Spider-Man to the rescue in Australia:

The following is from a local coffee paper in my area;

In Adelaide, Australia, Spider-Man literally stopped a thief from running off with a $140 X-Men comic book.  People dressed as their favorite super heroes had gathered at a comic bookshop to celebrate International Free Comic Book Day, when "Spider-Man" noticed the theft in progress.  He chased the robber, and a group Jedi knights blocked the door so he couldn't escape, while The Flash watched.  Michael Baulderstone, a.k.a. Spider-Man, says it was serious at the time, but now they can laugh at what it must have looked like when the police arrived to take control of the scene.

Now, I'm sure this has been shown around already and I'm jumping late on the boat, but I just read this and it brought to mind why I love the comic book community.  It also brought back to mind our "Super Hero"  friends to the south,
  as long as they remember it's not all fun and games....
But what I'm really interested in is to find out if any of you great members from this fine "Land Down Under" know of this place or these people.  Say thanks and good work for me if you do *gives thumbs up*

And secondly, for everybody, if you witnessed something like our "Spider-Man" did here, would you take the same/similar  actions?  I, personally, would like to think I would......if I had the perception enough to notice it.....maybe I need a "Spider-sense" like our pal Michel up there (how else would Spider-Man know foul actions were afoot?)

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Posted by RUSTMAN

That's just how we do it in Australia...

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

I remember this. Heh, it was amusing.

Posted by Spiders_Man
@RUSTMAN: Too right my friend. Way better than Captain Australia!
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


I would probably do the same thing as he did. well, hopefully.