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Adrian Moreno aliases: Captain Moreno, Capitan Moreno

(He's listed as Captain in Project Superpowers.)

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@madeinbangladesh said:

The HAWKEYE cover is easily the best IMO.

This... and the Six Million Dollar Man's regular cover:

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Looks like Matt Ryan's Constantine could be the son of...

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I'm getting this for the Allred cover only. It looks doope!

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Next week is going to be wonderful!

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Just read it! Loved it! Need more!

The two detectives make for an interesting and, of course, odd couple. Like the teaser said "you don't need to be mad... to work here... but it damn sure helps" -- Klem & Dietrich are my new favorite space cops!

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There Can Be Only One Highlander but thanks to Dynamite there are plenty of variant covers, too. So I'm just about to add the cover details table to older Dynamite volumes such as Highlander and there's a couple of questions - see issue #1:

1. RRP (Retailer Roundtable Program) Edition - Is using RRP as cover initials ok or would it be RI instead? It's the first time I've come across such cover.

2. According to Dynamite's website there's a few very rare covers (gold foil and signed) based on existing covers; here Cover C. Should these rare covers be added to the tables with the number in Sidebar Location pointing to the regular Cover C?

3. Some of the images show watermarks (mycomicshop). I did not upload any of these covers but I'll try to find better images later...

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This review sounds awesome! I grew up watching Steve Austin and Colt Seavers. Needless to say Lee Majors was one of my childhood hero. I'll definitely give this a try. Also, the regular cover looks fantastic.

ps. I'm so excited about The Six Million Dollar Man right now I may even get a DVD of the TV series and watch it nonstop next weekend.

Edit: Although I enjoyed reading it, too, I find the comic, the art, and the story average at best - 2.5/5 stars. Nothing's overly intriguing at this point, and I don't think I'll pick up the second issue because there's just much better comics out there right now. I'd rather get the DVDs as mentioned before. :)

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@the_poet That's good news because I like the Wild Cards, too. As for the flip flopping between supporting and team, it would be almost like switching between male and female or hero and villain. There's enough appearances of both supporting characters and teams every month so both categories should be included. Of course it depends on your end. How much extra work it would be for you to compile all the categories for the results and archive.

Now I'm really looking forward to joining this poll again at the end of this month.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

Oh man I love that giant robot

Your beloved giant robot reminds me of Galactus especially on that Hairsine cover that looks super cool by the way.