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@rixec: totally agree although i didn't like the art for the most part...I think this issue will be perfect for it tho.

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@war_killer: I'm sorry I didn't mean for it to sound like you had something against it. It's just some people hide behind that argument, I wanted to see your reasons fleshed out. Sorry if I offended you and you are right you are entitled to your own opinion. But don't be quick to judge something without reading the story. yeah it might be a ploy but you have to start somewhere...

I don't see a problem with this at the moment. Seeing as it's only going to be temporary.

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@war_killer: would you rather they reboot the whole line like DC did?

Did they say it was because of Diversity?? I don't recall them saying that in any article. What is wrong with a person of colour being Captain America? Or a Woman being "Thor"? Why are you judging something without reading the story first?

Whats wrong with bringing Diversity into a long standing series such as this?

I don't think it turns off long term fans.. if it did then they should really look at themselves. And yes this might end up being a dumb ply to get new readers in....but you know what I hope it succeeds and you should too

Why do you hate/dislike this idea so much if it will allow the company to succeed and continue to do the things we like. It's not like this is going to be permanent...If you were a long term fan then you would know this.

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@allstarsuperman: shaking things up, without rebooting the whole line. I don't understand what you don't understand about this. You have to make some changes every now and then to make things interesting.

@smashbrawler: you mean startled

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There needs to be a "I'm too shocked to decide" option!

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@maccyd: ah well :(

I shouldn't really be so quick to judge...I was pretty harsh on the new Grayson and after actually reading a bit of it. It wasn't completely character ruining as I had thought. I'll give this a shot...


The costume/Uniform why oh why would someone from the Bat Family need such a Cosplay like suit. Don't the suits that Bruce provides equipped with a lot more protection than what they look like?? aren't they laced with some sort of kevlar (insert comic book science)

whatever DC I'll give it a shot

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So because everyone wanted Stephanie brown back DC decided to make Babs more like Stephanie??

I don't read Bat Girl anymore but I was pretty sure she was around the same age as Dick....This makes no sense. I don't like DC's current trend of becoming more like TV...This might go in their favour but I'm a bit worried that it's at the expense of a well known character...But hey It's DC they don't really care that much

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@madeinbangladesh: no I like some of Tom's stuff too but I do not like he sudden focus on Bats and Supes....I do love the fact that they have a New Superman (both a Black guy and apart of the Zod family!) but for the most part what drew me to this book is the fact that Bats and Supes died in the first issue...a DC comic book without the trinity was just too good of a dream :(