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Comic book movies have come along way from the hokey movies that demeaned the work of the original work of the source, but now we live in the age that comic book adaptations need to be as good as any other movie. You gave me the titles, and I tallied them up, here are the top comic book adaptations

Punisher: War Zone

Personally, I wouldn’t give this movie the light of day for being on this list, but it’s for the readers. Punisher: War Zone is the reboot/sequel to 2004s Thomas Jane’s Punisher, which was decent to a point, but the action in War zone brought the 2009 movie from the first ones shadow.

The best part of the movie came when there were a bunch of martial artist who started flipping all around the place and then a RPG blows one up! That was funny.

“It’s just like reading a Garth Ennis book”

That quote is on the money, I read a Max issue not too long ago, and damn! A character exploded a guy’s head with another person’s head!


This one I added cause it was creative and unique, and Ron Pearlman. The Mike Mignola graphic Dark Horse Graphic Novel follows the adventures of the Demon agent and his adventures in the world designed amazingly by Guillermo del Toro’s directing. The only bad part was that there were only two movies, which couldn’t get real funding like Marvel or DC films. The best part of the film is Hellboy’s origin, that’s a beginning to a movie!


When Wesley Snipes came to the screen as the Vampire hunter you didn’t know you would have a blockbuster like this franchise. This 1998 film is still a good vampire flick that didn’t involve a love story, well sort of, but mostly killing bloodsuckers! In a world were vampires run the under world, one hybrid vampire hunter must stop their control over the city.

Blade’s fight against Deacon Frost made the movie, even if it was kind of dated, but what a start to a franchise.

Batman: Year One

Batman Year One

One of Frank Miller’s best Batman stories shows the first year of Batman being the Dark Knight, and he sucks at it! Never mind the Bat for a while, the big star is James “Jim” Gordon, and his career from loyal cop to Commissioner. He is another main character that has been a supporting character in Batman comics for nearly 60 years now, and we get to see his turbulent life with his family. Both stories are classic Miller style, dark, gritty, and loads of realism that makes this DC Animated feature a worth seeing film.

Hulk Vs.

Let me get this out of the way, this is the only Marvel animated film on the list, since they don’t release them like DC does. The Hulk VS films followed the Hulks great battles with his uneasy friendships with Marvel’s greats, which includes Wolverine and Thor. These fights were in all of their PG-13 glory with brutal punches, slicing of wolverine’s claws, yes wolverine cuts stuff in animated form.

“The absolute best acting that’s can only be described as “Nolan North’s Deadpool.”

The Incredible Hulk

The return of the strongest on there is! The Hulk franchise had a miss step in 2003, with Ang Lee’s “Hulk”. it wasn’t a bad movie at all but it wasn’t paced well enough for a Superhero movie. The Incredible Hulk was well paced and had the added boost of having Edward Norton play the fugitive scientist Bruce Banner, and Tim Roth has Emil Blonsky. Unfortunately Edward and Marvel didn’t agree with things and Mark Ruffalo is his replacement in the Avengers Film.

The best part was the final fight between The Hulk and The Abomination, a fight I was waiting to see for a good while.

Ghost World

One of the few adaptations that are not about people in tights, Ghost world is about two girls who are played by Thora Birch and future Black Widow Scarlett Johansson also Mr. Boardwalk Empire, Steve Buscemi. This is one of those films that are not just a good adaptation but a good film itself.

“in my opinion, better than the comic book”

American Splendor

The story about a guy, who also has cancer, that’s a conflict that more real in any other adaptation on this list. Paul Giamattai stars perfectly as Pekar, who is always so freakin’ grumpy, in documentary like fashion, which makes its real events folding in front of you. American Splendor is the cult classic movie story that did its adaptation justice.

Justice League: A New Frontier

Based on the story with the same name, this is the closest to the original story of the Justice League. Taking place in the 1960s Golden Age of Comics, The beginning of a alien invasion is about to take place, and only the cooperation of the worlds heroes who are the only chance to stop the arrival. The characters that are focused more on are Barry Allen’s Flash, Hal Jordan, and Martian Manhunher, who you see how they fit into the bigger picture. A dramatic animated feature than a lot of the DC films, A New Frontier was the start of the growing DC animated films that have gotten better and better over time.

