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Wow, love that flag.

Frostitutes unite!

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I really really love James Asmus and his Emma and now it’s a perfect time for an Emma solo or even just a mini.

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I love Emma in issue #4. The Cuckoos/Emma interaction is amazing.

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I loved the White Queen of HFC but I prefer Emma Frost of the X-Men…

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Variant covers for UXM 4 by Kris Anka:

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We’ll see the interaction between Emma and the Cuckoos in UXM #4, at last

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Moriison’s NXM and Whedon’s AXM are must read I guess…

Emma Frost 18-issue solo series was really great, I think it's totally underrated perhaps because it's irrelevant with the X-Men or HFC.

And there are some recommendation lists, I hope they are helpful for you. : )

Essential Emma Frost The Recommended Reading List:

Originally Posted by NewMutant

1st Appearance

Gen X 6 - Kick ass Emma moments, shows how ruthless she is.

Gen X Two Parter - Gen X relive what happened to her Hellions. This gives us insight into her past and Hellions, but also with her Gen X students. Two birds one stone.

New X-Men E is for Extinction two issues - Emma joins the team and saves the day.

New X-Men Murder at the Mansion part one - Cyke/Emma revealed, learn her past, shows her relationshiops with Beast and Wolverine

Astonishing X-Men 2 - Her confrontation with Kitty. Another nod to her past. Plus she is running the school

Astonishing X-Men - Torn conclusion.

Uncanny X-Men annual 2 - current, no to the past, shows her relations to norman, namor, tony stark. Best Fraction has written her

Originally Posted by ButterRum

I did have these in mind:
Uncanny X-Men #334, #452
New Warriors #10
Generation X 95 Annual, Generation X #49, #55-#56, #59
X-Men Unlimited #34
New X-Men #36, v2
Civil War #3

I did add The New X-Men and Astonishing X-Men issues you mentioned though. Yeah, no current issues because I wouldn't want to recommend anything Emma is used poorly in. Anyways, sorry you didn't like the list. It was hard to choose from hundreds of issues and I did have to narrow it down to a few.

But please know THE FIRESTAR ISSUE IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE EMMA KILLS A HORSE...her most ultimate evil act. 'nuff said
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Emma has been on the X-Men side since 1994 (Uncanny X-Men #316). Nearly 20 years. I don’t see how it would make sense if she’s back to villainy.