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It's not such a surprise X-O won this poll. Somehow I can't remember voting in the first place. Anyway, my two favorite Valiant series are first and last, or more like last and first. I can't wait much longer for the Eternal Warrior.


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@onemoreposter said:


Otherwise, this comic is so much fun it's amazing.

I don't think it's that offensive really. After all Battle Pope is the hero fighting against the evils of the world and underworld for that matter. Kirkman's GOD really cares (unlike our GOD who doesn't even seem to be around all the time. seriously, where is this guy?). If anything I'd be more worried about how Kirkman portrayed Jesus as the total loser who even gets used to hanging on that cross after a while (the irony... LOL).

Battle Pope is awesome! A real eye-opener, full of irony and sarcasm. I'd say if anyone can't get these - irony and sarcasm - he/she shouldn't pick up Battle Pope. If you can you're safe no matter religious or not.

I know it's a thin line. ROFL

Last not least, lets hope for the return of the Battle Pope. Come on, Kirkman!

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@andrebermudez said:

@lukas988: sorry buddy, Irma is here at the rally WITH Phoebe and Celeste, blonde hair in tact.


That's a beautiful splash page right there - I like the art and spooky atmosphere.

If there's any Marvel NOW!/X title that I may pick up again it'd be this. This seems to be the one X title that constantly receives the highest of ratings everywhere. Not sure why I stopped following it (at issue 3 or 4)... probably cuz of a Marvel/NOW!/X overload earlier this year.

The regular cover is quite nice, too.

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The coolest pet in the galaxy: Lying Cat.

My avatar likes this.

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Here's two more AMAZING retailer incentive covers:

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That's plenty of stuff and great box though I wouldn't buy it. No need.

Speaking of PS games, I'm really looking forward to getting my PS4 (asap) and games like Drive Club, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and that remake of Abe's Oddysee.

I REALLY want a ps4 version!!!

Yeah, it kinda sucks the ps4 won't play ps3 games from disc.

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Oh, one more thing: What's with the Deadpool variant cover?

Is it just me or does it look awkward? What's supposed to be funny about this mask? Maybe I'm missing something here (besides humor of course).

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@gritterr said:

@killemall: IGN and CBR both have advance reviews up as well, so some probably just got early editions. IGN gave it an 8.4 and CBR gave it 4.5 stars out of 5. i cant wait to get my hands on this issue

Sounds cool, i am guessing its Hickman's thing. I have read his FF run, and his Avengers run so far, cant remember what else he wrote to be honest, but while his stories might not be exceptional, the dude is pretty good with presentation.

I should start following IGN reviews from now on :)

The Manhattan Projects and East of West are pretty awesome! I'd say everything he does or did (Nightly News, Red Wing, Secret, Transhuman) besides his Marvel stuff is quite good or at least interesting.

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Hopfully this is going to be much better than Bendis' Age of Ultron?!?

The FCBD appetizer for Infinity was quite good actually.

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Sounds pretty cool! Bryan Cranston deserves a chance to play someone even meaner than Mr. Heisenberg and I'm quite positive he'll manage it well. The only question is about his age. Somehow I thought "the" Lex Luther in Man of Steel should be a younger Lex Luthor (than Cranston would be).