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@Katzman Less Hulk reviews, more Death of Wolverine 4 review. I cant decide if I loved it or hated it. Im just kinda staring staring off in space after it.

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Dont know about the timing of Death of Wolverine series due to the appearence of Nuke...still it's nice to have writer show how dangerous Wolverine can be without having to rely on the healing factor, and in this case, the claws. Those headbutts were brutal.

@armaghetto They explain in the begining that his strength and speed are still important, so he can still function with the weight of the skeleton, but they also point out that he is going to start having some serious health concerns due to the bones (they didnt mention the adamantium poisioning but they did mention radiation from Nagasaki that I thought was cool)

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@doombert: No prob. Puma and Blade would give Hank a good fight.

Sounds good. I want to read up on them before I post the fight though. Thanks for the idea. Tried someone else that I was familiar with for the time being, did a Kraven match. Curious to see an argument there for the scenarios I posted. Thanks again.

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Kraven the Hunter vs Beast

Location: Old X-Mansion, it is abandoned with the exception of Hank.

Scenario 1: Kraven has 1 week prep time and has a working knowledge of Beast and his abilities. Beast does not know he is being hunted.

Scenario 2: Kraven has 1 week prep time and Beast is aware, and given 1 day to prepare himself for the hunt.

Scenario 3: Both are dropped into the Danger Room, random encounter.

Morals on

Win by KO/Death/Incapacitate

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Savage Dragon is wayyyyyyyyyy stronger than Beast. 35 tons. Faster and more skilled, too. He has a better healing-factor.

Savage would literally one-shot him.

I havnt read Savage in a while. I was hoping that Ape Beast would be more on-par with him. I always figured they would be similar agility wise (I was actually giving Hank a slight nod in that department).

It's hard to find a good fight for Hank =(

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Savage Dragon vs Beast (Hank McCoy/Current Ape version)

Fight takes place in a populated Times Square.

Scenario 1: Morals On

Scenario 2: Morals Off

Win via KO/Death/incapacitate

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Sorry for the Necro, but this seems like such a entertaining fight, sorry I missed it first time around.

@k4tzm4n Rogue did defeat him but she was not alone, she was assisted by Morph and Blink if memory serves correctly. Aslo during the same fight it appeared as though Holo KO'd Rogue and she only got back into the fight after an assist from Morph who literally had to wake her up.

Also another great feat, outside taking shots from an early Nate Gray (X-Man), Is Holocausts first appearance in 616. Found floating around in space, defeating a handfull of Magneto's Acolytes after they found him, destroying Asteroid M in a battle with Exodus (and is shown to have beat him on the last panel) while falling to earth from outer space. All this with no Armor. This is probably his largest feat that remains unmentioned.

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How good are Mr. Sinister's TP feats? I'm aware that he has been noted and mentioned as having amazing TP abilities...but I cant actually recall any great feats that would compare to J'onn. Granted, I have limited knowledge on him...but nothing I have seen has put him on that lvl.

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One week prep doesnt give an edge if they dont know who/what they are facing.

If its to the death Superman can speed blitz most of the Marvel team. What Green Lantern are we talking about? I'm assuming for this fight the rings will allow the user to kill?

Only chance imo is Jean Grey holding Clark in place (she held Juggernaut if memory serves right) allowing the rest of team Marvel to crush the rest and team up on Superman.

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To read a comic you have to suspend belief a bit. Different comics require you to suspend belief a bit more.

Also, random thought of the day.... What if in the future it was determined that Batmans belt was actually a shape changing mutant with Forge like creation abilities that could generate random objects as they were needed. It could happen if you suspend belief. =)