Inside Look - The Making of the Private Eye

When I purchased The Making of Private Eye (or Inside Look) on a few minutes ago I wasn't sure what to make of a making of? Lets be honest, usually you have to pay a certain amount of money for a regular comic. Here BKV and Marcos Martin ask the readers to pay whatever they want to pay. For a regular issue of the Private Eye I usually like to pay a regular (slightly increasing) price (with each issue).

Long story short I decided to send them $0.85 -- that's 1 cent per page -- and added the comment I would send another 10 cents for each page that would make me smile. As a little side note I'd like to mention this is not about saving money (or spending less, quite the contrary) but spending money and giving it to some of my favorite comic writer and illustrator who truly deserve it. The Private Eye is such a wonderful project in so many ways. It has got to be continued until its story has been told.

Here's when and why I smiled -- plus a few additional comments -- as I read and review this issue page by page:

(Page 0 - Cover)

Page 1 - Foreword beginning with "I hate these behind-the-scenes things". Another extra 10 cents for "I thought Marcos had finally lost his mind". -- Tip counter: 20 cents.

Page 2 - BkvLeaks - Marcos' very first reaction and especially "the completely crazy idea ... that I know you'll hate but that I'd like to share anyway." -- Tc: 30 cents.

At this point I was quite sure I'd find something to giggle about on each and every page... just to find out it would not...

Page 3 - The Pitch - subtitles are real money savers!

Page 4 - Brief Summary of Secret Society (pages 1-2) - Many things made me laugh especially the "Big Brother, we had become" and "the same way we could online way back in 2011" that ends the page. -- Tc: 40 cents.

Page 5 - Brief Summary of Secret Society (pages 3-4) - First of all, guys, even in the pdf version I couldn't select the link (text) so I had to re-type it. Really? WTF! Just for some crazy Japanese's insanely weird idea that made me smile but happens to be someone else's intellectual property hence no extra tip here. Note to self: Must have sushi this week!

The mix of Black and Irish and Spanish reminds me of the good old times I had have in Valencia drinking Black Russians (my favorite drink) at Finnegans on Plaza de la Reina before heading out to have the best tapas (and sangria; my other favorite drink) in the old town center in the middle of the night. -- Tc: 50 cents now.

Page 6 - Brief Summary of Secret Society (pages 5-6) - The Old Man's description very much -- who doesn't attention deficit disorder drugs? -- and of course The Foreigners; there's always something strange about Russians. -- Tc: 60 cents (won't be enough for those new homes in France but you'll get there!).

Page 7 - BkvLeaks - really interesting but didn't really make me laugh; instead I was getting incredibly hungry and needed to save money for food, too.

Page 8 - more leaks - so many good things here:

  • "batshit"
  • "more detailed than a Marvel plot, but less constrictive [...] than an Alan Moore full script" (ouch!)
  • "pretty fucking cool. You'll probably hate it"
  • "BRUTAL. Brutally good, that is."
  • "This is the shit."

Guys, it really is the shit... this inside look, that is. Tc: 70 cents.

Page 9 - The Script - another sub another saver.

Page 10 - Script (page 1-2) - 10 easy cents for the "Internet is the villain."

A tinyurl!!! Really!?! S*ckas! By the way, not sure if this whole story and inside look is about my dirty little secrets of the past??? I had spent some quality time at the Indiana University in Indiana, PA; it's where Jimmy Stewart was born. There's a statue in front of the townhouse or so. Student parties usually ended with disguising Jimmy, or at least putting a beer can into his hand. (Un)fortunately we hadn't have iPhones back then. -- Tc: 80 cents.

Page 11 - Script (3-4) - 10 cents for "a mess of freckles" and that being LOST again moment. Freckles. Cute. Kate. Numbers. I remember the numbers: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. Have to watch LOST again, and play the lottery, obviously. -- Tc: 90 cents.

Page 12 - Script (5-11) - Nothing's here to lol about but kudos to (that's 10 cents for) Marcos for drawing that Dreamcoat like he did on page 9 of the first issue. Note: CV might need a wiki page for the Dreamcoat. -- Tc: $1.

Page 13 - Script (12-13) - More kudos for Marcos adding a runner still using an old-fashioned walkman in 2076, some guys playing frisbee, Mr. Fishhead aka Cowl Guy, and of course the pack of (legal) joints. Sweet! That's right, that made me smile. -- Tc: $1.10

Page 14 - Script (14-15) - Nothing's really funny here but I have to admit that I hadn't really noticed the PI thing when I had read the first issue for the first (and second and third) time. Kinda weird. With the PI in mind, I think the suite's room number should have been 42 - the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything according to Deep Thought the HHGTTG. Uh! ... Anyways, 10 cents as fine for not paying attention to detail and not getting the TT/PI reference, or letting P.I. read Something Happened by Joseph Heller. Okay, I shall pay double... -- Tc: $1.30

Page 15 - Script (16-17) - Just 10 cents for all the favors we do because she's hot. -- Tc: $1.40

Page 16 - Script (18-20) - Did Marcos need more information? I don't think so. The panels on these pages are awesome: The Flaming Lips, the close-up of The Maltese Falcon, the book titles, the smirky Dreamcoat, the giant-sized faces. Back to the scritp... "his flirtatious client". -- Tc: $1.50

Page 17 - Script (21-22) - Born in 1976. Really? I don't believe it!!! -- Tc: $1.60

Page 18 - Script (23-24) - Who added the "blah fucking blah"? BKV? Marcos? Too bad it wasn't in the script... money saver here. LOL

Page 19 - Script (25-27) - No comments no smiling no money. Odd.

