So Far... "True Blood" (Season 4)

After a grueling nine-month wait, True Blood is back, with vengance! 

When we last left Rouge, I mean.... Sookie Stackhouse , she was half-faeiry, half-human and as feisty as ever. She'd just been dumped by her duplicitous vampire boyfriend Bill Compton  and, in a moment of spiritual crisis, accepted a magic-carpet ride to fairy world courtesy of her (seriosly) fairy godmother, Claudine.  

Fairyland turns out to be exactly what you'd expect: a high-end "Midsummer Night's Dream"-esque world with, good-looking people bouncing to and fro in gowns and munching on glowing apples that taste like "pure happiness." Sookie isn't there five minutes before she runs into two people she knows: Barry the Bellhop-telepath from Season 2 and Sookie's supposedly-dead grandpa Earl ( Gary Cole,  I need to see those TPS Reports... Yeaaaaaah"), who has been there for 20 years but notes with horror that it's felt like mere hours.

This is where things get interesting, because no sooner does she refuse the forbidden fruit and shoot Fairy Queen Mab with her magic light that the Shakespeare-like set vanishes and the fairies transform into freaky goblins who start lobbing light-grenades at Sookie and Earl.

We briefly learned at the end of last season that fairy blood gives vampires the ability to walk in the sunlight, which is why Mab has been harvesting the faeiry-hybrids since the undead nearly drank them extinct long ago. But despite Mab's plan to seal off the entrance to fairyland, others want the ability to continue traveling back to the mortal realm. Knowing the portal can't be closed off  if Sookie  leaves fairyland, Claudine's brother helps her and Earl find the fiery portal to return home.

Earl, having eaten the light-fruit, doesn't survive the trip, but Sookie does. Though it feels like she was gone for only 15 minutes, over 12 months have passed since Sookie was last among the sleazy, oft-naked denizens of Bon Temps. And what has changed over the past year turns out to be pretty surprising.

Swarthy Southern gentleman Bill is still battling with swaggering with the 1000 year old, Eric Northman for Sookie's affections. But since it feels like only an hour since Bill broke Sookie's heart (Eric revealed to her that Bill sat by as she was beaten  to a bloody pulp in order to give her his blood and therefore, manipulate their attraction to one another), she's not ready to forgive him. Oddly, he seems at peace with this.

Both Bill and Eric are playing active parts in the AVL ( American Vampire League)'s PR campaign to improve human-vampire relations. While Eric is filming a PSA, Bill is delivering a ribbon-cutting speech at the opening of a local senior citizens center. Watching Bill with admiration is Portia Bellefleur, a lawyer and head of the Bon Temps  chamber of  commerce. Sookie hires Portia to help her track down the mysterious buyer of her house, but during their meeting, she reads Portia's mind and hears that she hopes Sookie won't try to get back together with Bill. oooooooo.....    

Sookie's brother, Jason Stackhouse, he of the chiseled torso and vacant mind, is now a full-fledged cop, having taken the reins from Sheriff Andy , who's lost several inches off his waistline and gained an addiction to vampire blood (also commonly known as "V"). Since his were-panther girlfriend Crystal was taken away by her ex last season, Jason has become the caretaker of her slum colony of Hot Shot. But during one of his goodwill visits, Jason bends down to fix a broken freezer and is hit over the head and locked inside by one of the residents. So much for luck being on his side.

Vamp-human lovers Jessica  and Hoyt  are living together, but are on the rocks. Human-human couple Arlene and Terry  are trying to raise a baby who may or may not grow up to be a serial killer. And shape-shifting wet noodle Sam Merlotte , last seen shooting his ne'er-do-well brother Tommy , is attending anger-management classes that turn out to be a shifter support group in which everyone gets bombed and turns into horses together. Tommy, meanwhile, is stuck with a limp and living with Hoyt's right-wing wacko of a mother, Maxine.

Sookie's best friend Tara Thornton has moved to New Orleans, making a living as a cage fighter who apparently sleeps with her opponents (fulfilling the wildly explicit sex quotient for this episode) when she isn't locking them in Alberto Del Rio-style arm bars.

Finally, silver-tongued latent witch (and Tara's cousin) Lafayette  and his boyfriend, Jesus , pop in on a witches coven led by a woman named Marnie ( from the " Harry Potter" movies). While she doesn't look like much of a threat, she's packing some serious witch-power:  She communes with the dead and, later in the episode, briefly resurrects her dead bird. This impresses the coven members, including Katerina, who we later see entering a heavily guarded compound that turns out to belong to Bill, who has apparently usurped Queen Sophie-Anne,making him the new King of Louisiana
So what did you think of the Premire? I already seen the Second episode, I got skills.... and HBO GO, so tell me about that too?( If you seen it) 
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Posted by gavinification

I liked it , but really the last few seconds where Bill is shown to be king was probably the best part. 

Posted by Doctor!!!!!
@gavinification said:
I liked it , but really the last few seconds where Bill is shown to be king was probably the best part. 

King Bill, What a Promotion!
Posted by nick_clark

I already loved Tara... But, this new Tara... I'm in love with her LOL I hope she kick some vampire ass this season.