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@nova_prime_: all you can read for $4.99 a month, but you can read everything only once. If you want to buy what you're reading and add it to your library permanently + $.99 per comic.

I would love an offer like that ! Digital are so overpriced right now !

But we must not dream, people are still paying for comics that they can't even back up on a hard drive for the price of a real copy,

Yes, that's the one big disadvantage I don't like about digital comics and comixology either. The price of a digital comic should be less than of the print version.

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no way dc/marvel/image will be okay for an unlimited offer or for a decrease in price. Money,money...

Well, I know $4.99/month wouldn't be enough but I think these numbers just needed to be adjusted to make such offer a win/win situation for both sides. You have to keep in mind that the unlimited reading would be limited to one-time reading only. If you want to keep the comic permanently you'd have to pay more per comic and that price could depend on the length of the reader's subscription.

Dreaming should be allowed here. Like I said this could be win/win for all parties involved. Publishers must like the idea of having permanent readers and consistent profits.

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Armstrong vs. Bloodshot is awesome; especially the backgrounds in the Rumpus Room!

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CV battle of the week!

Thor continues to be amazing!

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BAMF! Where the hell is that damn elf? Lol

Why is the beer in the glasses in the foreground grey? It's weird.

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@nova_prime_: all you can read for $4.99 a month, but you can read everything only once. If you want to buy what you're reading and add it to your library permanently + $.99 per comic.

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@g_man: Who'd a thought that song was originally in Reservoir Dogs.

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@inferiorego: @kalibooostew: No problem. I can't wait for this movie, it looks great!

It looks like an awesome sci-fi film.... which feels weird since it's a Marvel film.

And that's the great thing about this new Marvel Phase. They seem to be going for more genre films now with this sci-fi movie and Winter Solider being a spy thriller.

nothing wrong with that at all imo. hell i think thats what made winter soilder really really good.

imo its marvel dark knight only because of its story telling .

as for gotg i love how it seems like a farscape/ dr who hybrid becaus ei love both shows


i have a feeling gotg will be a massive hit and that makes me wonder if marvel will continue on with there space type charachters. it can also mean planet hulk on the table as well and just for the hell of it i want to see a space punisher movie.

ive shown the trailer to a lot of people who arent even comic fans and to me it seems like based on there reactions they will go see it. one of them was a receptionist at my shrinks office. and she even stated shell keep an eye out

Well Marvel have said if the movie is successful enough then they will make spin off movies. I can see a Star Lord solo and a Rocket & Groot buddycop.

Plus Nova (RR)

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why is this IDW instead of DC?

Technically it's both IDW and DC. I guess DC holds the rights for all the characters but IDW has bought the license to reprint and distribute these Batman strips (in this type of format; hard cover).

It's always nice to get these old stories collected and reprinted in better quality and like G-Man said it makes for a great gift for your friends and loved ones. I'm definitely getting a copy for myself.

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I'm not looking at any of these preview pages just right now.

It's nice to see this Shadowman mini gets his own feature article on CV. Like it!

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The Avengers pinball is available in a standard and 2 limited editions. The standard edition should be around $5.000-5.500 but its playfield is missing a few features (which doesn't have to be a disadvantage). See images below for the list of features. The cabinets and displays of the 3 versions also come with different movie pictures and in different colors -- standard in grey, Avengers LE in blue and HULK LE in **cough** green. The special editions are limited to only 250 machines each.

  • Avengers (Standard)
  • Avengers HULK LE and Avengers LE

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I don't mind seeing Batman win! He's such a great comic character and I believe Snyder's run is pretty good and consistently good. Also, it's still the best selling comic at the moment. Personally I'm just tired of reading Batman and the New 52 in general. I picked up Detective Comics #30 last week and found it rather boring and disappointing despite Manapul's brilliant artwork hence I won't pick up another Batman comic anytime soon. As for DC, I may or may not check out Justice League United. If not, it's going to be only Green Arrow and Swamp Thing for me in the future.

Valiant -- I really hope they'll continue to release quality comics and will see more than 1% of market share. With SM: End of Times and Rai my pull list will have 5 Valiant titles/month by the end of April (before: 3). However, in March there had been so many good comics from other (independent) publishers, too, I couldn't give all my votes to Valiant.

Now, let's try to get Valiant winning some more awards! :D

Yup, lets invite some of the Valiant-crazy Viners at the end of this month and see if Rai #1 can claim the top spot. Best Writing, Best Cover, Best Art, Best Indie, Favorite Hero. Lots of categories where Rai could get many votes and points... and beat the Bat Man!