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Smallville is the Emmy-award winning drama about the start of Clark Kent's journey to becoming the Man of Steel, Superman, from his teen years to adult reporter for the Daily Planet, and for a TV show I have to give them credit for jam packing a lot of that Superman history in this show. Since Smallville has released the full series on DVD and Blu-Ray, I would like to look at my favorite moments, and also thanks to IGN for the references.

Arrival- the Second meteor shower hits Smallville, Clark hangs out in the Fortress and loses his powers, but then some Kryptoian followers of Zod appear, also Brainiac shows up as James Marsters!

Red- Back in first season Clark buys a class ring, but that rings gem is Red Kryptonite! This is the first time that Clark actually goes bad, and Tom played him as a real D-Bag, which was just fun to watch.

Phantom- Clark finally tells Lana about his abilities, but she already figured it out (I would have if I was her). Also we get to meet Bizarro, and all of Clark’s Lady friends seem to die.

Kandor- The show gave Clark and his ghostly father, Jor-El a stern mentor-ish relationship from the Fortress of solitude, but that was basically it. Then In the ninth’s season’s episode Kandor, We see a young Jor-El and his relationship with Zod, and why he made his decisions to create the bottle city.

He was a cool dad

This may be the best moment for Jor-El and Clark to meet, but they don’t get a good chance, this turns Clark from friend’s with Zod to enemies in the later part of the season.

Odyssey- The Season 8 premiere, gave us the best parts of Smallville, the proto- Justice League, since Clark was powerless in most of the episode. Since there is no more Lana or Lex, they had to bring themselves up a bit.

Crusade- After the conclusion of Season 3, Lois makes her debut to Smallville while trying to find her cousin Chloe, but she finds Clark... I mean "Kal-El"(naked) and he goes flying around finding Kryptonian crystals, He may not be Clark, but he actually flew on camera! This was a lot better than the 'Finale" flight sequence.

Arrow- in Season 6, Oliver Queen is the first actual costumed hero that broke a sort of rule on the show. Smallville had superheroes on the show, but in their "civies"(that’s what I call regular clothes worn by superheroes) but Green Arrow started the breakthrough of other DC characters that will appear later on in the series. Arrow brought Clark and Ollie together, which will form their friendship and what Clark needed to be a hero.

Heat- Clark's teen emotions at their finest, when a hot substitute teacher comes in Clark's class, Clark's new power emerges, heat vision. The episode was quite entertaining, even if at my age then didn't really get it, but I knew it was way over my age range, but it was a classic Smallville Ep.

Bizzarro- The beginning of Season 7 brought us a fight with Bizzaro and actual threat to Clark’s life and personal life, are clone of you with a bad attitude. We also meet Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl for the first time, and Lex Luthor wants to know who she is. Clark also did an impressive save with his heat vision and super speed against a damn burst.

A bit more.. Bizzare

Lazuras- The start of Season 10 and the final one at that which had to go out big, We get the return of Lex Luthor,( an older clone one that’s not Michael Rossumbalm) and a scene reminiscent of the pilot with Lois strapped to a poll with a S on her tank top. Also Jonathan Kent makes a appearance, why? Who cares!

Wait... How?.. who cares... Daddy!

Onyx- I love these episodes! Lex gets split into two different versions of himself, a goodie, goodie Lex, and Classic Evil Lex aka, Alexander Luthor. Alexander causes havoc everywhere he goes, and gets to fence against his father Lionel, I wish we had more evil Lex like this.

Bride- In Season 8, Davis Bloome/Doomsday was the big baddie, but would he make appearance in this show, well... Yes, and at the worst moment, Chloe and Jimmy Olsen's wedding, with the return of Lana and the attack on Chloe and Jimmy’s marriage, this was the point from some of the characters later on.

Salvation- In Season 9’s finale which featured Zod’s army terrorizing the landmarks of the world, and a non-powered fight between Zod and Clark in the rain, which was awesome.

