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Grant Morrison turned Superman into a douche bag. I still don't know how the man who an AMAZING story about Superman going back in time to make say goodbye to his father could turn Superman into an entitled, whiny, dickish, Batman rip-off.

This is Superman at the beginning of his career, before he's learned how to be the great hero he will be in the future. He's not a douchebag, he's just young and naive. You can't expect him to be perfect right off the bat. It's an interesting take that harkens back to his Golden Age roots.

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I think asking people who are already comic book fans isn't the way to go. Most of us are already comfortable with Marvel and their continuity, so for us there's not much to gain from a line-wide reboot. To us, it isn't broken, there's nothing that needs fixing (besides everyone's favorite characters getting more of a spotlight of course. More Slapstick!). But if Marvel did go that route, I think it would be a huge success, even bigger than DC's at the moment.

So far the DC reboot has gone great, hopefully they can keep these sales steady for the coming months. If DC is still #1 come 2012, I'd say a Marvel reboot is inevitable.

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I want to be Diedrich Bader when I grow up.

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All for a Batgirl series, though I miss the classic animation in stuff like this and the new GL series. CGI isn't the same. Ah well.