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The king is dead, long live the kings!

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Hale to the King!

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More Rai, the Valiant, Timewalker, Divinity, and then this, NINJAK... it's a dream come true!

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Yes! Yes! Yes! JJ's art looks absolutely amazing and the story seems to be quite interesting, too. Hopefully this will last longer than five issues or is going to be a series of minis.

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@ragdollpurps: That's the spirit!

@ms-lola: @v_scarlotte_rose: @claymore1998: Thank you. It is good to know you and other Viners appreciate the work and research I have put into this and there are more names to be added. At first I was focusing on current artists and writers because most readers are more familiar with these names and comics. Hopefully, by the end of this week the list will be twice as long and featuring more female talent from the Golden & Silver Age.

Marie Severin... added.

Adriana Melo... added.

Emma C. McKean has been added, too. According to many sources she is the first woman to contribute original content to a comic book, New Comics #1 published in 1935 by National Allied Publications. I really should have started this list adding her name first.

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Emma C. McKean new aliases - Ema Keen, EmaKean

Then, the wiki page for Ema Keen should be merged with the aforementioned and added as alias as well. Thanks.

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I kinda wanna read it just because the main character and I have the same sideburns.

Haha, I just wanted to tell you about [the sideburns]! It's an amazing first issue: Interesting lead character, intriguing story, wonderful art, lots of blood, great coloring, more blood, and a very hungry wolf!

@captainmarvel4ever: yup, you definitely nailed it! What a great first issue! The art is amazing and the shadows... I love these shadows! The only confusing scene is when the guy who's turning into the wolf says something like "not again" but I'm sure this is not a mistake from Bunn and there'll be a reason for it.