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I'm really into the choice, granted I am by no means a fan of Batman but Affleck knows what he's doing. He'll be a nice counterbalance to Cavill's Superman. But I really think whoever they cast would have caused a huge negative reaction anyway, so the early "But, but, but, he's terrible!" reaction was almost a given from the start. He'll do good work, the movie on the other hand, who knows? But I'll wait to judge.

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This is still my favorite series of the New 52, I'm a fan of each character and honestly can't wait till they finally unite to become the Justice Society. My only real complaint, which is minor, is that they introduced a new Batman for Earth-2 so soon.

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It's so obvious, he's going to play the only logical choice for the villain of Avengers 2; the Space Phantom.

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I've been working under the assumption that it's Dick Grayson since Bruce got his face pretty well exploded. But I'd be happy to be wrong and it be someone else. Either way, I've really been digging what's been going on in Earth-2.

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Wow, this trailer has sold me - Matthew Bomer as Superman is phenomenal! Along with John Noble and Molly Quinn. I'd be very excited to see him voice the Man of Steel a few more times.

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I understand the idea, do Justice League then the solo movies. But a lot of the fun with what Marvel did was seeing how the universe was being built and all the little nods to other characters that we haven't seen yet but know are there somewhere - like Black Panther or Doctor Strange. It also let people invest into the individual members - and be genuinely impressed by how Marvel got these characters to carry their own movie. My favorite Marvel movie is Thor because I wanted to see how they'd make it work, and the one I'm most looking forward to now is Guardians of the Galaxy because I really want to see how they're going to make it work.

Another thing was the anticipation for Avengers, giving people the build up from Iron Man - and I'd love to feel that kind of anticipation for Justice League, and have it pay off as good as Avengers did. But Warner Bros has their plan and we have to hope for the best. But personally, I'd really love to see them do Man of Steel then do World's Finest, a Superman/Batman team up movie would build the universe, add anticipation, and be a great way to dive in for Justice League, in my opinion.

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I've been hoping for an animated adaptation of Kingdom Come (with all the classic DCAU voice actors returning to their roles) for a long time, so that's at the top of my list. For some reason I think an animated adaptation of Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman's Miracleman runs would be pretty amazing but I'm almost certain it'd never happen. Spider-Man Noir would be intriguing. Jack Kirby's original New Gods run I'd really love to see. If it had ever finished Warren Ellis' newuniversal could be a really interesting animated movie.

Not the most obvious but the ones I'd personally love to see one day.

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@feargalr said:

"Yeah lets make this movie realistic..... okay now when the sun god flies in super fast shooting fire from his eyes and ice from his mouth I want the background to be a gritty city"

Nolan did not help super hero movies :/

Nope, he helped vigilante movies.

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Love Earth-2, hands down my favorite thing DC is putting out. Can't wait to see Doctor Fate, Sandman, and Wildcat show up - not to mention some of the classic Earth-Two villains.

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No offense to Mr. Millar or the heads at Fox, but just because he's creative consultant doesn't assure that the movies will be good. It's a process that mainly involves the studio and the director and so on. He'll make his suggestions and the filmmakers will either listen or not. For example, Geoff Johns was involved in the Green Lantern movie, as a creative consultant and even co-producer, and it wasn't very good. We have to wait and see how they turn out, though I do wish the rights would go back to Marvel, I'd love to see the FF and the X-Men included in the bigger movie universe.