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Can't wait to get this set, but the firs one will be Wilverine's chopper showdown that has DEADPOOL in it (finally :D ). BWT Spoiler:

After seeing the movie the sets make perfect sense compared to the story, and this actually happens in the movie. Banner hulks out and there's a fight on the helicarrier.

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@War Killer: Just because they were referencing her history with Hawkeye is doesn't mean she can't have one with Bucky... especially since she said in the movie that she started young... :)

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She should get her own movie. At least we would get to know more about her history with Hawkeye they kept referencing in the Avengers movie.

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I believe extremis makes sense as the ultimate upgrade: becoming partially the machine. And (this is where I might get stoned to death) this would make a great setup for the Mandarin in Iron Man four as the villain. Just think about it: Stark upgrades himself with the extremis in IM3 and in the fourth movie (if they make it that far and why would't they) Tony would be super reliant on his tech even more than before thus giving an even bigger contrast between him and the Mandarin's magic based powers and making the Mandarin (who still looks like a bad chinese stereotype from the sixties) an evem more serious and menacing villain than ever before.

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That's not Richard or Robbie rider as nova, that's Dark Nova a.k.a. Garthan Saal. He made a brief appearance in nova during the war of kings story.

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@moviegeek17: yeah it would be awesome if it turned out to be a mini like widowmaker, but marvel's already marketing it as an event, so there most likely will be a couple of tie-ins.
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@moviegeek17: I don't think this'll  be a fear itself level event, more like something similar to shadowland.
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Spider nam should be picked up as a mini or something it's so awesome