The Walking Dead - Something to Fear covers feat. Negan & Lucille

This is my second post in general and in the series of cover sets I like.

I love comic book covers! Sometime I do even collect digital covers of books I do not even read and will never read - even Marvel. Well...

Comic covers are amazing pieces of art. Of course, some are better than other. Sometimes it's single cover that stands out. Sometimes it's a set of covers -from a mini-series, story arc, or crossover- that follows a certain theme and style. And then there's covers that may or may not look nice individually, but when combined (joined) they will show a bigger picture. I love the creative idea behind it. There are set where combining the covers isn't really doing anything (e.g only the background connects, but not the characters and objects in the front). In this case, there's only 1 character and 1 object. It's very simple but effective!

Enter Negan and his favorite weapon Lucille - a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire around the end - as shown on the 6 covers of the Something to Fear arc. The covers are from the 2nd printing (#97-99, 101-102) and 3rd printing (#100). Needless to say I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Enjoy!

The Walking Dead #97-99 combined
The Walking Dead #100-102 combined
The Walking Dead #97-102 combined

Drawn by artist Charlie Adlard for Skybound/Image.

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