Avengers EMH Season 3 What if?

With the Series finale almost airing, and me seeing it almost 3 months ago, I was thinking what would season 3 be like, well the bots at the Comicbook Cast found some images that shows us what could've been.

Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010-2012)

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Posted by tahmidk


I would be a lot more angrier if marvel weren't creating a new x-men series

Posted by cattlebattle

Wow, it loos as if they would have used a lot of obscure characters if they would of went through with it.

Posted by TheCannon

I found the video confusing. So the cops knew internal affairs were setting them up?

Posted by Sinfulplayerx

Who's the Superman similar looking person that

hulk is fighting in 0:53/1:17 ?

Posted by ZacCooper

@tahmidk:They're making a new X-Men cartoon?

Posted by PurpleCandy


No but they should, one that perfectly captures the SciFi aspect of there comic-counterparts, not like Wolverine and the X-Men were its too slow paced and boring

Posted by danhimself

a lot of those pictures must have been fan made since the X-men pictured were in their First Class costumes and we know that EMH took place in the same universe as Wolverine and the X-men

still pretty cool stuff though

Posted by tahmidk
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This would have been so sweet. I just saw Chrystar from the 80's, Impossible Man, Hellstorm,Rom, 3D man, Adam Warlock etc.......woooo!