Superman II

Even though everyone wants the Donner Cut, you have to remember the full on affect that was the second Superman Movie. In the sequel, Zod and his kryptoinan followers escape the Phantom Zone and lands on earth facing the Man of Steel. Most of time he gets his powers taken away, but when he fights Zod and his gang, it goes down! This may be the turning event for Superman movies, but enjoy it while you can because Man of Steel is coming.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

The sequel to the World’s Finest adaptation tells the origin story of Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl . The story follows the comics loosely but keeps the main parts intact, Kara’s arrival; Themyscira’s invasion of Clone Doomsdays, and the visit to Apokolips. With All star voice work like Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly, Summer Glau, Andre Braur, and Ed Asner it’s a treat to listen to listen to. What Public Enemies did for Superman and Batman’s friendship, Apocalypse added more to it.

Sin City

Frank Miller’s Classic gritty novel gets one of the best movie adaptations out there. The scenery in the entire film is in black and white and with bright bold red for fabric and blood, which makes the film a beautiful visual work of art. The lives of the characters are gruesome and graphic, which is Frank Miller’s best stories that I’ve seen on film.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Dwayne McDuffie’s best written films and Lauren Montgomery’s directing makes this one of my favorite DC animated films. Attended to be a break between the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series, this follows the fight between the alternate universe Crime Syndicate and the Justice League with a team up of a good Lex Luthor. The action is what you expect from a DC animated film, spectacular and brutal, and this is how the league would fight in a live action movie. McDuffie’s writing makes this movie stand out since the heroes act like normal people. If you’re a fan of the Justice League or the Crime Syndicate, you should own this.


International Poster #2

One of the hardest Marvel movies to make into a feature film, Thor’s involvement in the mystical side of the Marvel Universe is difficult, but was managed to be pulled off extremely well. Thor shows the transformation of Arrogant Thunder God Thor, to one of the starting members of the Avengers. Chris Hemsworth makes it believable to see his change and romance with Jane Foster, aka Natalie Portman. Plus the screen time of Loki and Odin just add more layers to Kenneth Brannagh’s first film into Superheroes. Thor is a piece of a bigger picture that is a good stand alone as well.


From Director Zack Snyder, his view of 300 made the film a hit, Warner Brothers decided to bring to life Alan Moore’s classic graphic novel that was deemed impossible to bring to the big screen, but Zack pulled it off. When the former Superhero the Comedian is found murdered, his former team try to figure out “Who’s watching the Watchmen?” Critics, fans, and creator Allan Moore have dissed the movie for changing many aspects of the source material, but then again time will tell if future audiences will enjoy it more.

Kick Ass


Just the name alone should be enough to know what to aspect from this action comedy superhero film. Mathew Vaughn’s Kick Ass follows a teen who thinks “Why can’t I be a Superhero?” , then you see why. Kick Ass becomes hero who mostly gets his ass kicked, but with the team up of father and daughter duo that is the dangerous, swearing Hit Girl and the well-cast Nicholas Cage part Big Daddy. Kick Ass didn’t get that much love in the box office, but critics and fans alike enjoy this graphic film. It did help Mathew Vaughn direct another Comic Book Adaptation, X-Men: First Class.


The Man’s film that started the summer movie season early in 2007, based off of the Frank Miller novel, 300 was the fictionalization of the battle of the Greeks and the Persian Empire. King Leonidas, played by Gerald Butler, leads his men into the heart of the battle, kicking everyone and anything’s ass! The fighting has excellent choreography and looks exactly like the graphic novel, nearly scene for scene. Zack Snyder’s best film so far launched his career, and allowed us to have a Watchmen Film, and a Superman Reboot, if you enjoyed 300, you will probably enjoy these as well.

(This is Sparta!!!!!)

