without digging through my boxes. So my question is when you guys are out hunting for comics do you keep any type of list or or use any type of system to make it easier to tell what issue #'s you have and which ones you need to buy?

Personally I use charts like this with the "X" symbol notating which issues I have.


Robotman and My Thoughts on Starting to Sketch Again.

I remember drawing and making comic books as a kid around age 8 or so but I never kept it up. When I was a teenager I loved sketching but I would often get frustrated with my inability to depict things how I want. I basically told myself "There are so many people better than me this is pointless". Having recently become interested again in comic books over the last three years has made me more incline to actually pick up a pencil and get back at it. Reading webcomics and browsing the Artist Show-Off board have been a huge influence on this venture of mine too. And being a little more mature about it this go around I've finally realized seeing amazing and beautiful artwork shouldn't make me feel ashamed of my work but help teach me and inspire me to get better and learn some fundamentals. So I kinda just wanted to thank everybody here for the great work they share here and ask what inspires you all to draw and work towards becoming a better artist? Feel free to post any of your work that your particularity proud of!


I also just bought a tablet to mess around with sketching on the computer which I'm now obsessed with.

This is my first drawing with it...be gentle lol.


Al Farzat's Response

I heard about Syrian political cartoonist Al Farzat a while back on the radio and it stuck with me because it was sad. He received a pretty tough beating which focused on his hands from Bashar Assad supporters. Farzat's critiques and mocking of Syrian political leaders appears to be the reason behind the attack so you think Farzat after being in the hospital for a while would play it low key and maybe start drawing fruit and flower arrangements. No. This man drew what was on his mind.

Please someone let me know if i need to censor this. I wasn't sure, thanks.
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