Daredevils Devils.

My ever expanding list of villan's and neer-do-wells that have crossed paths or had DD in there sights over the years.

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Posted by aussiebushwacker

how is two face in there
Posted by Donovan Montgomery
@aussiebushwacker: This, and that's Batman's Scarecrow  from this  crossover book.  You should check 'em out, their not the best read but decent enough.
Posted by X35

This probs seems like a weird thing to specifically point out but you list the wrong Beetle :)

Edited by Donovan Montgomery

@X35: Thanks for pointing that out. Even though I'm pretty sure at the time it was correct and the Abner Jenkins portion has been moved since then, I missed the move. It's still important I have the right one up.

Corrected....although he's now at the bottom of the list :/

Posted by X35

@Donovan Montgomery: That's alright, i think the two pages were "confused" for a while ^_^

it's a good list though :)

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

@X35: Thank you :)

Posted by mightiness

Good extensive list.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery
@mightiness: Thank you, I'll be trying to keep it updated as his story moves along.