Favorite Moments in "Young Justice" (So Far...)

I am a big fan of Young Justice, as you can tell my my many reference in my blogs and comments, I love the characters and their best moments in the show, and their are so many to choose from. What is your favorite moment or character moments in the show, it can range the very funny to the awesome moments.

Young Justice
Posted by AwesomeAquaman

When Bruce went to talk to Clark about Superboy and Clark gets angry and leave, making Bruce sees that he's being too hard on Dick and offers to play basketball with him.

Posted by Kairan1979

1. Black Canary training session.
2. "Dude, that's your sister!"
3. Mallah killing hunters with a machine gun (nod bad for the cartoon for kids!)

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1. Superboy attacking miss martian at the beginning of bereft

2. Superboy busting through the wall at Bel-rev prison and losing it after his sees miss martian frozen

3. Aqualad stopping Cheshire's tray bomb in targets.

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Dick taking a picture with Artemis outside their costumes.
Dick flirting with Zatanna.
The individual therapy sessions with Black Canary.

Any of Cheshire's scenes.
And there's probably some I'm forgetting.

Posted by AwesomeAquaman

@protect_yourself: It's nice to see that Bruce takes on a fatherly role for Dick and thinks that Superman should for Superboy!

Posted by PrinceIMC

Wally putting on the helmet of Fate comes to mind.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

one of my favorite moments was in "Revulations" when Artemis had her bow and quiver taken from her, and she said "Me without by bow and arrows, I feel naked, nut not in a fun way." I guess this show is border line PG to PG-13, and Artemis... Your Freaky!

Posted by reaperkenswolf

1. Dick "breaking radio silence" in Bereft


3. T.O. Morrow's speech while he tinkers with Red Volcano. "No more Pinocchios"

4. The whole pre-echo concept inside the Helmet of Fate

5. Dick and Wally sharing an unspoken sentiment at the end of Failsafe. It gave the feeling that they considered it an honor to die fighting side by side.

6. The entire premise that the team is a group of professionals.

Posted by Jnr6Lil

@AwesomeAquaman said:

When Bruce went to talk to Clark about Superboy and Clark gets angry and leave, making Bruce sees that he's being too hard on Dick and offers to play basketball with him.


Posted by Aeroman

1. the telepathy conversation in the infiltrator episode

2. aqualad in the downtime episode tula, garth, mera were kicking ass and I liked it

3. the revelation episode were we saw every justice league member including Icon and rocket

4. superboy in the disordered episode

5. sphere turning into the supercycle and also superboy and wolf's expression when they find out

6. superboy and miss martian dating

Posted by riri4life

Love the show! Meggan is probably my fav.

....but all those "telepathic convos" they have just make it seem like the animator was lazy and didn't wanna bother w/ moving their mouths. lol

Posted by The Stegman

every scene involving Robin

Posted by Mega_spidey01

aqualad putting on the dr. fate helmet  
robin showing off his leadership skills in failsafe 
superboy and miss martian go to school for the first time 
 aqualad and the gang fighting superboy on the first episode 
all of the cameos from  other superheroes

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Robins confession that maybe he doesn't want to grow up and become Batman after all..

Posted by rico_3088

i was thinking about using that one, but i also like when Robin had to fight the Joker and Batman came in an saved him

Posted by TheSavageAssasin

The allusion to Miss Martian being a white martian, that's got to be my favorite moment so far.

Posted by Gambit1024

Anything with Captain Marvel, Robin showing off his leadership skills, every time Meghan says "Hello Meghan!", and pretty much every time a JLA member makes a cameo.

Posted by NightFang

I like everything about this show!

Posted by jrock85
  1. The fights between Cheshire and Roy.
  2. Joker mocking Doctor Fate: "Wonder boy, you are mine".
  3. Wally and his souvenirs.
Posted by ntb1124

So far...everything has been awesome

I dissed the show b4 it started, but have completely turned around that opinion, now feeling it is on the same level as my favorite JL shows, and the Batman animated show from the 90s

Posted by Jnr6Lil

The show in itself

Posted by luckydomino1

wally souviner moments you gotta love them why did they stop it would be really funny if in every episode he got one

and the moment where wally says get your hands off her you darn dirty ape

and the last fav scenec is the batman and superman we need to talk scene man up super man wolverine has dna clone and you dont seem him toss her away like a dumpster baby

Posted by 672253

Homefront - Barbara's appearance... :D

And anytime Zatanna shows up...

Posted by Jnr6Lil

@luckydomino1: Ironic,eh?

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Does the Young Justice's Joker look familiar to any one....

Just Sayin'

Posted by fodigg

I'm finding it surprisingly tough to pick out specific moments. I like Wally the best so he's got some great lines. His helmet of Fate episode is especially good.

@Doctor!!!!! said:

Does the Young Justice's Joker look familiar to any one....

Just Sayin'

They seriously look nothing alike. Their suits aren't even cut similarly. They're skinny, wearing a suit, and smiling. That's about all you got there by way of similarity.

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

1. Superboy kissing Miss Martian in Terrors

2. Superboy encounters the Forever People

3. Red Arrow vs. Cheshire somewhere in Asia.

Posted by BlackArmor

greatest moment on the show ever
Posted by Bestostero

Cheshire flirting with Red Arrow!!! <3

Posted by CODYSF

There is ti much cool moments in the show.

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Here is another one of my favorite moments: Anthing with Wall Art! Wally-"does this mean we have to fight plants?" Artimis- "smacks wally" Hello Wally! Wally-Ow! Artimis- If the league is fighting plants then..... Wally- "realizes" Ohhhhh! Gotta love this Show! "Whatta whatta 'bout my Natchos!"

Posted by cattlebattle

anytime they make an allusion to something that has happened in the comics is pretty much my favorite

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

@fodigg:Well it was a Just Sayin'... but what if David Tennat could play the Joker?...

Posted by ultimategirlshileha1236

everything in this show!!

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1. Fighting the Injustice League 
2. Discovering Super Boy 
3. Zatanna and Artemis defeating Harm 
4. Ms. Martian defeating Psimon 
5. Finding out that Red Tornado wasn't the mole 
6. Discovering the indentity's of the members of the Light 
7. An arrow distracts Amazo 
8. T.O. Morrow is revealed to be an android 
9. Artemis tells Kid Flash that her father probably wants her to kill him 
10. Super Boy goes berzerk(thanks to Psimon) 
11. Kid Flash tells Monsieur Mallah,"get your hands off of her you darn dirty ape" 
12. Super Boy and the Tommorow People fight Inter Gang 
13. Aqualad fights. Black Manta 
14. Lex Luthor and Ra's Al Ghul are revealed to be working together 
15. The Joker says "retributional, maybee that last one wasn't a word" 
16. Robin attempts to take down the Cobra leader 
17. Bane is humiliated by Mammoth 
18. Robin meets Zatanna 
19. Super Boy underestimates Black Canary 
20. The team plus Zatanna take on the Red's 
 and last but not least 
21. It is revealed that Cheshire is atracted to Red Arrow
Posted by RedOwl_1
  1. When Superboy falls fighting Black Canary and Robin laughs at he
  2. When Robin tells Black Canary how he feels :'(
  3. Souvenir Time!!

PD: I have that image as my profile background :D

Posted by Jnr6Lil

Black Canary's Therapy Session

Red Arrow leaving the team

Posted by xgirl

when cheshire save artemis