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Black Adam would tear Doomsday up.  BA is as physically powerful or more than Superman, more invulnerable, definitely a better fighter, and doesn't hold back against something like Doomsday.  Black Adam would show him Pan.

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I don't follow. While I think there has to be solid reasons before I accept Gladiator and Thor are that much out of Sentry's league, the idea that either of them could crush Black Adam doesn't hold water to me.  Consider the BA's above mentioned fight with the DC heroes, his casual lobbing of an aircraft carrier many miles toward a city, the fact that he had a miniature black hole opened in his head and it only stunned him, that he has the paragon powers of six gods....  I think he might take Gladiator and Thor at the same time.

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I'd say Black Adam would take anybody on either team.  He's already taken Martian Manhunter and a good part of the DC heroes simultaneously, which included multiple Green Lanterns, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, and lots of others.  I realize this thread isn't supposed to be about Black Adam though, so I'll shut up about it.

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I'll still say Marvel.  Having considered it further, I can see the Marvel guys working together, but how does Doomsday fit into the DC team?  Now replace Doomsday with Black Adam, and Marvel doesn't have a chance.

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Hulk has shown some resistance to telepathy, though not total.  I see no reason why a telepathic attack couldn't work on Sentry.  He has some psionic power, but as Doom noted, he is not currently a well man. Thor has been susceptible to Moondragon in the past as well. I think Martian Manhunter is the real wild card here.

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Matching everyone up to what seems to me their logical counterpart in a mass face -to-face, I'm gonna first say Hulk could take Doomsday eventually.  The madder Hulk gets, the stronger, ad infinitum.  Sentry vs Superman could go either way, but I'm gonna say that Sentry having a sort of psionic energy control, could conceivably leech the solar energy from the Kryptonian's cells.  Unless Martian Manhunter could get through Kallark's nigh impenetrable mental defenses and undermine his confidence, then I'm guessing he should fold under Gladiator's eye blasts. That leaves Thor vs Green Lantern.  Tough one, and I'm not one to underestimate Hal Jordan, but Thor is Thor, so eventually I'd give it to him.  I'll say Marvel squeaks by.

But...  If MM mentally attacked the Sentry, Superman speed-blitzed Hulk and threw him into orbit before he was good and pissed, Doomsday whacked Thor ina vicious attack to seperate him from the hammer (as Graviton and El Toro Rojo have done), then everyone teamed up on Gladiator....

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It's fairly simple, I think.  While reality warpers of various stripes can have impressive effects on their environments, omnipotence strictly speaking is the ability to do anything with no limits under any circumstances.  I'm not sure there's any character in comics that shows quite this level of power, as it doesn't make for much of a story.   Mad Jim Jaspers for instance can do amazing stuff, but can be resisted by the Fury, so not omnipotent.  Scarlet Witch altered the whole world but didn't achieve the effects she wanted in the end, and can be overcome and restricted by Xavier, Strange, etc., so not omnipotent.  Even Eternity, the Living Tribunal, etc. all have been shown to be under some rules or limitations at times.  Arguably, if you are omnipotent, you could cause yourself to be omnipresent, omniscient, etc., but they are not  all the same thing, as knowing everything or being everywhere don't in themselves give you the ability to effect everything in any manner.  Because omnipotence is such an absolute, it arguably doesn't have much meaning as a quality to be attributed to any discrete entity.  Therefore confusion arises I think because it gets used as a colorful, exaggerative adjective to describe incredibly powerful characters.

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You mean against each category seperately, though, yes? Black Adam, Black Mary, JLA, Spectre, Phantom Stranger, and JSA would each beat him. I think he could take Lobo, Prime, Monarch, Darkseid, or the Titans.

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1.Hulk (Hulk smash stupid Chainman)

2.Superman (unless Surfer figured out the kryptonite wavelength...)

3.Galactus (bit uneven, this one)

4.Wolverine (snikt)

5.Stalemate (flight, speed, all superior in G, but can they hurt each other?)

6.Ironman (BP just too out-powered)

7.Flash (no contest)

8.Thanos (eh, why not?)

9.Thor (I'm just not digging the Sentry retcon)

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Well... It occurs to me that The Defenders team when the Overmind was on it could probably take them... He had the psionic power of an entire race, supposedly. Moondragon mind-controlled a whole planet, and she was a Defender as well. Come to think of it, the Silver Surfer, Strange, Hulk, and Namor might take them in a brawl... Guess it then comes down to whether Richards, Stark, Black Bolt, and Xavier could take Hulk and Silver Surfer. If Surfer could do something funky to circumvent Black Bolt's scream transdimensionally and somehow shield them from Xavier for even a few moments, I think Hulk would take Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, and Xavier; and it would come down to Surfer versus Black Bolt. Minus the scream, I would guess Surfer is too poweful. Granted, those are some big ifs.