Batman: Under the Red Hood

About 30 years ago, Jason Todd the second Robin was beaten with a Crowbar and blown up, courtesy of the Joker, this one of Batman’s worst memories that he has, and also one of the most memorable Batman stories, but with the appearance of the Red Hood, Batman learns that Jason has returned. Based on the Story arc of the same name, Jason Todd becomes the Red Hood, who deals the same type of damage that the criminals and gangsters that he stops. One of the darkest DC animated films yet, it carries some powerful suspense with the excellent voice cast that includes John DiMaggio as the Joker, makes this one my favorite DC Animated films

Wonder Woman

This may be an opinion, but this is the closest we will ever get to a good female/ Wonder Woman film. This DC animated feature follows the origin of Wonder Woman, her relationship to Steve Trevor, and becoming the champion of Themesycria. With stellar art direction and voice acting, Wonder Woman may be one of the best DC Animated films to come out.

The Best part as to be when Steve Trevor, voiced by Nathan Fillion, goes on a well explained rant why the Amazons are not always so right about men, I died laughing from it.

Batman Begins

Batman Begins Movie Poster

After Batman and Robin Hollywood decided too reboot the Batman franchise, I guess it didn’t make as much money as they wanted, so in 2005 the indie director Christopher Nolan made the taunt thriller retelling of the Batman’s origins. This movie was a breath of fresh air to the Batman franchise. Christian Bale made Bruce Wayne into several different people; the playboy, the real Bruce with Alfred, and the Batman with the voice that can launch fear faster then the spray can of the Scarecrow. A different take that proved that Batman is still one of the best comic franchises to date, in till the sequel comes out to make another notch.

V for Vendetta

Another Alan Moore classic that goes into what we should know right now, the government just being D-Bags. In an alternate future, British parliament is now a dictatorship and people who speak out get killed and thrown into a mass grave. Natalie Portman plays one of them but accompanied by the freedom fighter simply known as “V”. The story can get so sad and heartbreaking, especially V’s story and his drive to exact his revenge. Also Natalie had to pull off a head shaving in the movie, which sucked because she had some really nice hair. Overall V for Vendetta is a stylish well made film that will also make you think.


Bryan Singer’s sequel to the original blockbuster that made me a bigger fan of the Mutant team, the sequel raised up the potential of the X-Men Franchise. When Nightcrawler of all people made an assassination attempt on the president, the government led by William Stryker, begin their strike against the mutant kind. This leads to a X-Mansion attack, with a Wolverine babysitter attack against soldiers, and a eventual X-Men and Magneto team up! Bryan Singer put layers on top of layers to this X-Men film that explained wolverines origins, a bit better than his own movie!

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Filled with gaming references in pop culture to make you explode in Canadian quarters, Scott Pilgrim is one the closet comic adaptation that you can get. Scott is a 20 something with love on his mind when he meets his love of his life, Ramona Flowers, but it comes with a load of baggage, her seven evil ex’s (not boyfriends). The setting of this movie is absolutely modern, but strange, then again, its Canada.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Cap wallpaper

As with Thor, this is the hardest movie to put on the big screen. Captain America did its job well and put in the final act into the Avengers Movie Arc. In Captain America, The sect of the Nazi Party, Hydra, led by Red Skull, is planning to control the power of the Cosmic Cube. Steve Rodgers, a super frail man, who is recruited by the government to become the super-solider, Captain America. The movie follows both the original 1940s origin and the current Ultimate design and flare.

“Excellent production value with very good performances given by Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving. Tommy Lee Jones added a very nice touch with his role, essentially adding to the star power while at the same time nailing his performance out of the park. Sebastian Stan looked and played a great Bucky, I was only sorry to see what happened to the character in the film, but I do really--really hope that he gets his own Winter Soldier movie.”


X-Men First Class

First Class: Poster

Wow! I was really surprised that they brought back the X-Men Franchise back on its feet with this fifth entry in the X-men films. A reboot/origin story of the cinematic X-Men movies, Charles Xavier and Erik Lensher have a common foe, the Cold War starting, and the revelation of Mutant kind. Director Matthew Vaughn (“Kick Ass” director) made the decision to have the origin in the 1960s, which helps the film. The cast works well, especially Fassbender, McAvoy, and Bacon, and story just makes it hard that Erik will be one of the greatest villains to exist. History has been changed because of mutant involvement, but what’s next for a sequel?


