Posted by judasnixon

It really wasn't bad. I'm actually looking forward to the next issue...... 

Posted by InnerVenom123

I demand reasons why it's bad.

Posted by DonFelipe

First of all I didn't really say it's bad and one can interpret the post in 2 ways. But yes, I meant bad!

Why is this called Age of Ultron? We barely get to know anything Ultron! We barely get to know anything that we hadn't already known before. This issue is a story about a man who refuses to give up - Hawkeye - but it's not about (the Age of) Ultron really. Everybody else just wants to hide forever and don't let anybody leave and comeback because one could be followed thus the plan - living in this hideout forever - would be compromised. Great plan! Seriously, is this supposed to be the next big thing as it was advertised by Marvel? EPIC FAIL!  

Last not least, this Hawkeye is boring. 
"Get up and leave."
"Now leave." 
"I told you."
"Now leave."
Great scripting and entertainment!  

Posted by SavageDragon

@DonFelipe: Theres along way to go in the story, I say give it at least a few more issues before you say epic fail.

Posted by DonFelipe

We'll see... 
So far it looks more like fail than super-exciting story to me. It seems to be one of those stories you either like or not. It's got a lot to do with expectation. I'm not necessarily an all-action guy but I was expecting an (sorry) epic battle between Ultron and our favorite heroes but not this kind of slow-paced prologue that doesn't even provide much (any) information. Instead of Ultron we get to see random gangsters who are clever enough (!) to drug a guy like Spider-Man (by the way how did they manage to do that?) yet stupid enough to make a deal with the devil.

Posted by spiderturtle

I was more confused than anything. And it is true, not much info was given which would have been really helpful...and Spidey going down by some drugged up baddies? At first I thought everyone lost their powers, and that was the reason Hawkeye was the badass, but it seems everyone is just broken mentally? Plus I don't think Spidey went down with the baddies + Ultron, cause they were all like, "We're sending them to you!" etc etc. Sooo yeah.

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they had shown for over a year the state new york would be in in the very first issue seriously the previews had been around forever, so it didnt come as a suprise to me that they went with an "already in progess" beginning, and the fact that they're gonna be showing the events leading up to it via flashbacks (shown in previews for issue 2) makes me happy (cause i predicted it)

Posted by Mycroftian

I felt like it would have been good if not for Marvel already hyping it to hell and back. If I hadn't heard anything about it and just picked it up off the shelf, it could have been a pretty intriguing read. As is, I didn't feel like all that much happened, and most of what the book has to tell you was already revealed in preview pages/interviews/whatnot. It could definitely pick up, but the first issue was a disappointment

Posted by Xwraith

I haven't read it (nor will I), but it seems to be another reason as to why I avoid anything with Bendis's name on it.

Posted by TDK_1997

I was disappointed but I still have hopes for it.

Posted by DonFelipe

Issue #2...

I'm pretty sure the very same readers who liked the first issue (very much) still like this one (very much) and wonder how someone else can't see the brilliance of the story. Well, it's simply not brilliant and throughout the first two issues there was whole lot of debris and a whole lot of nothing else. The story writing is terrible and it's hard to believe it's from Bendis (does he actually read what he's doing?). He has done some pretty solid work before (besides more crap) but this is definitely not his best piece, and the art is not much better either. It's the very same background scenery throughout all the 50 pages so far.

The Car -- "You've got something? What? A Car?" -- Really? A car? Everything has been destroyed, debris' everywhere and you ask for a car first?

Blue/Red -- What's the people in blue and red? None of the Polaroids on the board in the previous panel were marked in any of these colors!

Cap's back -- At least Cap has a plan right now: "Lets kick some random robot ass, shall we!" That's my boy!

This is getting seriously boring. I'm done with AU!

Posted by laagamer

I thought it was awesome. Really man? It was Disassembled good. The art was fantastic and the action was down right kick-ass. Hawkeye and Spidey was great. The only problem I have is CA being indecisive. Don't know if I agree with that one.