The Eternal Warrior is back!

According to the Summer of Valiant teaser yesterday, the Eternal Warrior will rise again this September. The comic will be written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine. I have to admit I don't know much about the artist but having Pak for the title seems to be good news besides the fact having the Eternal Warrior back in the first place. Here's the official news and interview with writer Greg Pak and Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons on CBR.

Looks like another Valiant hero will have his triumphant and visually amazing return.

I love this news, teaser and cover - this is super exciting:


One question remains:

When will we see the first brand new character and series? So far Valiant focused on re-animating existing characters - not that this is a bad thing, but some fresh blood would be nice, too. Besides, Valiant is definitely lacking female heroes.

Until then, lets enjoy the return of Quantum & Woody, Vincent van Goat, and now the Eternal Warrior. Thanks Valiant!

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Posted by Extremis
Edited by DonFelipe

Me too. Did you already see the news and all the variant covers on Valiant's homepage this week? Which is your favorite one? I couldn't tell; they're equally brilliant and I might end up getting all four.

The Eternal Warrior #1 will be available on 9/11.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@donfelipe: I love the middle two, can't wait for this book gonna be great.