Batman 1989 Movie

The original Batman Movie that brought the haunting atmosphere that Tim Burton wanted bring to live, and the awesomeness of the Batman! Starring Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman, we get the first adventure of the Batman and his first battles with the Joker, played perfectly by Jack Nicholson. This Batman seems to take out the thugs with as much force as he could, which was awesome. The First Batman blockbuster that set the stage for darker superhero movies.


From the title screen on, this movie had me hooked! I was a big fan of Spider-Man at a very young age, but when the movie arrived in theaters, I HAD TO SEE IT, but I didn’t see it, but then I got the double feature film of both Spider-Man 1 & 2, I was in glee! Well, lets talk about the movie, imagine if Stan Lee narrated the life Peter Parker, then that was directed by Evil Dead’s Sam Rami, and released in 2002, how can you not love that! The Ordinary, nerdy teenager Peter Parker gets the shock of his life when he is bitten by a genetically altered spider which passes the abilities of the spider to Peter, making him Spider-Man! The special effects are top notch and the adaptation made Spider-Man the common superhero story for years to come. The cast is well known for being the faces of these characters. Like Toby McGuire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, and J.K Simmons, its hard not see these roles to be played by someone else (sorry Amazing Spider-Man). The original, and still the Spider-Man, so far.

Iron Man

Yeah! Ironman! A roughly unknown hero to general public was in a blockbuster of a film that blew away the expectations for this film. Tony Stark (played by his real life counterpart Robert Downey Jr.) is a narcissist, playboy billionaire who is in the field of Weapon development who doesn’t give a crap about anything! But when an attack on him in Afghanistan, Tony was severely injured and made a prisoner. Teaming up with a scientist, Tony develops a high tech Armored suit of awesomeness and uses it to break put of his prison. That moment changes his life, by stop shutting down his weapon development. Seeing Tony become Ironman is just a sight to witness, him updating his armor to his current look is impressive and awesome. Iron Man was the first step for Marvel to start their own Cinematic Universe and the Avenger Imitative. One of the best from Jon Faveru.

“Robert Downey Jr.”


The movie that proved that a man could fly (with green screens). In the late 70s, Superman was released, telling the origins of the last son of Krypton. Clark Kent Aka the man of steel (played by Christopher Reeve) makes his journey from man to superman in the eyes of the people of metropolis. The special effects were ahead of their time, and managed to live up in our current age, to a point. Superman was and still is the best superman movie to date; there is the Zak Snyder reboot

Spider-Man 2

The Blockbuster that added a ton more to an already amazing film, this is the sequel, well in till number one knocked it out. Spider-Man 2 picks up two years after the first movie where Peter’s life as ended up the depressing glooms, with work, college, and friends, it seem Peter can’t catch a break. When a new threat arrives in the form of Doctor Octopus, Peter begins to stress to the limit of losing his powers all together! The Set pieces are beautiful and well-done acting; this is a well-made blockbuster.

The Dark Knight

Well of course! This is the biggest Superhero movie of all time, and it earned its placing itself as the staple of what Superhero Movies can and should be. Taking place 2 years after Batman Begins, Batman has faced his match with the Joker, but with the help of DA Harvey Dent, The Dark Knight and the White Knight are on the case, till the next hour of the movie kicks in going into full anarchy! What do I say that so many people have already said about it? Well this is Christopher Nolan’s best work, and the acting, three words “Heath Ledger’s Joker”. A performance that shouldn’t be missed.

“Very interesting way of making a comic book seem realistic in a gritty way. The late Heath Ledger practically made the movie in his performance as The Joker.”

“(Heath Ledger, Nuff Said!)”

That’s the full list, I wish I had put several more movies on here put maybe in round 2 I can update the list some more.

Now I will start a new list, how about the worst comic book adaptations?

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