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We Can Never Go Home #1 - Please remove the duplicate variant cover saying "Beach Ball Comics". All other covers are in perfect order. Thanks.

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@lorddarkfox: You're welcome!

When you're going for the trades you don't have to worry about the tie-ins as the trades collect the entire Preacher saga including the 5 one-shots and the Saint of Killers mini. The tie-ins are telling some sort origin stories of the major characters and you can read them whenever you want, even before starting with the main series just like @edstone1 said but what's the point? I'd always start with the issue that was released first without knowing anything about any of the characters, besides you don't want to start with one of the best stories (better save it for later). Eventually you'll get to Cassidy: Blood & Whiskey anyway. You don't wanna miss it, or any of the other tie-ins! They may not be important but they're brilliant regardless.

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When the night falls down...

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@vandersexxx: Again, you only need to read Convergence #0 to find out everything you need to know! DC is moving from East to West and has put everything else on a two-month hiatus which is where Convergence kicks in and it starts with this zero issues. Superman wakes up somewhere else entirely, it doesn't matter how he got there. You get all the answers from the conversation between Supes and Brainiac, and Telos. -- I didn't read any Earth 2 issue either. -- Also, you can read all of these tie-ins and minis independently. No need to read the main series (Convergence). I'm not even interested in the main event so I decided to read the zero issue to get the basic idea and then pick the tie-ins I'm most interested in (e.g. Speed Force, Flash, JSA, Booster Gold).

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@pikahyper: Surprised there aren't any special variants for the European market yet, in this day and age? YES! Do we really need even more variants? NO! There already are way too many different covers and variants respectively.

Luther Strode/Petra -- Did you notice this variant is just a re-used version? They didn't even adjust the series' title: It still says "The Legend of Luther Strode".

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Speaking of Luther Strode, are both covers/images needed here?

The only difference is the missing cover price.

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@pikahyper said:

Aw, nice one! I'd really like to have it but it's so difficult (or very expensive) to find and get these RE variants over here in Europe.

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@lorddarkfox: The Preacher is awesome! If you like Garth Ennis' style in general (rhetorical!) then you will most likely dig The Preacher, too. Keeping in mind you have nothing else to read anyway, I'd say you should get the first trade asap.

There's a bit of a catch though. Depending on which series - Hellblazer or Preacher - you read first you may find the other series a bit dull and wee bit repetitive. You could probably say that about many other of his series, too, as he isn't the most original writer. But he is a damn good story-teller and, then again, it all comes down to how much you like his style and, of course, his bloody sense of humor?

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@g_man: Classic! :)

My 6-yr old nephew is allowed to play the NES on Sundays for about 30 minutes (a bit longer when his his mom isn't around) and he always starts with blowing off the dust. He's such a good boy... for about 30 minutes... on Sundays.