Justice- Smallville’s first appearance of a Justice League, which is always special to see since is the first time that so many DC characters get a appearance. Slo-mo walk for the win.

Lexmas- When falls into a coma, Lex experiences a Christmas with Lana as his wife, and little son along with him, in this reality Lex did not follow into Lionel’s path. Things suddenly fall apart when Lana dies in child birth. This reaction shows us Lex’s true personality when he thinks that money and power could have saved her, this is a stepping stone to the true Lex Luthor.

Commencement- Season 4 sucked, I admit that, but the season finally reached a fine conclusion with the second meteor shower hitting Smallville and Clark doing a amazing rescue to save a little kid. Plus those crystals Clark collected were used to make the Fortress of Solitude.

Rosetta- Christopher Reeves appears a Virgil Swan and tells Clark about his heritage, what’s not to love about it!

Welling and Reeves

Mermoria- We look back into Lex’s backstory, which is really messed up! Lex is a sad kid, with a depressed mother who tried to kill his baby brother Julian, but he did die later on. I see why Lex turned into a major pain for Clark.

Decent- Lexs turing point to a villain when he kills Lionel by pushing him out the window of Luthor Corp, since Lionel is a good guy now. Lex is man we now know in the comics.

Pilot- Where it started it all. I was 7 to 8 by the time the show premiered on the former WB, and the show puzzled me, why doesn’t Clark wear glasses? Who is Chloe? Why do Meteor Rocks give people powers? Lex Luhtor and Clark are Friends!? Well I learned about alternate universes, and the fact that the creators wanted no tights and no flights (that’s broken) so this would be Dawson’s Creek in the DCU. The show established his friends and family, who taught him respect and love.


The Best Part was the mention of the name Superman also and Clark on a pole with a “S” on his chest, symbolic much.


Legion- CEO Geoff Johns wrote this episode (and it won’t be the last), and he does it again to make The DCU so cool by bringing life to the Legion on TV. Clark meets the heroes when he his faced to kill his best friend Chloe who is infected by Braniac, in a wedding dress… cool.

This episode proved that the DCU isn’t that hard to recreate on television, especially Smallville.

Homecoming- Smallville’s 200 episode that allowed Clark and Lois to go back to Smallvile High, for a school reunion. After facing Darkseid, Clark has more hero doubts, but when Braniac 5 arrives, he guides Clark into a future where Lois knows his secret, and he meets his future self, which is pretty funny, also a mention of a red-blue blur flying to stop a meltdown.

Finale- The series end, that wrapped up the series as a whole. The series was shaky but I remember its good parts as a stand out. Clark must move past his former life in Smallville by leaving it behind, his future with Lois, and Apoklips reaching Earth.

The suit at last...

We actually don’t get a good look at Clark as Superman, but I was pleased, sort of, but he did fulfill his destiny. Ten years of watching, and it ends, I’m sad…

Reckoning – Jonathan Kent’s death is one the major points in Superman Mythology, and what a story! Clark tells his secret to Lana, which made him so happy, and then went horribly wrong when his father dies. Without his father he has to become the man he is meant to be on his own.

Absolute Justice- The two hour special written by Geoff Johns. This gave us so much time to introduce the Justice Society into the Smallville universe, it did real good job at it! The Costumes were pretty awesome; I like Doctor Fates costume the best, and also Hawkman played by Michael Shanks! Geoff did it again with Smallville’s budget and writing.

Smallville JSA
Dr. Fate w/ Stargirl

That’s the best of Smallville, or is it? What were your favorite moments? There were the not so great moments, and the Show had them, I’ll do that next time…

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Posted by azza04

Despite some good epidsodes and some great work from Erica Durance, I just pretend the show finished after 5 seasons. It all got a bit much after that.

