Christmas Stuff!

This thread was obviously made randomly with Awesome old holiday comic covers and other Cheerful nick-nacks! =) 
I hope it pulls ya all into a jolly spirit for the season! I know it was sorry.  Anyhoo...
Happy Holidays!

Who was Batman's Partner the Longest?

A question that my sister and I have been disputing over for a while now. 

Alright so Dick Grayson would seem like the logical choice, right?  But in Batman Return of Bruce Wayne #5, Tim Drake claims: "I was Batman's partner longer then anyone else."  Buuuut how can that technically be if Tim started out as Robin at the age of (14?) which ended in him becoming Red Robin at (17?).  That'd be around 4 years in the "R"-suit, where as, Dick became Robin at a much younger age and was...(fired/retired/graduated) at about (18? or so). 
Jason wasn't Robin long at all,'s not him. 
The girls...lasted about a few weeks...days... 
Damian's hasn't been robin that long yet, so he doesn't count. 
So what we'd like to know is the (Boy Robins) exact age at Becoming Robin and exact age at Giving up the mantal. 
Who was really the longest Robin???

Grayson without Damian...

After the entire Re-Boot/Vap/DC thing goes down and takes full effect in the comic world... 
How do you think Damian will be without Dick and with dada (Bruce) instead? 
How will Dick work without that little annoying but cute sidekick he was just learning to work with so well? 
Batman and Robin #1

Duo, no more...

Nightwing #1
I guess what i'd be wondering is, who's gonna take the split up the hardest? 
Dick may charge into a mob of villains, forgetting he's missing a short little backup man and Damian's seriousness, mixing with Bruce, hmmm? 
I find everything I'm hearing about the new series to come exciting!  But what do you think?  Won't it be a little depressing, breaking up such a cute "big brother, little brother team"? 



Recent Stuff =)

Just some newer stuff of mine. 
Probably not really worth their own blog... 
But I hope you guys can enjoy em. =) 

Harley Quinn


Domino & Deadpool
Heck I'll just throw in some of the older stuff too. =) 

Hope you all enjoy and keep drawing! 
You all can add on some of your recent art to this thread as well if you'd like to share. =) 

Just looking to improve on my skills so any comments are welcome!

DomDom's Art =)

I thought I'd create a thread to post all my new work on... 
But I'll start it out with some of my older work. 

 I was really into Dragons...=)


Assassins Creeds Altair and Ezio! 


Ezio! =)  This pic I did yesterday and finished up today. 
Sorry that the pencils wont show up very well. 
Hope everyone enjoys! 
Any comments and advice is greatly encouraged! =)

Deadpool's (Dead In Love) Skit!

I made this when bored as the idea kinda "popped" in my head. 
The song he's singing in the skit is "Grenade" By: Bruno Mars. 
It's a popular song, but if you don't know it...i'd suggest listening to it in order to understand the full contents of this silly mini comic. =) 



(Warning! This Skit may contain some...Disturbing images, unsuitable for---)  Well....too late. =) 
Hope you all enjoy!

My "Boy Wonders" Art.

This is my first time showing off any of my art.  I'd love to see what you guys think of it and know what i should work on to improve. 
I figure the little Boy Wonders would be a good starting point.  Dick is on the upper left, Jason upper right, Damian lower left, Tim lower right.

Hope you Enjoy =)

Wonder Woman vs. Ms Marvel!

Ms. Marvel
The Wonderful Wonder Woman! vs. The Marvelous Ms. Marvel!
DC'S strongest woman or MARVEL'S?

The Battle takes place in midair. 
Preperation time: None. 
Let the Battle Begin!




What comic is this from?


Anyone have any idea what comic this image is from?  Just really curious and i'm sure one of you'd know or i hope will.  I know the robin is Dick Grayson, if that helps?  So ummm if yah know or have any guess's on it plz leave a note.  Thx!

Why do they kill off Heroes...?

Why do they kill off all the top heroes and then suddenly bring them all right back?  I mean after so many times they kill 'em...don't you think the "comic people" would start to expect us expecting the expected rebirth??  I mean...isn't it just expectable?
They killed Batman, but he's sorta on his way back right now... 
They killed off Superman a long time ago, but he was brought back. 
They killed Captain America, and he's breathing and very alive.  
 There's many more, and yeah technically some didn't actually "die"-die.  Some where just lost/stuck in time?? 
Anyways...I have nothing against bringing heroes back to life...I'm just curious to why they always kill them off and bring them right back, when the readers are mostly expecting it? 
What do you guys think?  Are comic's just too obvious now?  Is the life and death moments in comics still at the edge of your seat for you??
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