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I would say.. Way of the Spider Spider-Man would be up there for Marvel. Not only did he develop his own martial art with assistance from Shang-Chi (he was still a notable scrapper prior), the guy has so much aerial agility for a non-flier, it's nuts. One issue that is one of my modern favourites is how he spent, like, an entire fight swinging back and forth catching the Avengers whom were busy being knocked out of the sky.

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She-Hulk, Spider-Man 2099, perhaps Darkhawk, and Justice League International/Europe ( back when wit and humour instead of angst was the order of the day )

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Why yes, yes I am. *dbl nod*

I generally enjoy the interplay between Skeeter and Jennifer though I think she's evolved enough as a character that she could stand up on her own. I mean, cancer.. Absorbing Man.. wielder of the Power Gem.. transformed into Skirn.. I would personally like Titania and She-Hulk to be less 'Worfed' and get more face time. She should, technically, be quite deadly and a considerable handful to put down. Has Titania shown up in any of the later Hulk comics, or anywhere else for that matter, post Fear Itself?

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So DC is pulling a 'Heroes Reborn'? Are they going to toss this planet into a parallel orbit on the other side of the sun once the novelty wears off too? If I recall, Mr. Lee helmed _that_ reboot too.

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Don't we get reminded every few years how awesome Spider-Man can be if he decides to stop pulling his punches? Like versus Tony in the 'What if...' post Civil War. Or how he dismantled the Kravinoffs as another example.

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I dunno. From what I've read, they seem possessed. Titania seemed quite willing yet the Hulk fought it. No idea if there'll be any residual gains in power after this whole thing. I imagine they won't keep the hammers.

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@Amegashita: Actually, that's a _very_ good point. Mary-Jane Watson is at least as recognizable as the Black Cat, if not more so. Everyone knows of her iconic catchphrase, "Face it, Tiger. You just hit the jackpot." I don't think she trumps She-Hulk in terms of recognizability.. she is 7 feet of green and all.. and that any other green female that comes around is more than likely mistaken for She-Hulk.

I'd say Mary-Jane's main problem is.. she doesn't really stand for anything in the Marvel Universe. She's best known as Spider-Man's wife.. the girlfriend that didn't die.. and lately, she's been written out even as that. She has her moments of heroism.. the best tease Marvel had was when Jackpot was running around, tricking readers into thinking she was Mary-Jane. Still, she is recognizable and most other long-haired red-heads are mistaken for her... and that's what this is all about, right?

As for Emma Frost.. she's gained traction but I couldn't tell you off the top of my head what she is and what she does. She.. made a mess of Firestar's life? Only reason I knew that is I loved me some New Warriors.

My revised list, and I keep flip-flopping between the top two:

1) She-Hulk
2) Mary-Jane Watson
3) Black Cat
4) Sue Storm/Jean Grey
5) Black Widow
6) Ms. Marvel/Elektra/Emma Frost
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I would say, in spite of her constant mistreatment at the hands of Marvel, She-Hulk is Marvel's most iconic female. She's big and large, she's green, you can dress her up in just about anything and she's just.. recognizable. Her powers and attitudes are easy to 'get' as well.

For second place though, I'd say.. the Black Cat. Even though she hasn't been in any movies, tons of people know Spider-Man and, because of him, the Black Cat.

And tied for third place, Sue Storm/Jean Grey. They have movies and such but I can barely remember Sue Storm from the movies.. and the X-Men movies may have well have been called 'Wolverine and the X-Men."

Despite the push over the last few years, Ms. Marvel/Warbird isn't even close in terms of visibility.. and Elektra, well.. she's niche. I'd think Black Widow would trump the both of them.

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