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@winter_kills: I don't know if you did read and enjoy Phonogram? In case you did there's great news coming out of The Wicked+The Divine #8 this week:

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Wow! That was disappointing!

One moment they're bad ass chicks throwing Molotov's, next moment they start crying like teenage girls. On one hand they're a gang ruling an entire neighborhood, on the other hand it feels like this is the first time they get into a fight and trouble. The balance between self-confidence and self-doubt just isn't right here. The balance of everything is totally off here.

How come the combined power of both the drugs and weapons gang can't handle these five girls? It just doesn't add up much.

Curb Stomp and the Fever are lacking credibility.

This is a below average story.

Perhaps my expectations after reading the Meet The Fever feature were way too high? The idea of Curb Stomp and The Fever is better than its execution though.

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This looks promising...where is a good starting point for valiant? Should I pick up "The Valiant"?

You'd need to read Harbinger, Bloodshot & X-O Manowar to know the key players in the Valiant Universe.

You don't "need" to read any of them to know what;s happening in The Valiant.

I didn't say he did. He ask for a good starting point for Valiant. The Valiant isn't.

The Valiant is a great starting point, it's pretty much why it exists.


Here's a quick summary of all the current series. Valiant usually has 9 different books in production (longest running to most recently started, ongoings in bold):

  • X-O Manowar -- X-O a mixture of Iron-Man, Thor, and alien featuring the most bad ass suit ever.
  • Unity -- the Justice League of Valiant, currently featuring Livewire, Ninjak, and the Eternal Warrior.
  • Rai (ongoing/bi-monthly) -- neo-samurai in and guardian of 41st century Japan; it's epic!
  • Q2: The Return of Quantum & Woody (mini) -- fun title; also a homage to the mid-1990s series. To be replaced with Ninjak.
  • The Valiant (mini) -- entirely self-contained; featuring the Eternal Warrior, Bloodshot, Armstrong, Geomancer. To be replaced with BS: Reborn.
  • Ivar, Timewalker -- If you want to make and see history follow Ivar on his journey through time and space.
  • Quantum & Woody Must Die! (mini) -- "Quantum & Woody" is a buddy comic... the anti-dynamic duo. To be replaced with Dead Drop.
  • Imperium -- the "Battle for Utopia" according to Toyo Harada, the world's most powerful psiot aka omega aka mind-controlling super freak.
  • Divinity (mini) -- totally self-contained with no connection to the rest of the Valiant Universe which --besides Matt Kindt's style of melting time, space, reality, and memories-- makes it so special really.
  • Ninjak (March) -- Imagine James Bond as a ninja.
  • Bloodshot: Reborn (April) -- Jeff Lemire's version of Bloodshot, the ultimate killing machine. -- See the character wiki - just read the deck!
  • Dead Drop (mini, May) -- four-issue mini-series and one-shots by Ales Kot. Like Divinity, and The Valiant, this can be read without any prior knowledge of the Valiant Universe and its characters.

Enjoy the Valiant experience!

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@digitalshooter9: @zeeguy91: Of course.

I just like to separate physical disabilities and mental disorders, thus Moon Knight seems to be misplaced in that list. But yeah, having a feature article about any of these characters would be really nice.

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Anybody see the interview where she was saying her and Will Smith don't have any clue about the relationship between DS and Harley or much idea of the script? Yet they start filming in April...

Will Smith tried to cover it saying David Ayers has his ways and means of doing things and gives individual bits out, but it sounded like he was covering it, and given that quite a few talented actors are passing on it... it has me more than a little worried.

The Suicide Squad get their assignments on short notice!

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Nice theme..

But make the next one: "Heroes with disabilities"please...

Characters can be:

  • Daredevil
  • Professor Xavier
  • Batgirl
  • Cable
  • Cyborg
  • Echo
  • Moon Knight

What's Marc Spector's disability?

Almost dying and being saved by Khonshu?!?

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Another perfect beginning!

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Why would you even have Batman's rogues as an option here?

This is so unfair to all the others... although Spider-Man's and The Flash's rogues are still close behind as of now.

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@derf_jenkins said:

In Kot We Trust.

Where's the LIKE button when you need it?