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So Morgan Le Fay is back.

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I can't help it, I loved every minute of it. Probably helped with that, that I only watched the first 2.5 minutes long trailer back when it came out.

Oh, and my money's on LMD.

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I have to admit, that I liked the idea of putting a villain in the shoes of the hero. The basic concept is more than interesting. But not as a permanent change. Nice, fun gimmick for a year or two, then you change it back. But there are many things that bother me about this Superior Spider-Man situation. First is, that it was a very disrespectful way to kill off Peter. After decades, he deserved to go out with a bang. The second is that I actually liked Slott's work on Amazing. He actually made Peter live up to his potential far better than before. He had a great job, one that helped him being a better hero, his hero life helped to come up with ideas for his job. He wasn't constantly broke and became a respected hero, not just inside the hero community, but the general public accepted him as well. It was a big, mature change for the character. Then Superior came along. Since the beginning, I can't shake the feeling, that everything that happens in Superior is just a way to slowly destroy everything Peter built up in the past years, so when he's brought back, hes back to square one. Broke, jobless, unappreciated hero, the same he was for like 40 years or so.

My third problem is the depiction of the character. In Superior Otto is a giant bag of dicks. In other books, he's more or less a combination of Otto and Peter, usually with more focus on Peter. It's just annoying, but nothing we haven't seen before when a character is in like 5 or more books with just as many writers.

And clearly Slott doesn't know the meaning of the words underdog and relatable. Someone please send him a dictionary, wherever he's hiding.

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Chitarui really...REALLY

I know you're trying to connect with the Avengers film but really...


Thanks, I was just about to say the same. It's getting quite ridiculous.

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@RedQueen: I still hope that Avengers Arena will end up as some sort of VR crap Arcade pulled on the kids and they are actually just strapped in a chair somewhere, because otherwise it just doesn't make sense. Don't tell me the Avengers wouldn't have noticed their students went missing and all the geniuses couldn't find them in 30 days.

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Hazmat's there, but not X-23, so maybe X won't make out of Avengers Arena...

But I really f-in hope this isn't some sort of reboot, like the new 52. Last time marvel did it blew up in their faces, of course they shouldn't have put Liefeld in charge, but still.

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Well, the teasers and previews hinted at a lot of heroes dying in age of ultron and that's supposed to end around fall (if I remember correctly) or if it doesn't maybe some tie-in.

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@greenlucario said:

So... the Nova Corps now is all black and gold? Sure makes total sense they've only been blue and gold forever, especially since there can't even be a Nova Corps anymore, but yeah why not, all the Nova force is just stuck in the Cancerverse with Rich and Worldmind never rebooted, this series technically can't exist, but hey whatever Loeb is a hack anyways.

Amen to that brother. I've been asking the same things since Thanos and Quill showed up in Avengers Assemble. Loeb is the reason I don't have much faith Marvel's tv shows, except for Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D., becuse, you know, in Whedon we trust.

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@chocobojam: I thought you meant the previous Nova series. That's worth reading, this, I'm not so sure about. There's a pretty good chance that the only good quality about this series will be McGuinness' art.

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@chocobojam: So far there have been zero connections between Alexander and Rider (or any other members of the Corps). And yes, it is worth reading. Annihilation was a good jumping point for the cosmic comics, because that's when Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning took over it and made Annihilation, Annihilation Conquest, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and some other Events. And it was awesome in my opinion.