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@barstoolprophet @vanace Comicron lists issues 8-10 with sales of 3-4k each.

For some comic books it's just better too focus on limited/mini series right from the start (e.g. Luther Strode), or take a couple of months off between arcs (e.g. Saga and Pretty Deadly).

Anyhow this was a great book, concept, and story line and we can only hope Jimmie Robinson will get a chance to continue this at some point.

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@perezmu It doesn't work like this because "publisher" is an array consisting of 3 fields (api_detail_url, id, name) hence "publisher:31" is not a valid filter and will be ignored by the API then. In fact, not all fields can be used for filtering and sorting when using the resource "volumes" and other resources; this is documented here.

Not being able to filter and sort volumes (or issues) by publishers and start_date is quite annoying!

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At least we don't get to see Shia LaBeouf as YB. That's some sort of relief, too.

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Where's Andy?

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@krypton-115 said:

Awesome article Mat. I mainly order comics online since there aren't a lot of comic book shops here in The Netherlands, but me and my brother are going to sniff some out in a couple of weeks.

There's one in Amsterdam called Hank or Henk and another one in Aachen that's called "Bäng Bäng Comics" just in case you live near the border. Both stores had US comics when I was there. Good luck!

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@missj nah, it's not just all sepia but most panels and colors aren't very bright either. The art is pretty cool by the way. Fuso is somewhere between Noto and Staples though I'm usually not good at comparing styles and names like that. Speaking of Noto, Black Widow must be even worse for your color-deficient eyes?

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Hobgoblin lifting a 2CV... brilliant!

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Updating The Divine + The Wicked...

  • Sekhmet is one of many spellings of the Egyptian (warrior) goddess but in the comic the character's name is always written "Sakhmet" so please change the name.
  • Lucifer add alias: Luci
  • The Morrigan add aliases: Morri, Badb, The Bad One, Annan, Gentle Annie

Please remove Miranda. The character I wanted to add is Minerva but somehow I confused the two names at first. Sorry for that. And thanks for the edits.

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@epicmeltdown said:

@jonny_anonymous: Alan Moore's run on Miracleman was original published as Marvelman in an anthology series in the UK called Warrior (this is also where V for Vendetta started out). When it was originally printed there it was black and white. The series came over to America and was published by Eclipse Comics where it was printed in color for the first time. Then the art work was cleaned up for Eclipse Comics' graphic novel releases. Marvel is essentially cleaning up Eclipse Comics' graphic novel presentation of the book.

It's worth mentioning that Alan Moore isn't the creator of Marvelman. Marvelman was originally created and published in the 50s and 60s by British publisher L. Miller and Son and writer Mick Anglo. That series had started as a reprint of Captain Marvel stories but after a dispute over the license L. Miller and Son decided to continue the volume and create their own superheroes transforming Captain Marvel into Marvelman. Alan Moore then added brand new stories in the Warrior Magazine/UK. Until here all stories were black-and-white stories only. Later, Eclipse Comics reprinted Moore's stories in color for the American market renaming the series to Miracleman (probably to avoid further license issues), and added new stories (#17-24), then written by Neil Gaiman, as well.

Marvel's current volume, Miracleman, now reprints stories from all 3 volumes (Miller & Son, Warrior, Eclipse) in full color and, like jonny_anonymous mentioned before, using modern printing techniques. The result is high quality graphics and an awesome collection of stories, including additional behind-the-scenes material, that would be hard to find otherwise though I'm not sure if Marvel will reprint it all. Besides Marvel isn't reprinting the collection in chronological order which doesn't matter that much as most stories are short stories and self-conclusive anyways.

Apparently, the upcoming Annual seems to feature all-new stories from two interesting creative teams. Needless to say this is exciting news. The Dell'Otto cover is nice by the way!

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Wild Card - The Perfect Summer Read

aka (I guess) What three comic books would you bring to a deserted island?

Do these comics need to be comics that have been recently released (May 2014) or that are still ongoing, or could it be our favorite comics in general no matter their release date?