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@allstarsuperman: Usagi Yojimbo is a samurai

Strictly speaking Usagi is a ronin -- a samurai without a master.

I really like bunny ninja though.

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@the_vein said:

Seems strange to cast a guy best known for his looks as a voice for a raccoon, but he's funny so it's cool with me.

He does look a bit raccoon-ish with his blue eyes and that signature smirk! His voice will be perfect for RR imho. Though it would have been super funny if they hired Sam Humphries (yes, the comic writer we all know) to be the voice of Rocket.

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I like that Wolverine Max cover! Then AV and Shakespeare.

Here's a few more...

kaboom! It's about time for next season!
NOTO in black and white and pink!
I will follow!
The Massive Love!
To the MAX!
Le fini!

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Everyone vs. Everyone (Justice League #23)

(That splash page) looks like just another random bar fight to me. What a mess!

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@thefirstlantern said:

@donfelipe: Well I meant as the next issue isn't the best spot to start in? I don't have enough money at the moment to purchase the collected editions. Just single issues

Maybe the re-issue of #1 would still be a good starting point - at least it will give you a fell of the writing and art style (though the re-issue will be in full color and not b/w). Otherwise there isn't a really good jumping on point without reading a few trades first.

Just in case, to any brand new reader I would recommend picking up the very first trade (as it will introduce the main protagonist Rick Grimes and many of his fellow companions who are still around aka Team Grimes), plus the trade volume #17 "Something to Fear" (collecting 97-102) that introduces Negan and The Saviors; and maybe the Michonne Special (because she's awesome and the special tells her origin somehow).

#115 will start a new arc and (according to Kirkman) era of rebuilding civilization (it wouldn't really be the first try) but you may need to get to know about some characters first -- basically the major players of Team Grimes and The Saviors. If you have watched the TV-series you might be familiar with most of the characters already (they're not that different) but The Saviors.

Anyhow, if you're short on money the disadvantage of the new arc is that it's going to be bi-weekly from Oct-Dec.

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@vortex13 said:

And of course it's the girl that get's saved. All of those people are killed yet the girl is the last left alive and to only one to get saved. Great timing as usual Batman.

Well it does make sense that Clayface is killing the security guys - the one with the weapons - first. The girl looks like she couldn't do any harm; not that the security guys really could but i guess it's always about the perfect timing like u said. Batman's always trying to wait for the right moment to make a move, and lets be honest we want him to save the girl and not some random security guy who couldn't even take care of himself.

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Kinda like the idea. No one has to pick up all but can select her/his favorite moment, for instance this one would be my choice, too:

@dabee said:
EDIT: Also one should be Michonne spooning the Governor's eye.


I am guessing it is a little too late to start reading this series?

Better late than never. It's never too late.

The good thing about TWD is it's available in many different formats collecting 6 (trade), 12 (hc), 24 (omnibus), 48 (compendium) issues; and if you really don't like b/w comics then wait until October when Image will release the first issue in full color for the first time.

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Can't wait to have the AV anthology in my hands; plus Itty Bitty Hellboy of course, and Batman/Superman #3 (the only Bat/Supes title that's still on my list). It also seems to be about time to finally pick up Lazarus. Not sure why I didn't when it came out first?

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How about some love for Valiant covers?

Sacrifice (HC collecting Sam Humpries brilliant mini-series about schizophrenia vs time travel):

Last not least... nice scythe!

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@lvenger said:

Where was this cover? I thought Jen was rooting for it

Such an amazing image IMO.

Hell yeah that's beautiful!