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Wild Card - The Perfect Summer Read

aka (I guess) What three comic books would you bring to a deserted island?

Do these comics need to be comics that have been recently released (May 2014) or that are still ongoing, or could it be our favorite comics in general no matter their release date?

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@the_poet How many points are awarded for 1st to 3rd (or to 5th) place?

How does Elektra get to 31 points, or Detective Comics to 25 points, and so on and on, or how come Detective Comics #30 is in the Top 5 and Batman #30 is not although these two should have almost the same point total?

Still it's great to see Elektra's managed to beat Bruce Wayne and get a rare win for Marvel Comics in this poll. Blackman & Del Mundo's Elektra's definitely worthy!

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@lifeboy said:

@donfelipe: That Creepy 16 was the bees knees! I loved that story about the whistler. It gave me the creeps in the middle of the night! :)

Well, you shouldn't have clicked then!!!!!! 1 !!

What I like best about this short story (and the second one, too) is the amazing black-and-white art. The whistling man looks pretty creepy especially the panel where he sucks on the ear is so cool. The bee's knees! :))

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@jonny_anonymous: In the "all-new" first issue? When he's talking to the psychiatrist...the one who says he wouldn't have D.I.D. but would be suffering from brain damage? OMG! Brain damage!!! How could I remember some article better than the actual comic?

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@jonny_anonymous said:

Moon Knight alias:




Watcher of Overnight Travelers


The One Who Lives On Hearts

Perhaps it doesn't even matter but...

Are these aliases that have already been used for Moon Knight in the comic books, or just titles of the Egyptian god Khonshu describing his role and abilities according to ancient mythology that have been mentioned in recent articles and interviews with Warren Ellis (see Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. – The Many Masks of Moon Knight! -- nice one, by the way)?

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Grandmother - Father

... the new alias/name for Rai's computer program.

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Greetings from South Tyrol, Italy! Only a few votes from my side this month because I haven't read any comics in the last 2 weeks due to a very slow internet connection and there's no comic shop around here; in the Alps. :)


Voting Ballot

Best Writing

  1. Trillium #8

  2. Bloodshot & HARDS Corps #21 (best battle EVER!)
  3. XO Manowar #24

Best Cover Artwork

  1. Creepy #16 !!!

  2. Trillium #8

  3. Elektra #1

Best Interior Artwork

  1. Trillium #8

  2. Green Arrow #31
  3. Elektra #1

Favorite Marvel Comic

  1. Thor: God of Thunder #21

  2. Elektra #1

  3. Deadpool #27

Favorite DC Comic

  1. Green Arrow #31

  2. Swamp Thing #31

  3. -

Favorite Indie Comic

  1. Trillium #8

  2. Rover Red Charlie #5

  3. Lazarus #8

Most Underrated Comic

  1. The Massive (Dark Horse) ... as usual

  2. Rover Red Charlie #5
  3. Trillium #8

Favorite Male Hero

  1. William P. - Trillium #8

  2. Aric - XO

  3. Armstrong - Bloodshot & HARDS Corps #21

Favorite Female Hero

  1. Nika T. - Trillium #8

  2. Forever Carlyle - Lazarus #8
  3. Elektra - Elektra #1

Favorite Male Villain

  1. Komodo - Green Arrow #31
  2. Dr. Silk - Unity #6

  3. Malgam - XO

Favorite Female Robot Villain

  1. Helix - XO

Favorite Supporting Character (lookie! lookie! something new! we’ll see how this goes…)

  1. Onyx - Green Arrow #31
  2. Deadpool's new wife - Deadpool #27
  3. GIN_GR (representing the Armor Hunters) - XO

Wild Card: Best Splash Page of the Month!

Nice wild card!

  1. Green Arrow #31
  2. Trillium #8

  3. Elektra #1 (the ballerina one)

That's it!

ps: I will miss Trillium!

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I've never heard of any of the characters, writers, or the publisher before. That cover really got my attention and sparked an interest, so I may wind up checking out the first issue.

Here's an early interview with Ron Marz.