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@winter_kills said:

This book is so spacey & trippy, but I'm really enjoying it.

..., that is why...

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@cbishop: Seems like Bendis is always falling back and relying on his Powers when he's not too busy with other stuff, and as soon as something bigger is coming his way he will forget about his Powers, again.

It's exciting to have Deena back by the way!

She's a good detective!

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Computer, what is this thing?

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@batmite1995: No. It is better than just good! This is one of those comics that focuses on what the superhero is doing when not being part of a super group and agency. It's a bad ass spy and action comic featuring Natasha. Some familiar faces show up here and there but mostly in minor roles. If you like that, plus Noto's art, you really should give it a try.

And if you may ask yourself how this is compared to Hawkeye which also focuses on what Clint is doing when he's not with the Avengers... Black Widow is more action than comedy. While Natasha also has some neighbors, etc., the story-telling mostly is about her missions and her being bad-ass at what she's doing. The best part of it is the narrative (Natasha's thoughts) that usually walks you through the missions. It's never too much reading though, as Natasha is not a friend of too many words. Besides, she still has to focus on the target!

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I was skeptical at the beginning, and I still believe this is not the most original story, but it has been pretty entertaining so far... and pretty bloody. Kudos to Kristantina & Wilsonham!

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@frankcal460: ASAP! Dynamite's website says today but that ain't true.

The previous annual and special were $4.99 for 40 pages each. (+1 yr ago)
This and the recent Agents of Shadow are $7.99 for 48 pages each now.

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Babs' got talent!

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Wow, nice art and whatever-that-thing-is!

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@jonny_anonymous: Whatever they showed us in that zero issue could just be another manipulated story. Never trust PRS!

Jonny, if it is real shape-shifting I'm happy to say "you were right and told me so" come April but the theory this was shape-shifting is as flawed as Bloodshot nanites are. :P

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@jonny_anonymous: If he was shape-shifting it would mean his nanites would still be working but if they were he couldn't feel the effects of the drugs but he is because those are illusions. Hence the nanites must be flawed and this is why his skin isn't all pale, he doesn't have any skills anymore and must wipe floors and bring out the garbage to make a living. Unless the nanites will be reactivated again there is no such thing as shape-shifting.