Page 20 - Script (28-30) - Great visuals here. Kudos to Marcos again for making it happen according to the script and beyond (all expectations). Where did BKV find that guy? -- Tc: $1.70.

Page 21 - BkvLeaks again... and finally (not such a big fans of scripts; this one was really cool though and totally worth reading and paying for it - subtotal is 1 buck for the scritpt only; most of it belongs MM! Just trying to ensure the money gets into the right hands. Good thing MM is the recipient when paying through PP) - This is a message from MM to BKV about the status of the character design especially P.I. and Gramps. Interesting to read though not funny and what the heck is IMF? Abbreviations drive me crazy the ignorant MF I am. I'll be generous here and add another round for MM. -- Tc: $1.80.

Page 22 - Character Design - sub title

Page 23 - Character Design (PI and Dreamcoat)

Nice try but that feels misplaced right there!

Page 24-34 - More Character Designs - Extra cash (10 each of course) for:

Honestly, these are from the first five pages. There's even better suits, masks, and costumes on the next five pages but I want people to still get the inside look and not reveal all the magic right here. -- Tc: $2.30.

Page 35 - BkvLeaks - MM to BKV about futuristic, eco-friendly city design. I'm having a Kodak (digicam) and am not that happy with it. Nice letter but no smile whatsoever.

Page 36-38 - City Designs - I'll just add another random 10. -- Tc: $2.40

Page 39-40 - BkvLeaks - About "crappy doodlings", the "wacky new process", and keeping MM's mind fresh and "prevent it from exploding." -- Tc: $2.60

Page 41 - The Layouts - sub

Page 42-52 - The actual Layouts (1st part of #1) - OMG! I do love b/w. OMFG! 10s for page 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, and 11. Note: Working titles so far: Secret Society & Masks. Hopefully, we'll get to know who came up with the actual title later on. -- Tc: $3.20.

Page 52 - BkvLeaks - haha (Flaming Lips!!!), talk about the title, and darn another long link and no tinyurl. -- Tc: $3.30

Page 53-62 - More Layouts (2nd part of #1) - but nothing's too fancy here except for Mr. Fishhead and Taj's XXL-face. -- Tc: $3.50

Page 63-64 - BkvLeaks - Ha! - "Your storytelling is just too f*cking cool not to find a massive international audience" and "killer work" sums it up nicely. Also, thanks for solving the mystery about the title. -- Tc: $3.70

Page 65-74 - More Layouts (3rd part of #1) - Frankly these are all much better in color IMO. Just 10 for that tiger mask. -- Tc: $3.80

Page 75-77 - BkvLeaks - In search of the perfect domain name. I'm glad you guys have decided to use - it's def the best option besides is still available by the way. Should I register for it and then sell it back to BKV? Hmm. Anyway,... made me laugh. Yes, it really s*cks so many good domain names are already taken and parked. -- Tc: $3.90

Page 78 - The Teasers - sub

Page 79-81 - The Teasers

I don't LIKE crowds, wouldn't FOLLOW that jump, and have no bullets to SHARE.

Page 82-83 - Final round of BkvLeaks - "that's one hell of an afterword. Really moving shit" is what I thought, too; plus "unimpeachably perfect". -- Tc: $4.00

Page 84 (or 85) - Back cover.

Final Tip Counter

$4.00 hence $4.85 in total and that's still cheap for all that virtual paper.


The Private Eye is one hell of a comic, story and graphical adventure and this Making Of is worth every penny you'd like to pay for it!

Thanks for an interesting and thorough Inside Look! #BKV #MM

Final Word

Now, lets have an inside look to SAGA! #ImageComics #BKV #FionaStaples


Villains Month 3D Motion Covers

Click on images to see 3D effect of the animated gif's.


The New 52 Villains Omnibus

Collecting all 52 Villains Month titles and their 3-D motion covers as well as the 3-D version of Forever Evil #1. It's scheduled to be released in December (or beginning of next year) and will cost about $199 (53x3.99=211.47). This complete set will have its very own 3-D motion cover by the way (click on it!):

Wouldn't it be cool if DC released a covers-only set for $52?

Well, that's it.

That was the Villains Months.

DC-Forever Evil!


The Guns of Shadow Valley

I just finished reading Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem #1. You certainly know what to expect from a action/horror story written by Steve Niles - a quality read! - but I am very impressed by the artwork from a guy called Dave Wachter. I had never heard of him before so I got curious, googled his name, found his blog, added some info to his wiki page on CV, and ended up clicking on a link to his most recent project on Kickstarter:

The Guns of Shadow Valley.

