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So Sam Alexander is going to Hill Valley High?

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F**K YEAH! Finally, I've been waiting for this since LEGO bought the Marvel rights. This is going to be a long 8-10 months until the release :D

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@G-Man: I personally loved that Parker got the good job, the money, the apartment, because it was a good (and quite logical) step in the characters evolution. He finally started to live up to his potential both as a scientist at Horizon and a hero as a part of the Avengers. We had Almost 50 years of comics, where he had money problems, and the whole Parker luck. His scientific mind was often unused and underplayed. That is the reason I loved Slott's run on ASM. Then came 700, where my biggest source of rage is the fact that the whole damn ending felt disrespectful to the character. Will Parker be back? I'm willing to bet good money on it. But this suggested direction feels very much like the "let's get Parker single, because he was single when I read it as a kid" approach, coined by Quesada. Now Stott's about to destroy everything he built for Parker for the reason of what? So when they bring him back eventually they can once again tell stories about how down on his luck he is? How he has to rebuild his personal relationships and the respect of the people and the superhero community? To me, this just feels like an uninspired attempt to rehash the stories slightly differently.

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Call me jaded or whatever you want, but I'm willing to put a considerable bet on the fact that in the end it will be retconned somehow. My bet is on some sort of advanced VR machine all the characters are put into. Just think about it: there's no way the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the overall superhero community wouldn't be able to find Arcade's place in 30 days, plus he gets to torture the kids over and over until someone gets him and even then, at worst he gets beat up and the only charges that can stick are kidnapping. Plus we know that in 'mindspace' time can move very differently allowing them to play out 30 days in a few minutes or so.

Still, the book is kinda enjoyable and I like the art. It's kinda weird to see the AA logo styled after BR's logo on the same page with the Avengers logo styled after the Hunger Games logo.

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This just wrong...

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I honestly don't find these funny. This is not criticism and not humor just because he speaks fast and uses curse words. This is basically just a video list of mistakes by the crew and plotholes. It's pretty much on video.

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First: they better figure out a good explanation why and how Star Lord is back from the cancerverse and how is Rider still dead.

Second: screw the whole "let's integrate the movie/cartoon-verse characters into continuity", Rider is Nova, hell, he's Nova Prime, screw the new guy.

Third: There was a time when Loeb was good, but it's long gone. He's the reason I'm cautious with the proposed marvel tv shows (except for the S.H.I.E.L.D. show, because you know, in Whedon we trust). I mean look at what he's done in his ron on the Red Hulk title when it began, or the last few issues of Wolverine or should I say (gulp...sorry I just puked in my mouth) Ultimatum? Just bring back DnA and let them work their magic in the space.

Sorry for the angry rant, but this kinda pissed me off. Although to say something more or less positive: I don't give a sh*t about the Punisher and I like McGuines' art, I can't wait for the S.H.I.E.L.D. show and I got nothing against Bendis and McNiven on GoG.

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I think Spidey's gonna kill someone. Not sure who, but I see it as a possibility. That would explain Slott's comments on the final issue and the new darker tone.

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My question is: why? Did we really need another Nemesis book? The first one was so stupid, over the top, filled with senseless violence that it actually made me feel dirty for reading this, and not in the good way, but in the sitting in the shower holding my knees way. It was awful. But it must have had incredible sales to get a sequel. Millar's getting worse and worse, kinda like the love child of Bay and Shyamalan set loose on the comic industry. Oh, and if this rant didn't make some people hate my guts than this should (although I don't mean to be a troll, just wanted to tell this for so long): Kick Ass is overrated and clearly showed symptoms of Millars decline into unnecessary violence.

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@Man of Lengend said:

@Don_Jay said:

@Man of Lengend said:

my god people your pessimism is so annoying , please see one page of it..!!! before everyone judges this whole book...

The great thing about comic book artists is that if you know their previous work, you know what to expect from their new projects. I case of Land, well, if you saw his run on Uncanny and some ultimate projects he worked on, you can probably photoshop together the first few issues, you just have to change Emma's hair to red , shorter and give her freckles and you got Pepper. Take away Cyke's visor, give him a goatee and you got Tony. Should I continue? Sorry or the pessimism, which in this case is more like experience.

ha ha ha Your examples are great , but you can do that with sooo many artists its insane !! like I'm not saying Land is by any means my favorite , but I am not going to judge a book before seeing it. It makes no sense to me to bash this book yet.

I'm not judging the book (with which I'll probably have a love-hate relationship based on the creative team, but that's still in the future), I'm just expressing my negative opinion about a certain artist's artistic choices (what a fancy way to say: I don't like Land's work. At all.). He's constantly recycling, photocopying, tracing and (worst of all) swiping. All of this result's in images that some might call photo like, but in my opinion the characters look like they've been cut out of other pictures and put on a different background. And once you start tracing from porn, there's no way back...

Yes, a lot of other artists draw characters in a way that they're barely distinguishable form other characters. The only way to tell the difference between Dr.Strange and Reed Richards in Romita Jr.'s work (aside from the costume obviously) it that Strange has a goatee. There are plenty more examples of this with other artists too, but in case of Romita Jr. (yes, I know I'm playing the devil's advocate, I'm well aware how many people are against his art style) he still has a very distinctive, unique art style and the characters he draws are able to have more than 3 facial expressions and look like they are actually inhabit the same space. The same goes for Dillon. I'm not particularly fond of his style (the man should never be allowed to draw 'traditional' cape and tights super hero comics), but it goes well with stories like thhe ones Ennis is writing. I don't get any of that from Land.

Long story short, I'm not bashing the book, I just really don't like the artist, it could've been someone much better.