Alpha pushed his hand against the scanner, allowing him access to Dr.Stahls personal lab. The good doctor was busy doing some wire work on a series of coils connected to a disk in the center. On top of the disk was a dark purple crystal. "Yeah so I was just running the calibrations for our assembly lines and noticed just how much we invested into intergalactic travel. Care to explain that" He tossed the statistic sheet down beside Stahl and rubbed his synthetically crated face. The good doctor didn't even need to look at the sheet to answer his best friends question. "Oh Al, always on the dot it seems.." He chuckled as he continued to work. "I needed to create a ship big enough to survive my wormhole technology. You see not only did I need to make it to another galaxy...I needed to go back a few million years into the past.." Stahl grinned sinisterly, causing Alpha to give a look of concern. "Ok...Your going to have to run that one by me, what exactly did you need to get from a few million years ago AND from another galaxy?" Al crossed his arms and raised his brow. Stahl grabbed a set of tweezers and gently picked up the dark purple stone from the disk, holding it up to Alpha. "This little piece of rock..". Alpha stared at him in disbelief, shaking his head he responded "That's it!? A rock!?". Stahl merely chuckled to his friends outburst.

"When I was seventeen and I first arrived here on this island when it was just that, an empty island, I of course started digging for metals. One day, one of my driller bots struck a rock exactly like this one. The results were...fascinating! But to my misfortune, the result left no rock to examine, but I managed to collect the rock dust from said result. It turns out the rock is the exact age of this planet! I searched for months on end, my most advanced tech scanning for more of this lovely rock, but it turns out the rock that was struck was the ONLY one of it's kind ever to be had in this planet. And so I started to expand my search, and so I went back to collect where it came from all of those years ago for now, there is none left in existence except for this piece here.." Stahl held the rock close and smiled.

Al inspected the rock himself and finally asked. "So what is it?". Stahl set the rock back down on the disk and activated the containment field from the coils to surround it. "This my friend..Will be my legacy...". Stahl sent an electric field from the coils to the rock, causing it release a massive purple cloud above the disk and above Stahl and Al. While Stahl grinned with delight, Al was concerned at just what his creator discovered. "WHAT...Is THAT!" He yelled while pointing at it. Stahl started to chuckle maniacally. As the purple glow reflected in his black goggles, he subtly looked over to Alpha and simply said "...Extra space..."

Start the Conversation

Glitched #1: Ice cap

▌│█║▌║▌║ ĠĻÏȚĊȞËĐ ║▌║▌║█│▌

About thirty miles away from Dr.Stahl's factory was a mountain outpost, each and every Stahl bot had a purpose in his quest for moderation through peace...That is with the exception of two glitched bots. Twelve and Seventeen, these two bots fell into a plasma generator during their creation, somehow frying their motherboards into thinking they had real emotions. Stahl sent these bots to this "Special" outpost to make sure his factory would remain safe always. The truth? Not a single enemy had been spotted coming through the mountains in five years...But they don't seem to mind. The two bots stood in the roof of the old stone outpost and watched the factor with a prideful stance.

"Jesus my hands are freezing! I can barely hold onto my gun, like it has the weight of the world on them...Dude...I wont make it!"

Seventeen yells at twelve, his hands fumbling his blaster rifle around as if it was about to break his arms off, stumbling in the snow. Twelve stared at him through his expressionless helmet and shook his head while slapping Seventeen's.

"OW! What the hell was that for!?" Yelled seventeen while rubbing his helmet clad head. Twelve turned from looking down the mountainside and glared at Seventeen.

"You really need to stop whining! You and I both know that we can't feel pain, we are ROBOTS!" Twelve explained harshly to Seventeen while rubbing the lenses of his face. "...Have you ever wondered, you know? What is beyond those mountains?" Twelve tried to calm himself down by asking his best friend what has been on his artificial mind since they were placed at this Stahlforsaken outpost.

Seventeen paused rubbing his head to think about the question, giving a subtle nod he sighed. "I try not to think about it..I mean I would love to know, we have been staring at that factory for like...Our entire lives! I really wanna' know to tell you the truth.." Seventeen very subtly turned his neck to gaze at what was behind them, but the only thing he saw through his advanced lenses was the snow and fog of the massive mountain they stood upon.

Twelve noticed what Seventeen was doing and did the same himself. "Maybe...Maybe we could...Naaah! Forget it.." Twelve shook his head and turned back to face the factory, gaining his guard posture once more.

This only sparked Seventeen's curiosity onto what was running through his friends head, he chose to try and guess what was going on. "You want to get off this outpost, don't you? See what is down this mountain?...Me too man...me too..." Seventeen chuckled with his radio buzzed voice and turned back to the factor too. "But I mean we couldn't even if we wanted to!....Could we...?" Seventeen paused, now only the wind pushing the snow around filled the air for a brief few minutes.

Twelve shook his head as if in a daze, dropping the formal posture and looking at Seventeen. "Alright! Lets do it! I mean there is nothing really stopping us! Nothing has come by us in our entire lives here! So I say screw it! We try and see what happens! Im am so sick of standing here.." Twelve chuckled and turned head on towards the fog behind them, Seventeen reluctantly did the same.

"You sure man? We may never come back here, ever again. I mean who knows what is out there in the real world.." Seventeen broke his gaze from the fog and stared at Twelve, visually asking him if he was certain of this decision.

"Pfff! The real world..Hah! I mean what is the worst thing that could be out there? Gods? Mutant freaks? Demons and that mumbo jumbo!?" Twelve broke into laughter at the thought of such impossible things, Seventeen joined him, slapping his military padded knee.

"Hehehe...Hoooo man....Cause that would be really stupid..." Seventeen slid his gloved finger across his eye lens, as if wiping away a tear of laughter. After he collected himself, he took a deep breath just as Twelve did, each of them inching closer and closer to the edge of the refined stone outpost. "...Ready when you are bud.." He said reassuringly.

"...Lets do it!" Twelve yelled as he leaped off the outpost, Seventeen doing the exact same. The two bots descended into the world unknown to them, what will they find? What will they discover? What will be their fates?


Dr.Stahl's enforcers, a private team.

Ruthless, without remorse and skilled. Fight for a controlled world.

You may be part of the Fox company, the trinity or the Tenn in... But do you have what it takes to put your differences aside, and form a ruthless killing task force? My goal here is to take some of the most skilled killers on the vine, and form The Enforcers, a private team meant for completing missions given to you by yours truly, this can range from recon, to massive black ops missions. If you join this team, accept the price you demanded, you will not be expected to ask question, or question command.

Questionable attitude will be frowned upon.

Our aims are mostly neutral on the scale of good and evil, though this is ideal and perfect for the common anti-hero. Most neutrals it seems are bought over with riches, benefits and money, I can provide all of these things, handsomely. Now it is of the utmost importance to be masked, and that your involvement does not leave the boundaries of team efforts. There will be no base, only meeting destinations, you and your members are to be professional (For the most part). If this sort of task force sounds up your alley or matches your interests, please by all means PM me, and also do remember, the acts you commit, no matter how vile or diabolical, will be concealed at maximum efforts.

Yours truly: