My feelings on Daken

 Just going through my thoughts on Daken...from start to current...
Marvel wants to introduce the son of Wolverine, their money machine in Wolverine: Origins.  I dont like the idea of it but fine, I've rolled with the punches for this long lets let Marvel run their course with it and hopefully it will end soon.  
They start with Daken being very very skilled.  Moving so fast (or rather, just knowing where to be) that he clowns some of the best h2h fighters in the MU.  Kinda cool but they dont really explain how.  It's very cryptic.  Whatever.  He still kinda sucks.  He gets a muramasa claw upgrade?  What does that mean?  He knocks out HF and it supposedly cuts at a molecular level.  If this upgrade is written to its full ability this is more of an upgrade than getting an adamantium skeleton!  Too bad the character still sucks. 
Dark Wolverine starts up.  Wow!  This is oddly fun to read!  There is a very different then what I would have imagined from the son of Logan.  I'm starting to enjoy this character.  I love how he reacts to other characters.  I love the fact that he isnt a moronic beserker.  Holy crap I actually like this guy!  
I love me some Frank Castle and I love the whole fight took place.  I wish the fight would have been more fair (Frank not having a broken leg etc etc) but all in all well writen and I loved the art!  The guy that took out the Punisher!  wow!
Daken punks the Hulk book!  Every Wolverine Fanboy (including myself) finally feels a bit elated knowing that Hulk fanboys now know how we feel after all this time of Logan getting smacked around.  Starting to feel like they made a character that can actually contend a bit more with the heavy hitters!
The bringer of Ragnarok?  I dont know much about Thor so I looked some stuff up!  Cool!  They are swinging him around into the upper tier of the MU!  Awesome!  Gettin pretty pumped!
He gets his ass kicked by his dad and his muramasa claws removed.  I got pumped because it felt like I was finally going to have a street level fighter that I enjoyed reading able to compete at levels that his father couldnt.  I feel like I wasted time and money reading Dark Wolverine now.  He cant compete with the upper tier without the claws.  He cant even put down someone with a healing factor now.  If we went against Skaar in a second showing he would get roflstomped.  He is once again on his fathers level and unless he gets another upgrade he cannot compete on a level above that.  That was a huge reason I started to enjoy this guy!  
I will continue to read this for a while but I'm afraid that his character will be very limited now to being a quasi manipulitive gay Logan.  Am I alone?

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