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This looks nice and after Art of War it can only get better, again!

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Dark Horse has just released four (a fifth is on the way) new comic books and series under the label "Fire and Stone" - Alien, Alien vs Predator, Predator, Prometheus, Prometheus: Omega (One-Shot and final issue).

Now I'd like to add a wiki page so all of the related issues are connected and linked including additional information, etc., but would I add this new wiki page as concept or story arc?

Based on existing wikis such as The New 52 and All-New Marvel Now I'd say "Fire and Stone" should be a concept page, too, but perhaps I should mention all of these comics are mini-series plus the series-ending one-shot which is why I'm not sure about the type of wiki page. Because of the limited format of the comic books I could imagine this to be more of a story arc type of thing.

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@mrmazz: Perhaps they are talking about those chain mail masks made from leather and iron?

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Great interview with 2 great ladies and Tony who's rendered speechless most of the time.

I'm with Kelly on getting lost in comic books. The story and the writing can still be good whether you know and understand what's going on or not. It doesn't matter as long as it is appealing to you.

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@inferiorego can't you config this article so it will stay on top of all the other news for as long as this promo goes? This is what everybody is looking for, right? A whole lot of brilliant comic books and stories for literally nothing in return. It's a pity this article has only been on the main page for a couple of hours (on a Friday afternoon) because of all the other news (more Image Expo and reviews), and then disappeared below the "+ Show me more" button.

Oh, sweet, my ODY-C download is ready... bye!

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Spring 2015. Of course this could still be any date between March and May but I don't think there will be much of a delay beyond that (time frame) as they have been working on this for quite a while now and Infante isn't doing anything else either... besides some covers for Sons of Anarchy.

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@cave_duck: @g_man: What a great first issue! I love it, and I love Peggy, she's so cool! The coolest person in the Marvel Universe! The dialogue between her and Howard Stark is what this comic book seems to be all about; at least this first issue. It doesn't really matter the issue is lacking a bit of a story and background information. I mean, for instance, even Howard Stark is surprised how Peggy has gotten to Moscow before him. While Woodrow is a somewhat mysterious guy (but what Russian contact wouldn't be? The KGB girl is as mysterious as Woodrow is.) there's also something mysterious about Peggy and that's a good thing. As Howard said she can keep secrets better than anyone and women who can keep secrets are... Did I already mention how cool she was?

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Plenty of good stuff coming up from Image this year.... exciting!

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I love Image Comics!