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The Avengers pinball is available in a standard and 2 limited editions. The standard edition should be around $5.000-5.500 but its playfield is missing a few features (which doesn't have to be a disadvantage). See images below for the list of features. The cabinets and displays of the 3 versions also come with different movie pictures and in different colors -- standard in grey, Avengers LE in blue and HULK LE in **cough** green. The special editions are limited to only 250 machines each.

  • Avengers (Standard)
  • Avengers HULK LE and Avengers LE

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I don't mind seeing Batman win! He's such a great comic character and I believe Snyder's run is pretty good and consistently good. Also, it's still the best selling comic at the moment. Personally I'm just tired of reading Batman and the New 52 in general. I picked up Detective Comics #30 last week and found it rather boring and disappointing despite Manapul's brilliant artwork hence I won't pick up another Batman comic anytime soon. As for DC, I may or may not check out Justice League United. If not, it's going to be only Green Arrow and Swamp Thing for me in the future.

Valiant -- I really hope they'll continue to release quality comics and will see more than 1% of market share. With SM: End of Times and Rai my pull list will have 5 Valiant titles/month by the end of April (before: 3). However, in March there had been so many good comics from other (independent) publishers, too, I couldn't give all my votes to Valiant.

Now, let's try to get Valiant winning some more awards! :D

Yup, lets invite some of the Valiant-crazy Viners at the end of this month and see if Rai #1 can claim the top spot. Best Writing, Best Cover, Best Art, Best Indie, Favorite Hero. Lots of categories where Rai could get many votes and points... and beat the Bat Man!

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Great first issue with an intriguing story and terrific art that we don't see in comics everyday -- the truck in the rear view mirror -- BOOM!

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"The Most Important Issue #27 in the History of Comics"

It would have been cool if they had put Batman on that cover, too.

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@dagmar_merrill said:

The faces are really.. odd.

Tradd Moore-style - love it or hate it!

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Seriously? Oh, man.

I love that fight!

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@undeadpool The Witcher is awesome! I hadn't known anything about these characters prior to picking up the first issue and loved it! There wasn't a single moment where I couldn't understand what was going on. It's dark, creepy, mysterious, intriguing, perfectly paced and a very entertaining first issue. I'm happy to see it mentioned in the top of the pile here. Not many Dark Horse titles make this list but this one truly deserves it.

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Is this an ongoing series or a mini?

It's listed as a five-part mini-series.

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Why so different?

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Boba Fett