Who should Play Wonder Woman in The CW's "Amazon"?

I f you haven't heard, CW plans to make a Wonder Woman TV Series called "Amazon", which will might actually make Wonder Woman a decent character to put on screen. I was thinking, because I'm currently working on a Wonder Woman Birthday blog, Who could fill in that amazonian armor? I have a few options (some of these for a movie), what do you think?

Also, please... CW, don't make her a teenager, that only works for Superman, and please just make "Iris" a placeholder name, or I will stab someone.

Who is your Wonder Woman Choice?

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Posted by Press Oblivion

Please don't stab anyone.

It should be someone with a Greek accent and sophisticated voice.

Posted by lorex

I hope they really find a woman that fits the part and actually looks the part. Obviously the actress chosen will not look exactly like her comic counterpart but get someone that is fairly tall and looks like thay have some muscle tone. So right off the top that will eliminate most of the blond hollywood bimbos that seem to get cast for most roles. Heres hoping they select someome that looks the part.

Posted by Swordsman83

Hopefully it will be good..

Posted by TheCannon

I have Yvonne Strahvoski cast as WW in movies. She could do it for a TV Show.

Posted by x_29

Gina Carano

Posted by jobbernos

a tall actress around 5'10 or more.

Posted by LeaderVladimir

Gemma Arterton.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

@x_29 said:

Gina Carano

She is even the model for Korra in Legend of Korra, I think she's absolutely perfect choice.

Posted by SUNMAN
Lynn Collins
Edited by Doctor!!!!!

@SUNMAN: I Follow those images with...

I can see that..and more.

Posted by Press Oblivion

I really like Lynne Collins, but I don't see her for Wonder Woman. I could be wrong, I usually am but that's my feeling here.