This looks even better than Breath of Bones and immediately got my attention! It's a collaboration of artist Dave Wachter, writer Jim Clark, and letterer Thomas Mauer.

I wonder why this project has not been featured in the news sections on CV yet? Maybe it has and I didn't see it. Anyhow...

The Guns of Shadow Valley should be an interesting book for friends of action/adventure and the supernatural and, of course, the Wild Wild West. There's still some time left and rewards (packages) left. So get involved and help the creators to finish their web-comic and publish it as hardcover graphic novel.

Honestly, I don't know what just happened but I'd really like to find out.

Here's another link to The Guns of Shadow Valley homepage.


The Eternal Warrior is back!

According to the Summer of Valiant teaser yesterday, the Eternal Warrior will rise again this September. The comic will be written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Trevor Hairsine. I have to admit I don't know much about the artist but having Pak for the title seems to be good news besides the fact having the Eternal Warrior back in the first place. Here's the official news and interview with writer Greg Pak and Valiant Executive Editor Warren Simons on CBR.

Looks like another Valiant hero will have his triumphant and visually amazing return.

I love this news, teaser and cover - this is super exciting:


One question remains:

When will we see the first brand new character and series? So far Valiant focused on re-animating existing characters - not that this is a bad thing, but some fresh blood would be nice, too. Besides, Valiant is definitely lacking female heroes.

Until then, lets enjoy the return of Quantum & Woody, Vincent van Goat, and now the Eternal Warrior. Thanks Valiant!


Harbinger Wars - Valiants first family crossover since the reboot

Valiant is doing some great stuff since its reboot last year and now, coming up this April is the first crossover "Harbinger Wars" connecting Harbinger and Bloodshot - in fact it's supposed to be a brutal collision between the two. Though I'm still catching up on Harbinger starting with the first trade Omega Rising and have yet to dig into Bloodshot, I am already really excited about this upcoming crossover. The first Bloodshot: Setting the World on Fire trade is going to be released this week as well; on Febr 13.

"Harbinger Wars" will have three all-new jumping-on points with standalone story arcs in:

  • Harbinger Wars #1 (of 4) on April 3rd
  • Harbinger #11 on April 10th
  • Bloodshot #10 on April 17th
Harbinger Wars - April covers joined
Harbinger Wars - April covers joined - clean version
For the Free Comic Book Day 2013 (Saturday, May 4th) Valiant will release the VALIANT 2013: HARBINGER WARS FCBD SPECIAL! Not sure if this will receive any exclusive new material or not. However it will feature the Harbinger Wars as well as previews to the other Valiant titles. Of course, it will also feature another Valiant style quality cover:

Harbinger Wars - FCBD Special cover
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The Walking Dead - Something to Fear covers feat. Negan & Lucille

This is my second post in general and in the series of cover sets I like.

I love comic book covers! Sometime I do even collect digital covers of books I do not even read and will never read - even Marvel. Well...

Comic covers are amazing pieces of art. Of course, some are better than other. Sometimes it's single cover that stands out. Sometimes it's a set of covers -from a mini-series, story arc, or crossover- that follows a certain theme and style. And then there's covers that may or may not look nice individually, but when combined (joined) they will show a bigger picture. I love the creative idea behind it. There are set where combining the covers isn't really doing anything (e.g only the background connects, but not the characters and objects in the front). In this case, there's only 1 character and 1 object. It's very simple but effective!

Enter Negan and his favorite weapon Lucille - a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire around the end - as shown on the 6 covers of the Something to Fear arc. The covers are from the 2nd printing (#97-99, 101-102) and 3rd printing (#100). Needless to say I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead. Enjoy!

The Walking Dead #97-99 combined
The Walking Dead #100-102 combined
The Walking Dead #97-102 combined

Drawn by artist Charlie Adlard for Skybound/Image.

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Age of Ultron - Awesome variant covers

Now, I'm going to do something rather unusual: A blog post! About Marvel Now! About Ultron! So many firsts...

Why these covers? I just love the contrast of colors (dark gray metal vs pink), lines (circular vs rectangular), the overall matte tone, and how Ultron looks; especially in the first 2 covers. Besides, I may not be the biggest fan of the Marvel Universe but I do like alternative realities and tales of the apocalypse so I'm looking forward to this series.

Age of Ultron, 2013 A.U. - variant covers #1-5 by artist Adi Granov (??? see note below):

Age of Ultron #1 (2013)
Age of Ultron #2 (2013)
Age of Ultron #3 (2013)
Age of Ultron #4 (2013)
Age of Ultron #5 (2013)

Here's the next three variant covers of this series... as of May 2013.

Age of Ultron #6 (2013)
Age of Ultron #7 (2013)
Age of Ultron #8 (2013)

Note: I am still not sure if these covers were created by Adi Granov or a South-Korean artist with the alias Rock-he Kim?