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This is just like the first posters they had for the Fist Class, I didn't find it to be that creative or impressive,but I don't want to be that guy. So somebody please clue me in to the awesomeness, so that I can join the fold.

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@forgecat said:

Who can be right on one like this? I'll take Team Cyclops though because the original X-Men were barely teenagers when they started brawling. Wolverine is cool with the killing as long as he is doing it? Life doesn't sadly always work that way.

I feel like the writers want me to side with Wolverine, but the stakes are too high at this point with how few mutants are left in this version of the X-Universe. Also him naming the new school after Jean Grey just makes me want to punch him in the teeth. Not. your. wife!!!!

This Guy!

I love 'em!

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@Wattup said:

Is the New 52 supposed to be more realistic? I'm having a hard time buying an American as Earth's fastest dude...

There's Kenyans who will probably read this issue and be saying, "Barry Allen, my butt!"...

...He's right.

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@maelevikus said:
  I am sorry but there's too much commotion over a shield. I understand that the shield represents something. A symbol. But in the Captain America is a soldier and he uses a "weapon". This "weapon" can be lost or destroyed while in combat. Captain America has had replacement uniforms, characters and weaponry. The breaking of the shield is a symbol too. But there is too much drama surrounding this broken shield. We live in a modern day and age. It would a strategically stupid to not have a replacement shield. That's like saying Iron Man doesn't have a spare suit. So i can only imagine living in this modern age that some scientist. Maybe a collaboration between Stark, Parker, Richards & Pym will create an even better shield forged from adamantium, vibranium, catnip, a big mac and a rubberband. Maybe Captain America will need to get used to this new shield or maybe he'll be more soldier and use different weaponry. A shield, a knife, a gun. Maybe the Gods of asgard will magically repair this broken shield. Maybe Captain America will travel to another dimension and get a shield from a dead captain america.  But whatever the course of the shield story will be. It's not interesting at all.  
I understand your dislike for the Shield or at the very least for the commotion it's caused, But I think that was the coolest Idea yet, 
 " a shield from a dead captain america."  
It's genius!
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@LordRequiem said:
I don't understand why they took away his spider-sense, to make him more vulnerable? 'Cus it's not like other people can beat him, oh wait, yes it is. So basically they've just made him weaker. His Evolve or Die powers should still be there, but they've only appeared like once or twice.
Since when have other people been able to beat Spider-man? He's beaten the hulk, The entire squad of the avengers, The X-men, And all of his bad guys, well, he's turned them all into F'ing jokes , (the kind he still cracks while fighting them) I hate Spiderman, because he is unbeatable. I hate the hulk for similar reasons, but this isn't about him.
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Spirits of Vengeance looks awesome,  I'm gonna miss the spikes though, otherwise no complaints I look forward to seeing NicK Cage again.

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When iu first got the news I read that the new spider-man would be black, It was weird, I remember thinking some one that isn't Peter Parker as spider-man? I got over it. Then I found out he'd be half latino for the whole representation of diversity thing, Why no black spider-man? why the half Latino thing? we already have a latino spider-man his name is Miguel o' hara,  he's the spider-man of the future. It's like finding out they're making a black Disney princess, except her Prince is Arabic. ... I guess I just wanted a black spider-man is all, And im sure I could have said that all better, but someone has to know what im saying right?

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@quiksilver70777 said:

refuse to watch  Captain America since Johnny Storm and Cap are the same person now, but I will watch Ghost Rider. Captain America is the only Marvel Film I haven't watch so far.

I thought I was the only one.
Thank you , sir.
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@chowy said:
So Johnny Blaze won´t "drink" jelly beans?
..i still like that part...
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@whatisdelicious said:

So because she's beautiful and smart, she must have superpowers? I don't hear you asking if Batman has superpowers just because he's able to survive goddamn everything, take down goddamn anyone, and invent goddamn anything he wants.

Annnnnnd this is why I don't read Comic Vine. Tony is just full of dumb ideas.

Agreed Completely.

Why are we even entertaining this idea?