What do you want to see in Thor 2?

Thor, which is super awesome, check my review if you don't think so. Since Thor is a huge hit both critically and Box office wise. What do want to see in a very possible Thor 2? I want Kenneth Brannagh to direct the film again, because he's my favorite actor and director, and also some Entchantress and Excuitoner, with some love triangles with Sif and Jane, also more Loki! Tom Hiddleston was perfect as Loki, he should really make a return. So what do you want to see?

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Valkyrie, Absorbing Man and/or the Wrecker.

Posted by ~The Wanderer~

Balder, Enchantress, Hela, and the Midgard Serpent.

Posted by Unwritten Duck

I'd like to see more of Lady Sif.

Posted by Caligula

I think it's a little early for talk of a Thor 2, without seeing how the Avengers plays out.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!
@Caligula said:
"I think it's a little early for talk of a Thor 2, without seeing how the Avengers plays out. "

Its never to early!
Posted by weaponmaster

The Absorbing man. The Wrecking crew.
Posted by Nova`Prime`

I definitely want to see Encantress and Skurge, but if its to take place in one of the other realms I wouldn't mind seeing it take place in Svartalfheim against the Dark Elves (in particular Malekith).

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It is early!

Posted by InnerVenom123

Wrecking Crew!!!!!!!!!

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@InnerVenom123: only as canon fodder they aren't the mastermind type
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I want a love triange between sif and jane. That can be interesting 

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Wreaking Crew, Enchantress, and Execuitioner
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Absorbing Man
The Wrecking Crew

Either/all of these would be fine :)
Posted by HalfGod

just want a little bit of Valkyrie in the next film

Posted by Kal'smahboi

I don't see a Thor 2 playing out. The Avengers looks like it's going to be a Thor storyline anyway.

Posted by Blindside002

I would love to see it, any story would be absolutely fine with me, but the one thing it was would have to have is a long triangle between Sif and Jane. In my opinion Sif should win that, but I just want to see it happen.

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I'd like to see
-) Loki as mastermind.
-) The romance between Thor and Sif.
-) More screen time for Warriors Three (for example, Fandraal hitting on some minor character).
-) Enchantress.

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i had the same idea (before i read this post) enchantress and skurge as the villains i would wait for the love triangle stuff
and include balder
for the third movie surtur, and love triangle
(some loki in these movies like that enchantres really follows loki's orders)
and loki summons or makes a deal with surtur
trow some hela in this movies too.

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-Much more of Sif (as main love interest)
-The Enchantress
-Skurge the Executioner
-Valkyrie and Aaragorn
-An extended battle between Skurge and Thor and Sif and Enchantress 
-A team-up of Valkyrie and Sif 
-The Enchantress coming close to (or even succeeding) seducing Thor
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Thor 2 will really hinge on how Thor gets to Earth in the Avengers.  If it is a one-way trip....i'd love to see Loki with Absorbing Man or the Wrecking Crew as minions.  If Asgard is in play again, i'd love to see the Enchantress, Executioner and Ulik or Malekith.
Posted by cloverfield

more loki!!!!!!!!!!! 
midgard serpent
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No love triangle with Sif. Any rivalry should be between Jane and Enchantress, Science and Magic. Sif was always a bit awful as a love interest, and whiny to boot.

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Maybe a Hercules cameo. =D.

Posted by Axis_Mundi

Interaction with Hela and Surtur would be nice. Also, there is a "long and forgotten" portal betwixt Asgard and Olympus that should be included. Thor and Hercules could meet with Zeus breaking up their fight. This would also pave the way for a Hercules movie and him joining the Avengers. If Thor 2 goes this path then Thor 3 could show Loki tricking both Olympus and Asgard to war by swaying the will of Zeus. How awesome it would look on the silver screen for Zeus and Odin to stare at each other in "stony silence" in the clouds whilst the very cream of the forces clash below.