Posted by HolySerpent

After season 6 the show went into the toilet. The series finale was god awful. But on to my favorite Episodes. I love the episode Run, where we got meat Bart Allen aka impulse. Especially at the end, were he shown he was way faster then clark. I loved the episode when Clark fought general zod. Zod dominated the fight. Even though I wasn't a big fan of the series after season 6, thre were characters I loved. Bizarro, Kara. Metallo and major zod. On another note, Lana and Clark was the best couple

Posted by Renee
@HolySerpent said: 

On another note, Lana and Clark was the best couple

Clana <33
Posted by HolySerpent

"Clana" lol I totally forgot about that

Posted by joshmightbe

The series finale blew it I watched that show for 10 damned years to see Clark become Superman and got a half second of a CGI S shield I feel like I got conned

Posted by Doctor!!!!!


Crusade had THE best flight scence in the entire series!

Posted by Renchamp

Any episode with Sarah Carter as Alicia. Nice.

Posted by The Poet

I miss this show...

can't think of other good episodes...I think you covered all the major ones...

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I have to say in this series there are some great episodes. This is one of my favorite series. I heard they may continue the series in a novel called season 11. I think that would be cool to see and I heard Bryan Q Miller would be writing it. I know he would do a great job on the novel if it happens.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

@Renee: Clana sounds a little better than Clois, but what about Chloe( YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE A THING!)

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

@haydenclaireheroes: I must read this then animate it for the Youtubez!

Posted by HolySerpent

What about Clark and alicia. I was so upset when she died.

Posted by joshmightbe

@Doctor!!!!!: I wasn't talking about Crusade I was talking about the actual last episode of the show

Posted by HolySerpent

Another fav of mine is when cyborg made his first appearance

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

@HolySerpent said:

Another fav of mine is when cyborg made his first appearance

Jet Jackson FTW!!

Posted by HolySerpent

Cyborg pretty much destroy Lana lang

Posted by HolySerpent

* car

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

I love that scene... you can see what a little Sharper Image materials(reference) can do to a man!

Posted by Illuminatus
@Renchamp said:

Any episode with Sarah Carter as Alicia. Nice.

Posted by Pokeysteve

@Doctor!!!!!: Red was in season 2. Episode 4 I think.

I really liked the finale. The CG stuff looked great. If they would have shown Welling up close you just know the suit would have looked like $hit. CG they can make it look as good as they want. The whole thing played out like a movie. Better than Superman Returns. I was sad about Tess but she went out with a bang......or more of a swipe I guess =D

One of my favorite moments of the entire run was season 7 episode 5 where some crazy dude throws Lana off of a building and Clark jumps off and they just fall together. The look on her face, just knowing she's safe is really what Superman is about and Smallville did an excellent job of showing that despite it's flaws.

Posted by Renee
@Doctor!!!!! said:

@Renee: Clana sounds a little better than Clois, but what about Chloe( YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE A THING!)

Chlark. :)
Posted by The Stegman


Posted by Killerjax

Clana was a train wreck, the writers were TOO obsessed with Lana that they completely killed the Lex-Clark dinamic...

Worst part is that they basically broke theyre friendship in the most insulting way possible, through a girl... How could the greatest hero and villain hate each other over.. A girl they both couldnt have? lol

And Clark and Chloe had MUCH MUCH more chemistry than Clana or Clois(which was extremely rushed with close to no build up)

Posted by HolySerpent

@Killerjax: u sound absolutely ridiculous. Lex and Clark relationship was doom to fail. Clark was a constant lier and lex was controlling maniac who value honest and trust. Choke and Clark together? Are u serious? Only part I agreed with you is Clark and Lois was rush. And I hated it. Clark and Lana >>> Clark and Alicia >>>>>>>>>> Clark and Lois

Posted by bloggerboy

I agree with all your picks except for the Finale which had it's moments but overall was disappointing and hastily done. Maybe I'd add some like Combat and Hex there, not neccesarily for their importance but just how awesome moments they contained.

Posted by Hunter114

All the finale needed was an actual fight with Darkseid and what is generally referred to as the "spinny thing" just before he flies. It would have shown the costume and been a small nod to Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Also, and more on point, one of the best moments that wasn't mentioned was Johnathan's return in Clark's near death experience in the season 5 episode "Void" (5x17)