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Thanks for the help!

One question though: is the rapier able to cut? Or is it just for stabbing?

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I´m writing a story about a woman who´s kinda bad-ass sword wielder but at the same time she´s of short stature and doesn´t weight a lot either.

However, I don´t have a lot of knowledge regarding swords. I tried looking it up on the internet in different ways but I wasn´t able to find the type of information I was aiming for.

Does anybody here has any suggestions about what kind of sword would be best suited for a person lacking a lot of physical strength or body mass to rely on...?

My uneducated guess would be some sort of japanese sword, but I´m just going on gut feeling here... .

Any kind of help would be very appreciated.

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I agree that universal bisexuality would be desireable.

Also, everybody would be blind (but gifted with a "radar sense", a lá Daredevil) and highly emphatic.

Also, there would be plenty of readily available food resources everywhere.

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1. Monica Rambeau (-as Photon again- team leader)

2. Justice (second in command)

3. Mantis

4. Delroy Garrett (as Triathlon again)

5. Yellowjacket (Rita DeMara)

6. Doctor Druid (back from the dead)

7. Cybermancer (Suzie Endo)

8. Demolition Man (back from the dead)

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Maybe he´s a skrull mole who can´t help smiling a lot thinking how he´s completely fooled these human scum.

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I don't know why Marvel is so inconsistent with their strength ratings. In 2004 they had Carol, then called Warbird, in the 25 to 50 tons range then they jumped her up to Class 75 in Civil War Files.

"Class 75" strength means a character in that category can lift somewhere over 50 tons but not more than 75 tons. Carol being able to lift 70 tons still means she has Class 75 strength.

... because (sadly) there isn´t anybody left who actually CARES about these things...? It´s back to the pre-Shooter days when pretty much every writer had free reign to do as he well damned pleased. There isn´t a Mark Gruenwald (or a suitable replacement) around to care about these things anymore.

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Adam Warlock.

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Hey Jude.

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HONESTLY, my comment has no desire to fan any animosity (for real). But, IMO, I find nothing more annoying these days than the legions of die-hard Batman fans who swear that he can defeat anybody "with enough prep time". High time to retire that old tired horse of a phrase, please... . At least come up with a new version of said phrase, I beg thee. The only other one which comes kinda close, but not quite, is "sun-dipping Superman"... . It´s weird that DC fans are so hell-bent on demonstrating the supremacy of their heroes, when you stop to consider that most of them are so overly SUPER(lative) in their regular levels of power to begin with.

I truly don´t see the appeal of a hero (be it Batman or Superman or whomever) whose main "power" is being invincible. To me that´s just plain boring, not fun at all.