The population of the year 2099

I wanted to wait and do this in cronological order (as much as possible), but it's eating away at my mind, lol. is my list of the characters of 2099. (not the new guys...yet.)

List items

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Posted by EganTheVile1
Posted by EganTheVile1
Posted by Donovan Montgomery
@eganthevile1: Thank you, but I'm staying with the "originals" for this list right now.  (for anyone wondering why I haven't put these two on the list yet)
@eganthevile1: WOW, I can not believe I missed Ghost Rider and La Lunatica, I must not have found their pages or something.....La Luna is one of my favorite X-Men and I just read the entire series again :/
As for the Warewolf, I can see missing him just because I haven't been through the GR 2099 book again yet.
Thanks to both of you for checking out the list and for the additions :)
Posted by Nyo

Oh yea! That's the list that I was lookin' for :D

Posted by Donovan Montgomery
@Nyo: Glad I could be of help :)
Posted by SpiderFan1

Great I REALLY needed a list like this. Thanks for making it.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

@spiderfan1: You're welcome, I'm just happy to be of help :)