What Would You Do?: If you were Kryptonian

Superman has some amazing abilities, that came from his Kryptonian physiology, but what I begin to think what if you were a Kryptoinan on Earth soaking up that yellow sun! What would you use it for, fun or actually saving people? Well let’s look at the handy abilities you will have as a Kryptonian.

Super Strength

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One of the most popular and most known ability of a Kryptonian,

One of the most popular and most known ability of a Kryptonian, Since a Kryptonain cells are super dense, they are a lot stronger than humans. So a kryptonain can lift several thousand tons, no big deal for the Kryptonian you, right?

No one hits Wonder Woman, NO ONE!

Super Speed

Faster than a speeding bullet, please, you can break into Mach 5 if you tried your hardest, If you don’t know how to fly, this is safe way to transverse.

But remember, your no Flash.

Speed Force suckers

“Leap in a single bound”

This comes from a kryptoians super strength and ability to defy gravity, before you can fly; you have to jump like the Hulk from place to place.

X-Ray Vision

Everyone wants this ability for some reason or another, but you have it but with the downside of that little element, lead.

Other Visions

Telescopic Vision- You can see great distances

Microscopic Vision- You can call it at will to see things, CSI Style

Heat Vision

One of the coolest abilities in your roster, I really don’t know how you shoot heat from your eyes but it must act like Cyclops’s powers, you channel solar energy and you release through concentrations. You can burn small things to blowing up buildings and stuff, that’s awesome!

Also you can make your eyes glow red for that threatening factor.

Super Breath

This where your abilities get out of control, the power kick peoples buts without even touching them, that’s a bit too much isn’t it? Your lungs are super , so, there you go.

Also concentrate on it, Freeze breath.


You can take it.

Your basically indestructible, to a point (little green rock, and others), bullets, rockets, most punches, you can take it, if you’re from the DCAUverse, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.


Everyone wants to do it, You can defy the gravitons in the air and start flying like a bird, and concentrate more, you can fly faster, I don’t know how that works but you do it well.


Clark Kent

You pull of a disguise well, just slap some glasses on and your half way there!

And you look good in a suit.


Well the big problem you have, Kryptonite. The radioactive chunks from your planet that come every skittle color imaginable.

When Sunlight gets a little dim, like the color red, you possess no powers what so ever, prepare to look like a pathetic human (no offenses)

Also Magic, any tom, dick or Harry Potter could kick your butt!

That would be a embarrassing fight

Now you have the know how to save or take over the world as your Kryptonian self, oh if cross Superman as a threat prepare to destroy a block and a half.

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